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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson 

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So, Megan O’Malley gave in to drunken temptation and pinched a cute guy’s ass at her cousin’s wedding. Who’d have thought a perfectly normal guy—okay, a bit short—was a leprechaun or that he’d have such a bad attitude about giving away his money?! Now that she’s captured him, Megan may be five million dollars richer, but she’s also got an angry leprechaun camped out on her sofa, doing his best to prevent her from becoming the business mogul of her dreams!

Fergus O’Reilly cannot figure out what he’s done to upset the Queen of the Fairies. He was working hard to rebuild his family’s honor when he took one small break to help friends play a wedding. Then some drunken lady pinched his ass, the Queen declared him caught, and now he’s broke, homeless, and hustling to stop the lovely lady with the wandering fingers from spending his money! This would be so much easier if she wasn’t cute and caring and determined to help with his so-called money addiction!


In Feeling Lucky by Kathy Bryson, we meet the heroine early. Megan is drunk at her cousins wedding, when she spies a cute guy in the band looking at her, a little eye contact, and Megan boosted by drink and her friends urging her on, Megan pinches his butt. But then all hell breaks loose, lets just say that the bouquet wasn’t the only thing thrown !!

Megan wakes the following morning with a hangover and a blurry memory. She goes to work, and from here it gets interesting. She finds out that’s she won the local lottery  and this is where it goes a little round the houses ! Yes she had won, but she loses her job in the process ! And too add more misery onto Megan’s plate, her friends turn on her !!

So finding herself jobless, she goes to find her mother, finding her in the local diner, Megan tries to tell her mother about the winning. But there is a meeting going on, so Megan pulls up a chair and finds out what’s going on.

To shorten the story, because it does get a little technical. Fergus has been caught by Megan, they are bound together, so unless he can get Megan to release him from their bonds, he won’t see a penny of his fortune again !

To say Megan is mortified, horrified and downright pi$$ed, is an understatement. She thought they had a little sparkle at the wedding, but there was no way her and Fergus were stuck with each other, the money was hers, and she will spend it how she likes.

Megan meets the queen of the Fae !! A little tense, but now Megan nows what to expect, she has decided to help Fergus with his addiction (because that is how she sees Fergus’s problem,) he is addicted to earning and keeping his fortune. (there is a reason why he hoards his money.)

But the money is hers, so she decides to help the community. She wants to set up a fund for people to approach her with ideas for business for the community. And this is where it starts to wander, and i get a little bored.  I love detail, don’t get me wrong, but i think i got an overload of facts, figures and enough details to start my own trust fund.

Fergus now decides it’s time to step up his game. He starts with being obnoxious, and when that doesn’t work, he begins his routine of bored and aggravating male. He eats his way through all of Megan’s cupboards.  He leaves his dirty socks EVERYWHERE !! and hogs the remote, he also makes himself an unwanted guest, and tells Megan she has to put up with it, or all she has to do is say leave, and it will all be over.

This part is funny, and i did chuckle at his naughty antics. But when he began to seduce her, and callously stop as he seduced her, I could have happily throttled him, he was so mean !!!                                                                       

So the story motors along at quite a nice pace, the storyline of Megan setting up the fund, and various characters applying for it. And there is also the underlying story of Fergus and his family, he cousins who hope that Megan will help Fergus, as well as help them to grasp their own happiness and fortunes. The story of the antagonism between the Queen and Fergus is also explained. There are a few surprises that I didn’t see, and a few I could see coming a mile off.

The characters did take their time to get to know it each other.  And for anyone that read Midsummers Nights Dream, by William Shakespere, the characters come alive in a whole new way in this book. 

I really did like the book, and I loved the world that the author created in her book. I could see a series here, and I would read more. I hope that Fergus and Megan have their own wedding, and her friends all get drunk and fight over the bouquet, THAT I would like to read. 

  So, now we come to the end of our story, do they get a happy ending ? Yes they do, but they also learn a lot about each other, themselves, and everyone around them.


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