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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Back Cover….. 

Book one of Twilight of the Gods (Demon Crossings) by Eleri Stone 

Private investigator Grace tracks a kidnapped child to middle-of-nowhere Iowa. Encountering a strange creature she knows can’t be a local animal, she doesn’t need her psychic abilities to figure out the sleepy town is not what it seems. When she meets the intriguing Aiden, she’s plunged into a world of Norse gods and fire demons where the Wild Hunt still rides the night.

Aiden needs Grace’s help to cross the portal between worlds and rescue his daughter. Grace is unlike any woman he’s ever met. He’s drawn to her courage, distressed by her vulnerability and doubtful of her motives. But he knows that her visions are the key to defeating the enemy and bringing everyone home alive.

Grace wants a future with Aiden, even if it means she’ll never have a normal life. When a test run to the portal takes a terrifying turn, they must learn to finally trust each other or Aiden’s daughter, and their chance at love, will be lost forever…

My Review

I really liked this book.  The mixture of Norse gods were a little bit of a surprise, but once I got my head around the fact, that they WERENโ€™T gods, and in fact Odin was a type of leader in each clan, I read with avid interest.                                                                              

Grace is a Private investigator with a difference, she uses a very powerful psychic ability to find lost, or missing children. And after tracking a father who has abducted his daughter from her grandmother, to Iowa, she assumes that the case is closed, and she can look forward to her holiday.  On her way home, Grace hits what she assumes is a dog, but as it turns out, itโ€™s not a dog, but in fact a fire demon !

Grace is rescued by a horse and rider, and instantly tries to tell her it was a dog or deer that she hit, but Aiden doesnโ€™t realise that Grace can see through his glamor that he has set around the scene of Graceโ€™s car accident.

After being treated by the resident doctor, Grace is invited to stay with Aiden the night, until the car is fixed, and she is able to drive without seeing double. The attraction between Grace and Aiden seems a little one-sided, and I wasnโ€™t really sure if Aiden really liked Grace, but I went with flow, and carried on readingโ€ฆ..

Aiden is the leader of a group of Norse men and women, who are decedents from the Asguard world, from which the original Norse mythology came from.  Aiden doesnโ€™t have a hammer, but he has a BIG sword. And he knows how to wield it.

We meet up with the rest of the hunt, we have Fen who is a wolf shifter, and his pack of shape shifting wolves. Lois who is the resident witch and florist. Christian is Aidenโ€™s second in command. And as far as I am aware, has no power, except his charm and smooth lines. Rane and Elin, who are twins, and can turn into Ravens. Alan the doctor, who is in fact a magical healer.

Grace notices a picture on the wall, as is instantly drawn to it, without warning, she gets images of a little girl in a cold dark place, and is very scared. Once Aiden tells Grace that it is his daughter, and she has been missing almost a year things seem to change between them. Aiden sees her as a means to rescuing his daughter, and Grace seems to unlock her emotions.  So a rescue attempt is made (skipping chapters here, as Aiden and Grace closer together)

Asguard is their home world, but they canโ€™t go home, as it was destroyed by the fire demons. But Aiden who is their leader (or Odin) can widen the portal across to Asgurad. (did I mention, that these portals are not welcome, and are getting more frequent).

So they rescue his daughter (Hallie), but in the process, lose Grace !! She is grabbed and returned to Asguard !! She is captured by a dark figure. Grace keeps her hope up that Aiden will rescue her.  Do you want to know if Grace gets rescued ? Do you want to know if Aiden will let go of his past, and embrace his future with Grace ? Well โ€ฆโ€ฆ. Buy the book and find out.

 I really do recommend this book, and canโ€™t wait to read the next one.


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