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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Melinda heads west.  Robyn Corum 


What happens when a feisty young woman travels west in 1880 to pick up a family deed? If it’s small-town Melinda McCorkle, you can count on luck to take a hike. Mindy is travelling with six strange men in a hard-riding stagecoach. When the coach breaks down, they’re forced to walk the thirty-five miles remaining to her destination. That would be enough to try anyone’s patience, but then the company is set upon by thieves and murderers in the form of the evil Byler brothers, and the stakes are raised.

Fortunately, Mindy makes the close acquaintance of two “gentlemen,” Luke Wilhite and Gary Boone, who try to help her through these dangers.

Luke is tall and fair, while Boone is taller and dark. Mindy feels an immediate attraction to Boone, but he’s married! Or is he? Who will finally win Mindy’s affection ?


If you like your romance on the sedate side, then Melinda Heads West by Robyn Corum is for you. 

I loved the story, it was a gentle love story, and the twists were fun to read. Boone was my favourite, tall dark and moody. Lucas or Luke was the opposite, a true southern gentleman.

Melinda was a feisty, young woman, who came to the west to collect a dead relatives estate. Along the way the wagon loses a wheel, and the 6 men and Melinda have to travel to the nearest town. The bad guys are after money on the wagon. They have no morals, and think nothing of shooting anyone in their way.

The feelings between the three of the characters, alternated between animosity, loathing and the down right hate. I did get the feeling that the hate/hate relationship between Melinda and Boone was the more intense. The feelings between Luke and Melinda felt more like a mutual affection. And regarding the marital status of Boone …….. You will have to read and find out.

Lots of misunderstandings and wrong actions, cause the three characters to dance around how they truly feel. The ending wasn’t really a surprise, but the author did leave it till the last few pages.

It’s a great book to read while waiting for a doctor’s appt. But if you were looking for racy or a ménage, then this isn’t the book for you.


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