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Book Review 📖

Dark Peril …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

Uk Cover


There’s only one way for Dominic—one of the most powerful of the Carpathian Dragonseekers—to learn the secrets of the enemy: ingest their parasitic vampire blood, infiltrate the camp, and relay the information to the Carpathians before he goes out fighting. There is no more honorable way to end his life.

Solange is among the last of the dying species of the jaguar people—fighting to save the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of her own father, a monster who slaughtered everyone she loved. Wounded and weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has aligned with the vampires, and accepting her deathly fate.

Now, two warriors from different worlds will find each other at the end of their time, and discover a new reason to battle to the death—and against all odds, make it out alive.

USA Cover

My Review…..

If you’ve read this series in order, you will know that Dominic had volunteered to ingest the “tainted” vampire blood!! Why?? The Carpathian people are under constant attack from human hunters, from Carpathian turned vampires (The Manilov brothers) and from the mage Xavier…. and now Mikhail is aware of the vampires banding together to fight the Carpathian’s, Mikhail needs more information. So Dominic tells his prince that his bloodline (The DragonSeeker bloodline) will help him to endure the constant agony and pain of the tainted blood. And once he has infiltrated the vampire ranks he will seek out as much information as possible before trying to take out the leaders of the vampires, and then he will seek the sun. 

Dominic has lived for centuries, he is classed as an ancient, he has fought the vampire for as long as he can remember, he barely holds onto his honour, his bloodline helps him, but he also wanted information on his beloved sister (she was taken from him centuries ago) and when he met Natalya and Vikirnoff (Dark Demon) he was told his sister had been abducted and forced to have Xavier’s children, and once she had done that, Xavier had her killed!!! His duty now done, Dominic wants to meet the dawn and join his sister, but first his duty to is to his people…..

SoLange is a jaguar princess, but she’s not one of those soft and privileged princesses. SoLange is a warrior, a fighter, a female who wants more for herself and the jaguar women. She lost her whole family to jaguar males, they came one night, destroyed the little village, killed all the men and the boys, then tortured the females into turning into a jaguar, and when the couldn’t turn, they were slaughtered. SoLange was the only survivor (her aunt and two cousins were away, so were spared) 
Jaguar women are treated like a commodity, not a person, just a thing. The males of the jaguar species have been brainwashed into thinking that a jaguar female is good for one thing ….. childbirth. After that, when the women can no longer bear children, she is killed like an animal!!! 

They meet in a dream (each one has conjured up the other) they know they are only fantasy thoughts. That each doesn’t exist, but it helps SoLange and Dominic to keep the loneliness at bay. They have traits in each other that they both admire, both are warriors and both have survived great loss. 
The dream takes a strange turn and SoLange cries out ….. Dominic is bombarded with sound and colour!!! She is actually his lifemate!!! She isn’t a figment of a tired mind, and he knows he can’t be with her, he is riddled with parasites, if only he had come to the jungle sooner, he is devastated!! 

This book is one of my favourites in the series. We’ve met Dominic in a few of the previous books, and I did wonder if the author had anything planned for him. 
SoLange has been in a few books also, gossip in the groups were wondering if the last De La Cruz brother and SoLange we’re destined to be together. 
The book has its usual fights with the vampires, it’s also given us a few more things to wonder about …..  there is a book people are looking for, it holds powerful magic (I have a feeling it will come into play eventually) we have SoLange’s inner battle with herself (she doesn’t think she is good enough for Dominic) 
But in a twist, SoLange maybe the cure for these parasites that are infesting her lifemate. 

So can they defeat the master vampire one more time ? 

Will SoLange’s blood be the cure for the parasites that infest inside Dominic? 
Your going to have to read it to find out 😉

Sunday’s Post 💐

Now that’s a handy hint to know.

It was Mother’s Day today in the UK. So I’d like to wish those of you reading these, a Happy Mother’s Day 💐 my son stayed the night last night and we chatted a little before he went to bed.

Sadly I couldn’t wish my mum a Happy Mother’s Day. She passed away last year. So this is my first year without her. It’s funny how you take those little traditions for granted. We’d take mum out for the day, or cook her a meal, spoil her with presents and just spend time with her.

It’s also another year without my daughter. She’d get help in making me breakfast in bed. She’d get all excited about the present she had chosen. The usual arguments between siblings. Then lunch out. So making time with my son is doubly important.

One of my sisters popped down today, she left flowers on the grave. And then we met up for a coffee in town, a little retail therapy 😉 then before you know it, she’s off home.

so make the most of your loved ones, tell them daily how much they mean to you.


Saturday’s Post 🌤

Work was very busy today. Large delivery, not many helpers and the ones who helped were on a go slow 🙄

Weather was lovely today, go they were out in force, I couldn’t keep up with the demands for salad at some point (but to be fair, the ones making the most noise seemed to be the unhappy ones anyway 🙄and the kids were on a pasta binge !!! I definitely couldn’t keep up with that lot😉

After work I’m meeting up with my son for an early Mother’s Day (he’s at work tomorrow) dinner 🍽 we are off for a spot of Italian.

We should have time tomorrow to visit his sister and nanny at the cemetery 💐

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Drawing Bloodlines .. book 1 (The Princeton Allegiant series) by Deborah Garland

He had to drink her blood . . . 
Even though it meant revealing the monster behind his expensive suits. Now, Alexander must report his mistake to the allegiant commander. Elizabeth’s abduction will be swift unless he convinces the single mother he’s not a threat. He can be of use to her in the dark and in her bed. But can Alexander keep Elizabeth safe when he’s chosen to mate with a vampire from his troubled past?

My Review……
Alexander is stunned at finding “her” she is a rare human, her blood is so sweet and special that vampires would do anything to taste it, even abduct the host to keep that sweet blood all for themselves. But he’s here to do a job, and he resists the temptation to “taste” the human in front of him. 
But Alex has left it too long between feedings, and after a hundred years of being a vampire he should have known better. But surely a sip wouldn’t hurt …… But he gets caught drinking one of  Elizabeth’s vials !!! Finding out where she lives is easy, intending to wipe her memory Alexander moves in ……but when Elizabeth opens her eyes, he doesn’t see fear or condemnation, he sees want and lust ….. 
The connection between Elizabeth and Alexander reminded me of another author (Lara Adrian, her midnight breed) and when he finds out his new commander wants him for her “mate” he’s left feeling torn (the feelings he has for Elizabeth or duty to his race?) 
Alexander has a few things up his sleeve, he’s not going to go down without a fight. The magic he holds I had a few questions…….
(was he born with it? Or does he practise?) could this be the key to his being able to stay with Elizabeth ? To find out if I get my questions answered, you’ll need to 
A few surprises along the way? (don’t want me to spoil it😉) but a really well written book. Looking forward to reading the next book. 


Friday’s Post 🍹

It’s Friday, so it’s drink night 😉one of these days I’m going to try one of these drinks😁

Still fighting this cough….. but it’s getting a little better.

Hoping you all have a great weekend💋


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Mated to the Dragon …. A Dragon Valley series…. book 1 by Kayla Wolf 

Back cover …… 
It’s not easy to find yourself in close quarters with an absurdly well-muscled dragon who looks like the most successful underwear model in history…

Lisa thinks being single is just brilliant. Her defenses against men are ironclad. Known among her friends as the Single One, Lisa has enough on her plate, what with trying to get the clients of her dating agency suitable partners.

But her defenses start coming down when a certain gold-eyed hunk of mystery with a huge chest and dark, luscious curls, walks into her life, bleeding and wounded.

When he kisses her, it feels like the tide coming in. And somehow, even though she is a Professional Handler of Feelings she knows that if she doesn’t get his shirt off immediately she is going to die…

Alexander is the King of dragons. But his dragons are dying. There’s a prophecy he has to fulfil to break the curse – and that prophecy means finding his human mate. Which proves more difficult than he thought when he runs into a pack of wolves who try to destroy him.

When he finds himself in close quarters with a gorgeous dating coach who can help him find his mate, he doesn’t refuse. 

But close quarters can get very … hot. 

Very steamy…

And very dangerous…

My review ….. 

Alexander has set himself a monumental task….. His dragons are dying, and only when he fulfils the prophecy of finding his mate will the curse end. 
So he goes in search of his mate….. but it’s been a while since Alexander was in human form and interacting with them is proving difficult. 
And when he gets lured outside by a group of street thugs (who in fact are wolves) and gets badly beaten, Alexander thinks his search will end sooner rather than later, with his death. But help comes in the form of a plucky human woman. And between the two of them, they escape and hide at Holly’s home. 

(His true form is a dragon, he just changes into a human only when necessary) he’s also very direct and a little blunt !!! 

Holly is a relationship coach, she owns a dating agency and is so wrapped up in finding her clients love, that she doesn’t have time for it herself, in fact she’s pretty happy being single, she finds that most men don’t measure up. 

But helping a fellow human (even if he is hot) seems the right thing to do. So she offers him a place to stay until he is healed. 
They are getting along pretty well, things take a different turn after a drunken kiss from Holly takes their friendship to a different level. 
Then the attack from the gang that previously attacked Alexander changes it all again. Holly sees Alexander in a whole different way. A freaking dragon!!!! She thinks she’s having a breakdown there are NO such things as dragons, and the gang that beat up Alexander and then broke into Holly’s home they are a bunch of wolves that run New York …… it’s all just too much to take in. 
But once Holly has calmed down, thought it through and rationalised it in her own mind, she’s ready to hear Alexander out …. 
Alexander needs a mate, Holly is an expert in that field, so it should be easy right ??? Well, considering Alexander doesn’t know who or where she is, it’s gotten Holly’s work cut out a little. 
So will Alexander find his mate ?? Your going to have to read to find out…. 
It was a fun afternoon read. 
Not the worse dragon book I’ve read, but not the best either. 
Fell a little flat in places. Characters felt a little wooden in parts. 

Thursday’s Post😷

I wholeheartedly agree 😁 but I’ll settle for juice at the moment. I’m fighting the seasons coughs And colds and I have been for the last day or so…. I feel well In myself, so usual aches and pains, no painful sinus, I just have the dreaded cough ….. and it’s annoying (I don’t do poorly at the best of times) so drinking plenty of water and juice. Downside of that, I need the loo a lot more 😉 but it is helping to keep my throat from drying out.

Other than that, a usual Thursday, delivery day, and I got to throw boxes around 😉 I hope your Thursday has been a good one. And if your fighting a cold …. stay hydrated, it does help 💋


Wednesday’s Post ☕️

Will definitely be trying that one in the summer.

I do actually have a pair of bookends (I got given them for Xmas as a present) still in their box I’m afraid (I don’t have a lot of room for them) too many books for book ends 😉

Day off today, so grabbed a few bits in town before heading off to see a friend got lunch. Sun was lovely (but apparently short lived as rain is on its way for the weekend) !!!

(Also known as DNF Did Not Finish) 

If you want to split a room full of readers, just ask them ….. would you continue to read the book your reading, even if you hated it ? 

DNF is Did Not Finish …… and I have several on my virtual bookcase on GoodReads. I also have many unread books on my actual shelves (these haven’t been read yet) 

So …… would I finish a book, even if I hated it ? Read on and find out ……. 


That is my own personal reason. If I’m not enjoying the book (and die hard readers will understand my pain) if I’m not making notes on scraps of paper. (I’ve just started up a blog and I’m writing reviews for books I’ve read) then I’m not enjoying it, I usually find it easy to immerse myself into the world I’m reading. But if the subject matter is a little hard going (rape, humiliation, degradation) then I can’t go on. I read because I enjoy it, so if I’m not enjoying the book, then it goes down. I have several DNF on my GoodReads shelves, and in fact I also have a couple of DNR (Did No Read) they were part of a series I had in book form, I couldn’t read the first one, so didn’t see the point in reading the other two) 

I accept there are books we all NEED to read in life (study books) cook books if you want that perfect cupcake 🧁 lol

And some reviewers feel they HAVE to read it all to give an honest opinion. 

So ….. if after 100-150 pages, if your not loving it, then don’t feel guilty, put it down, send it to a charity shop or hospital, and if it’s a kindle download, delete it….. 


There could be a number of reasons why is not the right time …. death of a loved one, then you read it in a book. Some people find it hard to read unless it’s totally quiet (so maybe a holiday you thought would give you time to read didn’t) how about the book everyone is reading? You don’t have to read it because everyone else is (books are a personal pleasure) 

Sometimes I’m not in the right mindset for a particular book, I’ve set many a book down, left it for a few months, then returned. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. If you really want to read it, then pick it up when your ready. 

I have read where reviewers or people say they owe it to the author to finish the book, if you’ve paid for the book you feel that you have to read or you don’t get your money’s worth. Or feel the need to read the “popular” books.

Reading is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be fun, for relaxation, it’s exciting to browse and pick the books you want to read. I do understand those who review for a living. Those who get paid to read. 

Let me know your thoughts….. 

Tuesday’s Post🦋

Busy day at work, delivery and then lots of prepping off food was planned ….. but it wasn’t to be…. but the walk home in the sun made up for the day. And random silly moments made me smile, and catching moments with a special friend in the phone …. always the cherry on my cake 💜


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Werewolf’s Surrogate (Wolf Mountain book 1) ….. Mia Wolf

Back cover ……

What do you do when the heat is unbearable, but your heart isn’t ready?

Rex is the Alpha of Wolf Mountain and the biggest party animal in town. Being hit by his huge claws means being out of commission forever.

But Rex is in trouble. The Elders want him to have a family to secure the pack’s future. And Rex doesn’t want a mate. Luckily, a surrogate by the name of Felicity is the perfect solution.

She’s definitely not his type. And he definitely doesn’t feel completely awkward around her. Definitely not.

Felicity is out of money and has nowhere to go. So when she’s offered a large sum to carry someone’s baby, she says yes. The only drawback is that she has to stay at a mysterious manor with the baby’s father. Which is fine.

Except that the guy radiates arrogance and unfortunately looks like the cover model for a romance novel. His forearms are deliciously muscled and veiny and … Stop! She’s SO not going to drool over him.

But there are secrets at Rex’s manor. And Felicity isn’t safe here.

When an old rival takes everything away from him, can Rex’s primal instinct protect all he has left? With the baby growing in her, can Felicity deny her maternal instinct? And can Rex and Felicity stand the unbearable heat between them?

My Review ……
A new book from an unknown author is always a hit and miss affair, but as soon as I read the back cover I wanted to read it … 
After losing his father and his brother missing, Rex assumes the mantle of leadership, it’s been handed down for generations. But Rex isn’t interested, he’s a party animal (the best clubs and women throwing themselves at him) and whilst nursing yet another hangover, he has to listen to the Elders telling him he needs to start a family (Rex isn’t to keen on that idea either) a mate and an heir is urgently needed (other packs are offering a better life) if not a war will spill out over the peaceful lands. 
Felicity is homeless (her roommate had kicked her out) and when an opportunity arises to make money, felicity takes it, (but not without first researching and checking it out) but has she gotten more than she bargained for ? A surrogate to strangers!! But the money is good, and Felicity could have a real chance of having a better life. So 40 weeks (give or take) should be easy 😉and having negotiated a better deal, Felicity takes a deep breath and dives in …… 
It starts out as a business arrangement? But along the way feelings change. And when Felicity becomes pregnant new feelings take root inside Rex (maybe a family won’t be such a bad thing) and Felicity? Well she’s something Rex hadn’t banked on. 
The pregnancy takes her by surprise she now actually wants the baby and Rex, Or will she still walk away at the end of it? It doesn’t help that Rex blows hot and cold !!!
When Felicity gets taken by a rival pack, Rex is beside himself, there will be all out war if he doesn’t find her and the baby. 
But there are things going on in the Blake mansion… could Felicity be In danger? What’s going on? And who is behind it? 
It was well written, looking forward to reading the next book. 


Book Review 📖

Dark Slayer …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan. 

Back cover ……

A rumor has persisted in the vampire world of a dark slayer–a woman–who travels with a wolf pack and who destroys any vampire who crosses her path. Mysterious, elusive and seemingly impossible to kill, she is the one hunter who strikes terror into the hearts of the undead.  

She is Ivory Malinov. Her only brethren, the wolves. Long ago betrayed by her people, abandoned by her family, and cast out by everyone she held dear, Ivory has lived a century without companionship or love. She has sustained her sanity by the habit of the hunt and the custom of the feeding. Until the night she picks up the scent of a man, her unexpected salvation. Her lifemate. The curse of all Carpathian women.  

He is Razvan. Branded a criminal, detested and feared, he is a dragonseeker borne of one of the greatest Carpathian lineages, only to be raised as its most despised–and captive–enemy. Fleeing from his lifetime of imprisonment, Razvan now seeks the dawn to end his terrible existence. Instead he has found his deliverance in the Dark Slayer.  

In spirit, in flesh and blood, in love, and in war, Ivory and Razvan are made for each other. For as long as they dare to live. 

My Review……

This was a great story. And one I hadn’t seen coming….. 

Razvan has always been seen as the Carpathian’s greatest enemy (after Xavier the mage) he had been known to impregnate human, and mage women, (Colby, Skyler and Lara that the Carpathian’s know so far)  and after Lara’s past had been known, he had also fed off the women or children. 
But Lara had put a different spin on her fathers character ….. she remembered him as a caring being, loving and protective. It was his grandfather Xavier, Lara’s great grandfather) that had possessed him (and made Razvan impregnate the women) and had fed off the women and children in the hope to become immortal (Xavier was convinced that the Carpathian’s were immortal and wanted that immortality for himself) 

Ivory had a wonderful childhood, parents that had loved and cared about her, five older and caring (although dominant) brothers, all who met her were prepared to protect her, Ivory was well loved and cared for, until one fateful day when her young life was ripped away from her…… 
Now a former beauty (her body a map of horrendous scars) Ivory has honed her body as a weapon, a slayer of the vampire, avoiding all Carpathian’s (she no longer trusted them) she has spent many centuries alone, her only companions a pack of wolves she had converted (by accident) and now remain loyal to her and only her (she wears them as tattoos on her arms and back) 

Razvan is finally free ….. 
He has escaped his grandfather’s clutches and now he only wants to die, he has so many horrid memories that he knows he won’t ever be able to redeem himself, how can he ? He had spent centuries under Xavier’s control, he had offered his soul to keep his young daughter Lara safe. 

Ivory was on a hunt when she is aware of a disturbance, following her senses she comes across a dying figure. And wouldn’t you know it…. after all these centuries alone, she gets “stuck” with a Carpathian!!! Oh Ivory is NOT happy. 

Being tied together through the bonding words, Razvan and Ivory must now work together (she is untrusting of everyone Carpathian and he is wary of everyone) but they find a common ground with battling the vampires. 

Ivory rescues a young boy from a ghoul and vampire, and from there on, we are  introduced to her brothers ….. five Manilov’s they have all turned vampire. (They all believed Ivory died, they were furious with the prince of the Carpathian’s Vlad, Mikhail’s father. How could he let his eldest son kill their beloved sister? So they began to plot and devise a plan to overthrow the Prince.) And she is known to the Carpathian’s now, they need her advice, her skills and her knowledge. But Ivory is finding it hard…… Will she help? Or will she take her wolves and run? 

We also get to see Razvan interact with his sister Natalya (her book was dark demon) and finally catch up with Lara (her book was dark curse) 
I liked this story, it was a nice surprise. A twist that I hadn’t thought of, but to be honest I should have realised that she might have had the characters in mind for a book or two (otherwise why keep them in the readers thoughts?!) 😉 
we have more background information now on why the Carpathian women can’t conceive and why they can’t feed or look after their babies. And throw the Manilov brothers into the mix, and we have even more problems for Mikhail to overcome. 
There are a few classic moments that will have you laughing. But in all a great addition to the series. 🦋

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Wolf Within by Cynthia Eden (A Purgatory Novel …. book 1) Back cover ….. 

FBI Special Agent Duncan McGuire spends his days—and his nights—tracking real-life monsters. Most humans aren’t aware of the vampires and werewolves that walk among them. They don’t realize the danger that they face, but Duncan knows about the horror that waits in the darkness. He hunts the monsters, and he protects the innocent. Duncan just never expects to become a monster. But after a brutal werewolf attack, Duncan begins to change…and soon he will be one of the very beasts that he has hunted. 

Dr. Holly Young is supposed to help Duncan during his transition. It’s her job to keep him sane so that Duncan can continue working with the FBI’s Para Unit. But as Duncan’s beast grows stronger, the passion that she and Duncan have held carefully in check pushes to the surface. The desire that is raging between them could be a very dangerous thing…because Holly isn’t exactly human, not any longer. 

As the monsters circle in, determined to take out all of the agents working at the Para Unit, Holly and Duncan will have to use their own supernatural strengths in order to survive. But as they give up more of their humanity and embrace the beasts within them both, they realize that the passion between them isn’t safe, it isn’t controllable, and their dark need may just be an obsession that could destroy them both. 

My review ….. 

This is the start of a series….. 
Duncan likes his job, he’s good at it. He’s part of an elite unit (a police force for supernaturals) they capture or destroy the supernaturals that go “rouge” to keep the “humans” safe and unaware. But after he is attacked by a werewolf all he wants is revenge. And as he goes through the change his priorities change, his instincts call on him to kill or make a certain doctor “his”……Holly is a doctor, she works closely with the paranormal units that control and contain anything that’s not human. She’s about to finish for the day, when a call comes in that an agent has been bitten, Holly becomes all business, her job is to contain and train the rogue werewolves that enter her facility. And if they can’t be rehabilitated, then they are destroyed. 

She sees who the bitten agent is, it’s Duncan 
McGuire (she’s noticed him, and has never really plucked up the courage to talk to him) and now she may never get the chance, if he survives the change (only humans with certain DNA can survive the bite from a werewolf or vampire) then Duncan will need to be monitored or controlled with a silver collar. 
This was a really good read. Both Holly and Duncan like each other, but neither had acted on it. 
Will Duncan manage the beast within him? And if he does what will he do about his attraction to the lovely doctor? 
And there is a secret that Holly is hiding, will it help or hinder Duncan? 

Saturday’s Post 🦋

whenever I see this, I have to have the internal dialogue (Tom Cruise in Top Gun) with the accent …..”I feel the need … the need to Read” 😁😂

So after work today, we celebrated my eldest stepdaughter’s birthday with a family meal.

I got to visit with both my step- granddaughter and step-grandson, Grace is only 4, but a very funny 4year old. And Ryan almost 18, and is learning to drive (so I get to hear all about it😉)

we always end up playing with the snapchat filters 😁 she more adept at playing with my phone than I am, and of course she likes to watch YouTube whilst out and a favourite is baby shark (she does like that tune) 😆


Wednesday’s Post ☕️

Lol 😆 I’ve done that many a time. Either a book or my kindle, and now I have the app on my phone 😉 I’m only ever one click away from a book.

So today was my day off. Lots to do. Caught up with reading, a review and draft of a review. Needed to go shopping and grab a few things (also Easter is looming and I need to get a head start as most of the good Easter eggs start to disappear early😉

On my walk home from the supermarket, I see a little squirrel, I’m trying to juggle bags and grab the phone and it’s always tricky, but trying not to put down the bags I was carrying, I didn’t want to scare it away.

Happy with my snap, but it looked cuter sitting on the edge before it got spooked !!

Anyway …… how was your day ?

Oh oh oh oh ……

Have to share 😉

and there is a julie penguin 😁😁😁only problem is ….. it’s a lucky bag, so you don’t get to choose !!! The hunt is on 🤪


Monday’s Post

Happy Monday people ☕️ Going to change it up a little this week. So putting the day first, then the butterfly, let me know if you like that idea better😁

And ending the day on a book theme (got to love a dragon) I do love my paranormal romances, shifters, vampires and everything in between 😉

Listening to Toxic Game by Christine Feehan. I’ll have to wait till October to read it in paperback 😉

Sun was out today, making a nice walk to work.

Book Review 📖

Dark Curse ….. Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan.

Back Cover….. 

Born into a world of evil and ice, Dragonseeker Lara Calladine is a child of three species yet belonging to none. She walked her chosen path alone, trusting no one. For beyond the frozen hell of her youth were even greater dangers.
Today, an expert in the study of ice caves, Lara searches for the source of her nightmares. 

Nicolas De La Cruz can help her. Though centuries of hunting and killing have taken their toll, he longs to feel sensual love without the hunger for blood. 

As Lara and Nicolas search the treacherous Carpathian landscape, their tenuous trust shifts into an undeniable passion. But their mysterious pasts share a secret that could destroy them both…

My Review ……

Lara comes across as a loner, happy with her own company, she doesn’t get too close to people, and given her background I’m not surprised….. As a child Lara had been kept a prisoner by her father and grandfather, kept as a food source (both her father and grandfather used her for blood) and they weren’t gentle about either, Carpathian children were meant to be protected and cherished, but Lara had neither. She lived in fear, and after her mother dies brutally at the hands of her grandfather, Lara knows it’s a matter of time before her usefulness comes to an end…..

Nicholas De La Cruz needs to feel something, even if that means he needs to kill, the darkness has almost overcome him, his brothers are finding their mates, but he knows it’s too late. 
We meet Nicholas in Dark Secret (his brother Rafael finds his lifemate Colby) he can’t understand why his brothers don’t lay down the law with their women, his arrogance is worse than Rafael’s (and he was extremely arrogant)

Lara (we find out through past memories) needs to find the ice caves that she was held captive in as a child, she needs to rescue two very special people, she knows they might not be alive, but Lara needs closure. And coming to the Carpathian Mountains she gets a feeling she is close….. 

Nicholas is drawn to a female and he has no notion as to why, only that he needs to feed, and sadly the young woman may die, and his brothers will have to face him as a vampire. 
Drawing her closer he begins to feed, and his mind is bombarded with emotions and colour ….. his lifemate is in his arms, but then another feeling comes into play… pain!! Lara had stabbed him!!! She won’t be used again by anyone!! And she knows all about the males who take blood from unwilling donors (and she is definitely unwilling)

The story then goes on to relay more of Lara’s past, and Nicholas has to find balance, his dominant nature will be put to the test time and time again. 

The book is full of twists and turns, it’s a very dark and sad book. In places I had to put it down and read something a little more lighthearted. 
More of the backstory comes to light, and her father ….. well he has been seen in such a bad light, how could she possibly forgive him and move on ?? (But as his story is next, we should find out from his perspective) 

So now we have Mages, werewolves, vampires and Dragonseekers (a very strong and old line of Carpathian’s) and of course the Carpathian’s. How the author keeps tabs on everything is always a wonder. And I hope she continues this series for a long time. 


Book Review 📖

Dark Possession …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan.

Back Cover …… 
Dangerously close to becoming a vampire, Manolito De La Cruz has been called back to his Carpathian homeland – and has unexpectedly caught the scent of his destined lifemate, MaryAnn Delaney. MaryAnn is human and well aware of the aggressive instincts of Carpathian males. A counsellor for battered women, MaryAnn has no room in her life for someone like Manolito. But when she goes to South America to offer guidance to a young woman, she has no idea of the trap awaiting her. For she’s been lured there by Manolito, who has seductive plans for the irresistible human female. Once there, she’ll be his. Once his, she’ll never be released. She is his dark possession.
My review….. 
Manolito is the second oldest De La Cruz brother. After going to see the prince to swear his and his brothers loyalty to Mikhail (their prince and leader) and to inform the Carpathian people of the jaguar race and their plight, and to admit to the prince that the De La Cruz brothers somehow were part of the vampire problem they are now facing (the vampires are working together to destroy the Carpathian men) he also helps to battle vampires in a big battle (being badly wounded), he also comes across his lifemate.
Manolito needs his lifemate (he can’t fight the darkness inside him for much longer) and so conspires to bring her to his home in Brazil, where he arrogantly assumes he will convert his lifemate and all will be well in his world!!! 
We’ve met MaryAnn Delaney before (Dark Destiny) she helped Destiny and Nicolae (she also helped Vikirnoff to find his lifemate Natalya) and is now a friend to the Carpathian people. She’s gone to the mountains to help another young woman (Skylar) with her past (she was abused by her stepfather and his friends) and whilst at Nicolae’s home MaryAnn has an encounter of sorts, but she can’t remember who or what it was about, and that makes her frightened, wary and angry. She is under the protection of the Von Shrieder brothers, and for a Carpathian to invade their home and feed on a member of their family is punishable by death. Who took her blood ? And why ? 
Manolito is wounded whilst protecting the prince. He is transported home and Maryann goes back to Brazil with the De La Cruz family to help a female family member.
There are Vampires to fight, but also the jaguar shifters and werewolves (we’ve not met them yet, they are very secretive and don’t like outsiders) the werewolf community are dying out like the Carpathian and jaguar people. Do they share the same enemy ? Why are the races dying out ? 
An ambush/attack leaves Manolito in between worlds ….. and only MaryAnn can help. Together they have to find a way to work together. 
Manolito realises that he can’t just dictate to MaryAnn, he needs to treat her as an equal. 
He also discovers something that is different about his lifemate, and that’s something they both have to come to terms with (it’s a huge twist, and one I didn’t see coming) 
It’s good to catch up with his brothers, it also fun to read how yet another the mighty De La Cruz brother falls foul of his lifemate (being so arrogant he assumes his life won’t change, that his lifemate will just bend to his wishes) 
It a book with lots of intrigue, with laughter and a few near misses. 

Book Review 📖

Dark Celebration….. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan.

Back cover ….. 

After centuries as the Prince of the Carpathians Mikhail Dubrinsky fears he can’t protect them for long from their greatest threat: the extinction of their species–a fate that has become the wicked prayer of his enemies. To ensure it, they are devising a scheme to slaughter Carpathian females. But even with his own lifemate, Raven, and their daughter, Savannah, vulnerable to the encroaching evil, Mikhail’s hope is not lost…  

In this desperate season, Carpathians from around the world are gathering to join their strengths, their souls, and their powers to bring light to the darkness. But so too are their adversaries uniting–hunters, vampires, demons, and betrayers–bringing untold dangers into the fold of the Carpathian people.  

Now for the first time, born from the uninhibited imagination of Christine Feehan, all the inhabitants of Carpathian legend are reunited for a celebration of sensual adventure, undying passion, and astonishing fantasy–one to remember for a thousand lifetimes. 

My review ….. 

This is a great book.
It’s a catch up book.
It gives us more of what the Carpathians are going through…… but it also gives us a glimpse into previous couples lives. And there quite a few couples we catch up on. We also meet a few newish characters 😉 new in we haven’t really had too much to do with these characters, but they will feature in a few books, and a certain young lady will play heavily in future books. 

So ……. Mikhail is the Prince to the Carpathian people, but his race is dying ….. 
Carpathian women are few and far between, and if they do get pregnant, then most women lose the child before they are even born, and if they are luckily enough to give birth, most don’t survive their first year. But through a lucky meeting with a human woman, Mikhail discovered that certain human women could be converted to the Carpathian race (they had to be psychic) and then hunters were finding their lifemates, but others wouldn’t or couldn’t wait, they killed whilst feeding, thus turning into vampires. 
Along with healers and humans, Mikhail is slowly gaining ground, they still have trouble conceiving children (we find out in later books how this was done) but the future for the Carpathian race doesn’t look nearly so grim. 

The story goes on to tell us about the vampires beginning to form groups, hunting for both human psychic women and to take on and destroy hunters. This was unheard of for centuries (vampires were to bloated on their egos to work together, and if they did, they would willingly sacrifice newly turned vampires) 

They have blood from vampires to study (they are using it to call to each other) and they are sharing knowledge of what the vampires are doing, and we still have the society looking for the Carpathians (they are a group of humans intent in destroying the Carpathian race, they are under the assumption that vampires and Carpathians are one in the same) 

And when Mikhail’s daughter (Savannah) almost loses her own children (premature birth) he knows it’s time to take the fight to the vampires. He won’t lose anymore children. 

This book is full of witty one liners, heart stopping moments and a few raised eyebrows 😀


Book Review 📖

Dark Demon ….. by Christine Feehan… A Carpathian Novel.

Back cover ….. 

For as long as she can remember, Natalya has been fighting demons: first in the form of childhood nightmares, then later, immortal creatures that kill and prey on the innocent–including her own twin brother. Whether Carpathian or vampire, she slays those who murder by night, and has no equal–until she is seduced by the very thing she considers her enemy. . .  

A Carpathian who has seen nearly everything in his endless existence, Vikirnoff didn’t think he could be surprised anymore–until he faces a woman who rivals him as a vampire hunter. A formidable and gifted warrior in her own right, Natalya has a nature that is strangely familiar–yet alien–to his own. Who is this mysterious female who fears no one–not even him? Natalya could be the key to the survival of the Carpathians, but all Vikirnoff is certain of is that she is the key to his heart and soul. . .

          my Review…… 

This has to be one of my favourite books in the series. 

We met Vikirnoff in Dark Destiny (with brother Nicolae and Destiny) Vikirnoff was sent on a mission to find and assist a young women with psychic abilities (the society are interested in her and the vampires too) it also takes him away from killing the vampires  (he is very close to turning into the undead) and after assisting Rafael De La Cruz (Dark Secret) destroy a master vampire, the darkness is almost taken him over, but like Carpathian’s before him, he will seek the dawn before that happens, his honour is now the only thing that keeps him going (he is now not worried his brother will turn vampire as he found Destiny his lifemate) 

Natalya is on the move, something is calling her to the Carpathian Mountains. 
Taking her two friends with her, Natalya wants to know what is behind the compulsion to visit these mountains. 
There isn’t much that scares our heroine, she knows there are monsters in the world, she hunts them….. 
Natalya is a strong character, able to defend herself, she knows how to wield magic, her lineage is a revered one. Natalya is a dragonseeker (a carpathian who has never turned vampire, and is well known in the Carpathian community) she can also turn into a tiger (most Carpathians use wolf or owl form to travel, Natalya’s tiger isn’t just an image she uses, her tiger is actually a part of her (like the jaguar people) 

Vikirnoff and Natalya meet on a battleground, she is facing a vampire, he almost falls out of the tree when emotions and colour are restored to him. He’s also annoyed that she isn’t like what carpathian women ought to be (meek, stay at home and look after the children) she is the total opposite of what he was looking for in a lifemate. 

The story then continues with Natalya trying to ditch Vikirnoff at every opportunity. 
Fierce battles and a ritual bind them together, there is coming calling her to the mountains, and with or without his help, Natalya will find it….. 

The book continues to give us more information on why the Carpathian’s can’t have children. We see an evil more powerful than the society, an evil that could wipe out the Carpathians. 
We catch up with a few old characters, we meet a few new ones that are important to the story. 
It had lots of hilarious moments. It also had a few OMG moments …..


Book Review 📖

Dark Secret ….. A Carpathian Novel. Christine Feehan. 

Back cover ……. 

Rafael De La Cruz has spent centuries hunting vampires with his brothers, and with each passing year his capacity to feel emotions has grown weaker and weaker until finally there’s barely been a memory left–until only sheer willpower keeps him from turning into the very abomination he hunts. But it’ll take more than will to keep him away from the woman who is meant to be his and his alone. . .  

For five years, rancher Colby Jansen has been the sole protector of her younger half-siblings, and with fierce determination and work she has kept her family together and the ranch operational. Now, the De La Cruz brothers are threatening that stability. They claim that her siblings belong with their father’s family, not with her. Colby vows to fight them-especially the cold and arrogant Rafael De La Cruz. But Rafael is after more than her family-he wants Colby and will not let anything stand between them. After ages of loneliness, the raw desire to possess her overwhelms his very soul, driving him to claim her as his lifemate. . .

My Review……. 

Rafael De La Cruz is almost at the end of his life …… 
He has lived for centuries, fighting both the vampire and the ever growing darkness inside him. With his brothers help and their honour, they continue to live and fight for their prince and the Carpathian people.
Whilst feeding he feels the demon inside him urging him on, to feed, to drain the body he’s feeding from dry, to take a life, and to feel if only briefly…… 

Colby Jensen is holding her sanity together by a thread, her half brother and sister are being fought over, her step father’s family want the siblings to come and live with them in Brazil. Colby isn’t having any of it. Their father had been disowned for loving and having children with someone they didn’t approve of, but now he’s gone, they want her siblings, Colby isn’t having any of it, if her step fathers family want her brother and sister, then they are going to have to fight her for them, but they have money and connections, Colby has nothing. And now hearing the family have their employer helping them, Colby is afraid she will lose them and the Ranch…… 

Standing on a cliff overlooking the ranch his employees are coming to visit, Rafael knows his time is limited, refusing to drain the woman, he wants to go home, here nothing is familiar, he misses Brazil, but he promised his older brother that he would go and sort out the issue with this “Jensen” woman, he would get the children that he had come for, then go home. 
He spots a rider on horseback, the voice carries up to him, stunned he sees the horse and rider in colour !!!! It’s her ….. his lifemate. 

Colby had anticipated meeting the De La Cruz family, what she hadn’t banked on was meeting them whilst being thrown from a horse !!!! 

The De La Cruz brothers (all five of them) are centuries old, they remember carpathian women being meek and mild, in a time where they would stay at home, looking after the children. So meeting his lifemate in this time came as a huge shock to Rafael, Colby wasn’t meek, not was she mild. She’s a very strong willed individual. 

At first I didn’t like Rafael (he’s still not one of my favourite characters) but you have to read past the fact he seems to be a bully (demanding Colby give up her life and move to Brazil, to alter her whole way of thinking) they are from a time when women were home makers. But they do want to protect their women (even though most of the women in these books are more than capable of looking after themselves) they keep the Carpathian hunter from turning into a vampire, the women are the light, keeping the darkness at bay. 

So …… we have a few big battles. We have many battles of will between Rafael and Colby, we do have a few light moments and we also meet a hunter that’s been in a few previous books ( Vikirnoff) 


Book Review 📖

Dark Destiny …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

Uk Cover

Back Cover ……

Her childhood had been a nightmare of violence and pain until she heard his voice calling out to her. Golden and seductive. The voice of an angel.

He had shown her how to survive, taught her to use her unique gifts, trained her in the ancient art of hunting the vampire.

Yet he could not bend her to his will, no matter how great his power.

My review …..

This is one of my favourite stories in the series.

Destiny as a small child was duped by a vampire, seducing her with his beguiling voice, he slaughters her family and takes her as his captive. Abusing her physically and mentally, her captor converted her from mortal to vampire. In one desperate moment, she links mentally with an ancient warrior, he helps her, shapes her into a warrior, honing her skills.

She kills her vampire captor and sets her on a journey to rid the world of this most vile creature, but always she hears her rescuers voice, asking for her name, telling her to call out to him, he can help her with her burden. But Destiny won’t be fooled again. He might have helped her kill the vampires, but she won’t trust anyone ever again.

Nicolae Von Schreider was sent out by the previous prince of the Carpathians (Mikhail’s father) he knew their race was on the brink of extinction, and when his son Mikhail finally brought his people together, he didn’t want the ancients to influence him. So Nicolae and his brother Vikirnoff travelled around the world searching for vampires, knowing their chance of finding their lifemate a near impossible task.

Centuries later, a young girl connects with Nicolae telepathically, in such fear and agony. He can do no more but to aid the young child, helping her to distance her from the brutal bearings and abuse that is being inflicted on her. Commanding her to call to him, he wants only to help her…. but she remains silent, he knows she won’t trust him, so he teaches her the ways of a carpathian hunter.

Years go by and still Nicolae searches for her, it seems by aiding her it gives him a quest of sorts, it keeps the darkness from spreading, but it won’t be long, he can’t hold out for much longer ….

Destiny is now a young woman, in constant pain from the poisonous blood coursing through her veins, from the vampire converting her many years ago. He thought she would give him back his emotions, but Destiny was not his lifemate, so he continued to abuse her, until she manages with Nicolae’s help to kill her tormentor.

The story then goes on to the usual conclusion, but unlike a lot of the dark carpathian novels, it’s not full of sex, Nicolae has to come to terms with Destiny’s past, and so does Destiny. It’s shaped her to be the woman she is today.

And it also shows her that monsters are also in the guise of humans (there are things going on in the book that makes Destiny think that a vampire is behind it all)

We meet some really fun characters, we also meet his brother Vikirnoff (who gets a book) and a really strong female in the shape of Mary-Anne, who we get to see run rings around a carpathian male 😉

But my favourite characters were a pair of geriatric sisters (they were so funny)

USA Cover


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I do a little colouring every now and again. So I thought I’d share a picture I found, if you print it off and colour it in, I’d love to see the results. Send me a picture. 🦋

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Love these pyjama bottoms (or lounge pants) ? Don’t think I’d wear them outside, but on a lazy Sunday a definitely maybe 😉

Book Review 📖

Dark Melody ….. Christine Feehan…. A Carpathian Novel

UK cover

Back cover ….. 

Lead guitarist of the Dark Troubadours, Dayan was renowned for his mesmerizing performances. His melodies stilled crowds, beckoned, seduced. And always, he called to her to complete him. Corinne Wentworth stood at the vortex of a gathering storm. Pursued by the fanatics who’d murdered her husband, she was risking her life by keeping more than one secret. Fragile, delicate, vulnerable, she had an indomitable faith that made her fiery surrender to Dayan all the more powerful.

My Review …. 

Dayan is a musician, songs and music flow from his soul. But his soul is being slowly consumed by the darkness, he is close to turning vampire, the only thing keeping him from turning is his family and music. 

Corinne has always been poorly, born with a weak heart she has never been overactive, but she has done plenty with her life, she was happy until the day her world was ripped apart ….. 

Dayan has taken time away from his “family” they are all happily mated except for him, and he is happy for the males in his family (finding their other half, keeps them from turning into a vampire) but it reminds him that he is alone, so travelling with his “human” friend Cullen (we met him in a previous book) they stop for Dayan to play some music. 

Corinne is persuaded to go out for the evening, but she’s not really in the mood. But her best friend Lisa convinces her and they go to the local bar. 

Dayan is (singing/playing guitar) when he senses something …… 
Then he sees HER …. his senses are overloaded … 
Finding his “lifemate” brings out all sorts of emotions, from joy, to sorrow, intense colours bombard him. 
But there is something wrong with his lifemate 🙁

When they finally talk, Dayan is shocked to know she had a weak heart, but that can be solved by converting her from human to Carpathian, but Dayan is in for a bigger shock …… 

I liked this story, it focused more on the characters than the sex side. 
Corinne is a strong character, she doesn’t let her heart problem get in the way of life. She takes care of family and friends, her love of life is brought to life on the page. 

USA Cover


Book Review 📖

Dark Descent … A Carpathian Novella… book 9.5 by Christine Feehan

Back cover …..

Dark Descent tells the story of Joie Sanders, a bodyguard, and Traian Trigovise, an ancient hunter, meeting after a battle in a deep cave filled with mystery and wonder. Set in the Carpathian Mountains, Joie, with her brother and sister go caving and come across the ancient warrior beset upon by several vampires. They have no choice but to throw their lot in with the hunter and do their best to escape with their lives from the underground labyrinth filled with ancient traps left behind by a powerful race. 

My Review ..

The first time I read Dark Descent it was on kindle. Then the author updated and added more content, she then put it in a book with another novella (Dark Dream) so, here is my review ……

Joie Sanders is a bodyguard, she enjoys her job and the work it entails.

She likes to explore caves and climb mountains.

Joie can also astral project, connecting with a mystery man, joie enjoys the banter between them, but thinks it’s all in her mind.

Traian is an ancient Carpathian, sent out by his prince several centuries ago to hunt and destroy the vampire.

He gets trapped and caught by vampires, they need his blood, and being chained to ice walls in a cave deep beneath the earth, is not Traian’s idea of a fun. After connecting with Joie he sees in colour and finally feels emotions. But escaping his bonds are easier said than done, they are draining him to the point of death.

Joie is being called to a certain set of caves, unsure as to why, she listens to her inner voice and begins her hunt, she habit sure why these caves, but there is something drawing her there…..

Although it’s a shorter story than the normal Carpathian novels, it’s a need to read, there are a few more details adding to our back story ……

I loved the banter this couple had with each other.

The banter that Joie has with her siblings had me chuckling too 😁

Book Review 📖

Dark Hunger …. Christine Feehan…. A Dark Carpathian novella

Back Cover …. 

Trapped and caged, immortal seer Riordan’s honor is compromised by his captors. They’re in his mind. They’re in his blood. And not one can withstand his desire for revenge. Then a beautiful woman finds him in his torment. She will release him from his bonds. He will release her from her inhibitions. Both have a voracious appetite that needs to be sated. And tonight their dark hunger will be fed…

my review ….. 

It’s only a novella, but there is lots packed into it…. 

Riordan is part of a large Carpathian family, 5 brothers and a sister (unfortunately she was killed centuries ago) they were sent to Brazil to patrol and keep the human population safe from the vampires. He is the youngest of the brothers. 
He was caught by a human society to study, keeping him virtually starved of blood (they survive on blood) and wrapped in chains (coated with vampire blood) he is a guinea pig to the society, until they perfect their poison to rid the world of the evil vampire (the society are able to tell the difference between Carpathian and vampire) then they will kill Riordan. 
Biding his time, he refuses to call out to his brothers (he doesn’t want them falling into the same trap) waiting for his moment to strike at his captors and escape. 

Juliette is an animal liberator, along with her cousins (Jasmine and Solange) she frees animals that are captured. But that’s not the only thing she frees….. 
Juliette is a shapeshifter (she can turn at will  into a Jaguar) she helps women (other jaguar women) in abusive relationships to escape. 
For centuries the male jaguar shifter have turned from a loving male into a violent and abusive male, no longer treasuring their women and children. They take what they want and the women are chattel. And when the women leave to find other males to be with, they are hunted down and forced to return the the jaguar communities. 

Juliette is rescuing animals from a compound when she stumbles upon a man chained to the wall. 
Hurrying to free him, she doesn’t realise the danger she is putting herself in…. 

Riordan’s only concern is escaping and exacting justice on his captors, so when a female is in the process of freeing him, he seizes his chance, he intents to feed from her and escape, but as he bends to her neck, he notices the colour of her hair, and the blood in her hair, he is seeing in colour for the first time in centuries…..

Juliette feels a sharp pain and then nothing but bliss ….. slowly she turns lethargic, not sure as to what is going on, Juliette tried to escape the bands of steel around her chest. 

The story is the introduction to the De La Cruz family, all are ancients, all are arrogant males, so it’s fun to read about how their views on what a female should do and act, will differ from reality, and as they are getting modern females it won’t go to plan 😉
It also gives us more information on the society that are hunting the Carpathians/vampires, how they are stepping up their efforts, and we get more information on why the Carpathians are having difficulties having children. 

It’s a short story, but it has a lot of detail. 


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I’d love to print this off and put it in my library. Loved the Alice In Wonderland Book.

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Had a night out with friends tonight. Dinner and drinks. Had a great laugh, roll on next month (trying to make it a regular thing)


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Mated to the Pack: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance by Jade Alters
Mated to the Pack: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance cover
Back Cover …..

Mercenaries…all four of them Half-Wolf and Half-Man…and all of them willing to risk anything to keep her for the pack.

Vivian was thankful for everything her wealthy Aunt left her.

Until she found out that also meant she’s now responsible for that old run down mansion she grew up playing in.

She would keep it, but she would go bankrupt; she would sell it, but there’s no one out there to buy it.

That’s when four super-hot and mysterious renters show up to save the day.

They’ve got more big secrets than she can handle though, the biggest of which might be why she’s finding herself drawn to each of them.

Call it nature.

Call it instinct.

Whatever it is, this pack has found its mate, and the only question is going to be whether Viv can handle being mated to this pack.

Mated to the Pack: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance is a standalone story with no cheating or cliffhangers. It contains language and sexual content.

My Review……

A short and sweet story. Could have done with a little more work, had potential for more 🤨

Vivian gets rescued by 4 mercenaries (they call themselves a security team) after she gets kidnapped in Columbia, she’s there on a dig, and is kidnapped by a ruthless band of guerrilla’s.

She doesn’t know who they are, but she’s grateful when they get her back to USA soil. Vivian decides that’s enough excitement for one lifetime and retreats to her aunt’s home. Finding that the aunt has died and left her everything (including the house she remembered fondly as a child) but what Vivian doesn’t bank on, is the rundown and neglected state the house is in.

The four pack members (Lucius the Alpha, Sean, Kyle and Daniel) have been assigned to protect Vivian after the professor confessed he may have taken something and hid it in Vivian’s bag!! The race is on to arrive back in the USA and protect Vivian (preferably without her knowing) but all bets are off once the pack realise she is their mate!!

Usually when I read this type of book, all the males are in agreement and are use to sharing (and in fact are looking for a female to complete their pack) but with this book, none of the males wanted to share (in fact a few fights break out) and Vivian isn’t feeling the pull like the men are (in fact after a wild night, Vivian isn’t sure it’s a good thing)

So when danger comes to their home, will it be too late for Vivian to tell her men that she wants to live the pack life?


Once they rescued professor Rick who had been captured by LI, he told Lucius he had hidden intel of the cartel LI in Vivian’s back back and they would be after her. The team need to watch after Vivian. But it got complicated. The men were wolf shifters. The pack was solid but when the men start to belief that Vivian is their mate!

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Pleasured by the pack (Blue Moon Brides) by Anne Marsh

Back Cover ……

Dre and Landry Breaux do everything together. Fishing, fighting—and loving. A whole lot of loving. When the blue moon leads these Cajun werewolves to their fated mate, however, they’re ready to reform. Now, they’ll fight to keep the woman of their dreams safe from the evils lurking in the Louisiana bayou—and to tempt her into taking a chance on two of the bayou’s sexiest bad boys.

Mary Jane Johnson is no heartbreaker. Running from a troubled past, the bayou captain wants only to be left alone. When she takes a pair of bayou bad boys on board, however, Dre and Landry have her rethinking her need for space. These two big males have promised to take orders—all of her orders. Suddenly, she’s dreaming of getting as close as possible… to both of the Breaux brothers.

My review ….. 

Oh my …..
Reading this, you will need plenty of ice 😉

I do love this series, it keeps springing those surprises on a girl.

And Dre and Landry are a mighty fine surprise.

Their blue moon bride won’t know what has hit her, these boys do EVERYTHING together 😉

They are given the task of retrieving the packs next blue moon bride. And they need to use the owner of the boat to get closer to her. And the twist in this story, is that they are drawn towards Mary and not their intended target.

We still have the vamp angle, and there is still no redeeming quality to these bad guys.

Mary is a great character, she a little bit of a loner. She is happy with her own company, but seeing the Breaux boys together, makes her want more from her solitary life.

The tension between these three makes for a great read. And the twists in this book makes it and even better read than the first.


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Just to make you chuckle 😂 well it’s officially a butterfly 😉

I’m not a wine drinker ….. but I’d happily swap the wine for a fruit cider 😉 then open a book, and dive right in ……

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Still a little wet and very windy today. Made walking to and from work a little harder.

It was my youngest step-daughter’s birthday today. We went for a family meal.

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Book Review 📖

Back cover ….. 

Alex Cross’s first case since joining the FBI has his new colleagues perplexed. Across the country, men and women are kidnapped in broad daylight and then disappear completely. These people are not being taken for ransom, Alex realizes. They are being bought and sold. And it seems The Wolf is the master criminal behind this terrible trade and who is bringing a new reign of terror to organized crime.

Even as he admires the FBI’s vast resources, Alex is impatient with the Bureau’s clumsiness and caution when it is time to move. A lone wolf himself, he has to go out alone to track his new prey and try to rescue some of the victims while they are still alive. As the case boils over, Alex is in hot water at home, too. His ex-fiancée, Christine Johnson, comes back into his life –

My review ….. 

I’ve always like James Patterson. So I couldn’t wait to open up and dive in ….. 

book 9 in a 26 book series. (But they don’t need to be read in order) 

Alex Cross is FBI agent (recently back) and the case he is on has both himself and his colleagues mystified. Both men and women are being kidnapped, and when no ransom or bodies appear, Alex realised that they aren’t being killed, they are in fact being auctioned off. 

It’s a race against time to work out who and where the next victim will be taken. 

We also have Alex being harassed by his ex-fiancé. 

The action is fast paced, you can actually put yourself in the seat with Alex, and work out who the master criminal is. 

Very descriptive, and well thought out.


Book Review 📖

Fear Itself  by Jonathan Nasaw 

Back cover …. 

Just as he’s celebrating his last day on the job, FBI agent E L Pender receives a letter from Dorie Bell. Dorie is afraid. Last year she attended a convention for Persons with Specific Phobia Disorder. Since then, a couple of the delegates have died in suspicious circumstances. Carl Polander had acrophobia. Fear of heights. So what would he be doing on the 12th floor of the building the police say he jumped from? Mara Agajanian had haemophobia. Fear of blood. So how could she have cut her own wrists in the bathtub? 

Dorie, who suffers from an irrational fear of masks, wants Pender to look into these cases. She suspects there may be a twisted serial killer on the loose. Someone, who quite literally, enjoys scaring his victims to death. Dorie’s right. But she has no idea just how close to her the killer is…

My review ….. 

That was a great read. 

Not my usual genre. 

There are several characters in this book, and they are in each other’s lives. 

Very descriptive, thinking the author put a lot of time and effort in research. 

FBI agent Pender is celebrating his last day, and the last thing he needs is a new case, but it peaks his interest and he is soon entangled in Doris’s life. 

Dorie hates masks with a passion, in fact they bring on panic attack’s and fainting. 

Joining a group of phobics they meet up. And when Dorie finds out several of the group have died in mysterious circumstances, she needs the FBI to investigate. And when she’s kidnapped and forced to face her fear, she’s worried that Pender won’t find her in time. 

And the killer ……. 

well, he/she really is a piece of work. I did feel sorry for him/her😉at some point, but when he/she gets going with killing his/hers victims with their greatest fears, then I have to say, I changed my mind.

Book Review 📖

A Novel of the Darkyn …. Night Lost by Lynn Viehl

Back cover ….. 

Abandoned by his fellow Darkyn, Gabriel Seran is in continual torment as a prisoner of the religious zealots known as the Brethren. His only hope for rescue lies in Nicola Jefferson, a thief seeking a holy relic-and connected to Gabriel in more ways than she can possibly imagine…

My review …. 

This is book 4 in a 7 book series. And I don’t think it will spoil it too much. 

Basically Gabriel has been caught by the resident bad guys in the series (The Brethren) he’s been tortured for the whereabouts of his kin, but he won’t give them up (even though he thinks they’ve forsaken him) 

Blinded and walled up for eternity, Gabriel seeks comfort in his dreams. That is where he meets his angel, his only joy (but Gabriel can’t feel real joy or pain anymore) 

They meet in the dream, but he can’t tell her where he is so he can be rescued. He only holds onto life for her (he hopes they can meet before he finally dies) 

The Darkyn are vampires, they no longer drain their prey, but take enough to survive. They all have unusual talents (different from the usual sparkly vamps) 😉

Nicola is a relic hunter, she’s after a particular piece and vengeance for the death of her family. 

She is numb to the real world, her only escape is in her dreams. She meets a green man (yes literally green) she isn’t frightened of him, but she is wary. 

Together they find each other, and hunt for the relic, and are on the run from the brethren. She hopes to finds justice, he hopes to find out why he was never rescued by his kind.

There are a few surprises. And I liked the fact Nicola had no intention of falling for Gabriel (she was just going to rescue him and go) and right up to the end you don’t know if she stays. 

I’m definitely going to read the rest of the series. And the spin off ?!?! Who knows 😉


Book Review 📖

The Affair By Lee Child

Back cover ……. 

March 1997. A woman has her throat cut behind a bar in Mississippi. Just down the road is a big army base. Is the murderer a local guy – or is he a soldier?

Jack Reacher, still a major in the military police, is sent in undercover. The county sheriff is a former U.S. Marine – and a stunningly beautiful woman. 

Her investigation is going nowhere. Is the Pentagon stonewalling her? Or doesn’t she really want to find the killer?

Set just six months before the opening of Killing Floor, The Affair marks a turning point in Reacher’s career. If he does what the army wants, will he be able to live with himself? And if he doesn’t, will the army be able to live with him?

My review ….. 

Book 16 in a 22 book series. It’s the jack reacher series. They don’t need to be read in order. 

Jack is an officer in the military police. And he’s asked to go undercover to find out if the murder of a woman is military or civilian. 

He gets no luck with the local police, and the local sheriff is no help. So jack is wondering if she knows more than she’s letting on. 

There is a little chemistry between the sheriff and Jack and it’s an interesting read.

There is enough action to keep me reading,

I like this series, and I’ve read a couple. 

The author has this genre down really well.

So if you like reading an action packed adventure story, then I’ll highly recommend it.


Book Review 📖

Dark Symphony …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK Cover

Back cover ……. 

Blinded and scarred in a terrible accident, Antoinetta Scarletti made music that thrilled the world with its beauty and passion. Descended from a long line of psychics, Antoinetta has learned to rely on her other senses to “see” the world around her, but nothing could have prepared her for Byron.

He came to her, drawn by her music, and became her secret obsession. Others fear him, sensing that he is dangerous—a predator—but for Antoinetta he is her ultimate fantasy, her dream lover. He woos her with kisses full of erotic allure, whispering that she is his light, his salvation. Byron has waited an eternity for her, and he will let nothing stand between him and the woman born to be his lifemate..

My review ….. 

Byron has gotten into trouble a few years ago (the problem with the authors books, there aren’t any real timelines, and as Carpathians live for a long time, we don’t have any real reference to when in time) he had mistaken his best friend’s lifemate was a carpathian female and he wanted that connection with her, and when his friend Jacques (dark desire) claimed her, he thought his friend was forcing Shea and wanted to take her away from him, (don’t want to go into to much detail, but Jacques has been captured, tortured and left for dead in a tomb, Shea rescued him, but it wasn’t an easy time for Jacques and Shea) then Byron himself had been caught and held prisoner (but he was rescued before too much had been done to him) 
So he decided to leave and become a hunter like many Carpathians have (their brethren are turning into vampires quicker with each passing year, they have to either find a lifemate or face the dawn, or become the thing they most hate) but Byron wasn’t always a hunter, he was a jewellery maker, (he finds jewels beneath the earth and makes them into beautiful pieces of jewellery) 
He is in Italy when he connects to music and a pianist …… she is his lifemate, and unlike the last time, he will make sure she is his, before he claims her for all time. 

Antonietta is a world famous piano player. She’s also blind, an accident as a child, but that has never stopped her, she is a strong female and rules her family with a firm but fair hand. Connecting with Byron has awakened something within her, but she won’t leave her family, in fact she only intends to have an affair and move on 😉 But there are things about Byron she can’t explain. 

Antonietta has a secret🤫 will she be able to tell Byron? Or will it be the secret keep them apart ? Byron has to convince Antonietta that they will be together forever, whereas Antonietta is only looking for short term 😉 she thinks the age gap will be their downfall (little does she know that Byron is a lot older than her) 

There is a murderer in the Scarlatti family, or someone close to them, things are happening and Antonietta doesn’t know what to do !!! Why is her family being targeted ? 

Now, I have to admit, Byron’s book was never a favourite of mine. I didn’t get the same connection between Byron and Antonietta as I did for the other couples.
But It was good that another layer of the back story has been added, and we see other races join the Carpathians, the jaguar race have always been a secret race, keeping away from the rest of society. The jaguar males have been brought up with the attitude that women were there to serve, to give birth and not much more.  (We meet a few jaguar women in later books that show they don’t all take orders😉

Oh ….. and for readers of Christine’s books, if Antonietta surname rings a bell, then it’s because of a different book she wrote (it’s about a cursed family) yes it’s her ancestors, but no you don’t have to read it.

The scarletti curse. 


Book Review 📖

Dark Guardian… A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK cover

Back cover …… 

Jaxon Montgomery is a woman hunted. Trained by the Special Forces, honed by a traumatic childhood, she is a policewoman with an undisputed reputation. She meets her match when she is set up to be murdered by an enemy. Hunted on all sides, she can only turn to the mysterious stranger who seems more dangerous than any other she has ever known.
He ran with the wolves…
Materialized from the mists…
Hijacked the very heavens to his whims…

My review ….. 

Lucian has been actively seeking his lifemate, he knows she is in the world (after a battle with his twin and conversation with his twin’s lifemate who told of her being in this time) 
He knows she suffers, he can’t feel it, but he is aware only because Francesca told him. 

He is weary, he only wanted his brother safe, and then he intended to seek the dawn, well actually, he had fooled his brother for over 400 years, Gabriel thought him vampire, thus keeping both of them from turning, he knew his brothers lifemate lived in Paris, but kept hiding from them both. He wanted his brother to end his existence, he had fought long and hard, and now wanted peace. But with the chance of a lifemate, Lucian has no choice but to find her and see to her happiness. 
He doesn’t think for one moment he will find her, and how will she put up with him ?  How could a modern woman put up with such a dominant male ?!

We see Jaxon at different stages of her life, it’s not been an easy one ….. 
Her father is killed, then her mother and beloved brother. Next comes her adoptive family, in fact anyone that takes an interest in Jaxon meets a nasty end ….. 
so Jaxon can’t afford to form attachments, although her father taught her self defence and the academy taught her more, the continual threat is always hanging over Jaxon. 

When jaxon and Lucian first meet it’s at a shoot out in a warehouse, Jaxon is seriously injured, Lucian rescues her and takes her to his home. 

Lucian is stunned when he finally meets his lifemate ….. he sees bright colours for the first time in more than 1,000 years, emotions bombard him, the thought that he would command her loyalty and just bind her to him (the males have a ritual that they recite, the couple are then tied together for all time) seems ludicrous now to him, he wanted to set and woo her, but the shootout at the warehouse changed that, one thing Lucian is good at …. making plans 😉

The story takes the same route as all her stories, but each story is different, with Lucian and Jaxon it’s about him tempering his need to protect her, he thinks that his lifemate should stay at home, Jaxon has always been a fighter, a protector, as far as she is concerned, it’s a partnership, so when he goes to hunt, he can expect his mate to go along and back him up. 

Out of the two legendary twins, I liked Lucian a little more. His and Jaxon’s story has always been a favourite of mine. The banter between Jaxon and Lucian had me smiling at odd moments as I read it. 

USA Cover


Thursday’s Post

It was my day off today ……

Did a few things in town. Had lunch with a friend. Wanted to pop up to see my daughter’s grave (really windy last weekend, I wanted to make sure everything was still there) but I didn’t get up there. I’ll go and see her Sunday. Finally the wind died down, but still a cold evening.

Love this ….. there are some days when you’d just like to read until it all goes away ….


Book Review 📖

Dark Legend …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK cover

Back cover ….. 

Gabriel wakes deep within the ground, and the first sensation he feels is an  overwhelming hunger for blood that demanded satisfaction. But as he hunted the dark streets of Paris for prey, a voice called to him, soothing, calming, giving him the strength to control his craving.
Francesca Del Ponce was a healer, a woman who radiated goodness as powerfully as the sun did light. But surely his obsession with her would turn him as his twin brother had turned, leaving the world with two monsters instead of one.

My review ….. 

Ever since I heard about the legendary twins Gabriel and Lucian, I wondered if they ever found their mates ? 
And I found the answer out ….. 
No, after 2,000 years of being on the earth, his brother Lucian had succumbed to the call of the dark monster that lived inside all the Carpathian males. He had turned vampire !!! His brother Gabriel had promised his brother that no one else would hunt and kill him, so for over 400 years they had played cat and mouse ….. Lucian giving clues  to his brother as to where he was and where he his next victim would be.
And after one hard battle, Gabriel had managed to capture his brother and keep him underground, merging with him, Gabriel sent them both to sleep, until the time that Gabriel could finally vanquish his brother. 

Francesca is a world renowned glass and quilt maker (but she uses a different name as a disguise) but she is no ordinary female, she is a rare and gifted Carpathian female (now we know that reading previous books, females are rare, and are treasured, so how do we find Francesca without parents or a male in her life?) 
Centuries ago she met her lifemate, but he didn’t even stop to say hello, he strode through her village, stopping only once to briefly survey his surroundings, then his twin caught his attention, and they left the village !!
Heartbroken Francesca escaped during the battle that killed many of her brethren, including her parents, she made her own way in the world, settling in Paris she made a life for herself, healing people, and trying to turn herself into a human !!! (Drinking herbal concoctions and experimenting with animal blood) living half a life, her male out in the world, destroying vampires, and her saving lives. 

We start with Gabriel waking 400 years later, battling a terrible hunger, but something else, a dread…. his brother had somehow woken without Gabriel being aware, he was in Paris and he needed to stop him !! But after 400 years of being underground, Gabriel was worried his own beast would rise, and whilst feeding would kill, and then Gabriel who become the thing he had hunted. 
He stumbles into a young woman, and instantly he feels calm, unbeknown to him, his lifemate is helping him, he is worried that whilst feeding from her, he will kill her and become vampire, but Francesca is all to aware of what and whom she is helping, if she needs to give her life up to help the humans and Carpathians survive, then it’s a risk worth taking. (She has made up her mind to grow old with a human male she is fond of and end her life as a human.)

Taking him back to her home, she offers her life …… 
Gabriel is suddenly aware of feelings and of thoughts, his lifemate is in his arms, and he is draining her …… quickly he stops and replenishes a little of what he took. 

After that, we have to usual back and forth, Francesca has decided to end her life, and not even her mate will stop her decision. Even as he bounds them together with the “marriage” ritual, he is aware she won’t stay, so he does something that he doesn’t want to do, but is desperate for her to stay with him. 
We have vampires that are seeking females to save them, we have an ancient vampire playing games with his brother, and we also have a young abused female who will play in quite a few books and a large role in the future. 

I still enjoy this series, and yes I know what’s coming, but I haven’t read the older books in a while, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed catching up with old friends. 

USA Cover


Book Review 📖

Dark Dream …. A Carpathian Novella …. by Christine Feehan

UK anthology cover

Back cover ….. 

She’s known him since she was fifteen. Every night, he is with her: his face, his voice. Tonight, Sara Marten will meet the man who is both angel and demon, salvation and temptation: Falcon—the Carpathian, the banished hero. Tonight, Sara will meet the dark-eyed destroyer destined to be her mate.

My review ….. 

Although a short story it’s still a good read. And we’ve met these characters in a previous book. (I always wondered how they met) it was released as a short story, then the author reissued it with a little more content…..

Sara had seen her family slaughtered by a vampire, she knew they existed. And she knew how persuasive they could be. Constantly on the move, she is always hunted, never making friends, those people would be at risk from the monster that stalks her. 

Falcon was an ancient (anyone over 500 years old was considered an ancient) he had served his princes father. (so that makes him really old) He was sent by the prince into the new world, to hunt and destroy their “turned” brethren. (Carpathians who have given up their souls and have become vampires)
Their prince knew he was sending them to certain death (they don’t know yet that psychic human women can be turned into lifemates) but all had volunteered to go away from their homes to protect the humans. Carpathian females were few and far between, and babies weren’t being born, so the chances of a lifemate, were growing ever slim. 

At 15 Sara finds a diary and begins to read. It’s from Falcon and he talks about his long and lonely life, how he holds onto his honour for his lifemate. He writes all his hopes and dreams. He pours his heart and soul into the book, but knowing she may never read it. She connects to him, she knows all about lifemates through the diary, she even sees him through the pages (Sara can get images from items) and models a likeness into a bust.

Falcon knows his end is near …. he wants to return home, see his prince, and then face the dawn. 

Falcon is ambushed by thugs, but before he can dispense justice, he is aided by a small human, it’s a female, and as soon as she speaks …… both their lives are changed for all time. 

Sara is also trying to look after a group of runaway children that live on the streets. She’s dedicated her life to helping others, she wants to make a better life for these children, she needs to get them off the streets (something is hunting them)

So …….. that’s how Sara and Falcon meet😉 it’s a great little story (it won’t matter if you read it or not, I just wanted to know more about these characters) We catch up with a few of the other couples in previous books.

USA anthology cover


Book Review 📖

Dark Fire …. 
A carpathian Novel
Christine Feehan….. 

UK cover

Back cover …… 

There is Always a price to pay ….
So Darius warned her when she accepted a position with his traveling troupe. And gazing mesmerized at the merciless slash of his mouth, the implacable resolve on his face, the soulless emptiness of his black eyes, Tempest was afraid to ask what it was.  

She had always been different, apart from others. From the moment his arms closed around her, enveloping her in a sorcerer’s spell, Darius seemed to understand her unique gifts. But did his kiss offer the love and belonging she sought, or a danger more potent than his own panthers?  

Somewhere deep inside herself, Tempest realized she knew the answer. She had no choice but to accept the velvet stroke of his tongue, submit to the white-hot heat piercing her skin, welcome an erotic pleasure like no other. . . 

My review …… 

Darius is so close to turning, he fears for his family. He doesn’t think they will be able to defeat him, and he will slaughter all and everyone his path ….. 

A carpathian male loses his emotions and the ability to see in colour after a few hundred years, so Darius is stunned at seeing a young girl with red hair trying to fix a motor that his little group own. But she’s not a girl, she’s a young woman. And when he heard her voice for the first time, emotions and feelings batter his senses. Julian is a carpathian male just recently joined their group (he is Desari’s mate from dark challenge) and he explained that there are human women out in the world capable of restoring the males emotions. He is hungry to learn more about this female, she is his salvation and no one will stop him from making her his !!!! 

Tempest “Rusti” is a mechanic, she’s always on the move after being let down by her mother and the system. Finding this job seems like a miracle, she can travel with this group, saving money until she has enough to set herself up. But after meeting Desari’s brother, she isn’t so sure !!!! There is something that calls to her …. 

The book is full of emotion. It deals with abuse with a sensitive hand. Tempest has had a hard life and is very wary, but she keeps questioning everything around her, and is very suspicious of the band. And once she finds out the truth, she makes a run for it, but that doesn’t go well for her, and Darius is there to save her (in fact she has a penchant for trouble, and he saves her a few times!!) 

The society again raises its head, (a group of humans out to destroy vampires, and carpathians are caught in the crossfire) and Rusti is put in danger. 
Darius thinks she needs a keeper, but she’s fine with being on her own. 
The banter between these two is very funny. And reading the struggle between them makes for an interesting read. 

So we a feisty female who refuses to listen to an ancient warrior, and constantly finds trouble (or trouble just follows her around) 
We have a carpathian who has been a leader without being questioned for centuries, and now a mere mortal female has him tied up in knots !!!! 

This is the book that set me off on my path to paranormal romances. I read it, and I was hooked….. 
Each book in this long series can be read on its own, but to be perfectly honest, I read them in order (there is an underlining story through the whole series) 


Random Thought….

I found this whilst wandering through the internet 😉 and it’s so true ….. 

so I thought I’d share…….

Do civilians even know about the torture we book nerds go through for each and every book we’re obsessed with?

If you’re a reader, chances are you know the struggle of an anticipated book release.  We’re not talking about “oh, yeah, I’m excited for that book to come out” anticipation, we’re talking “OH MY GOD I WOULD SELL MY LITTLE BROTHER’S KIDNEYS TO HAVE THAT BOOK IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW” anticipation. (Sorry little brothers.)

But no matter what you’re willing to do to get that book, most of the time you just have to wait a year for it to be finished. You’d think that the millions of books you could read in the meantime would at least do something to reduce the anticipation, but it never does. And so we eagerly await each phase of the book’s release…. 

Ha ha…. 

And that’s just waiting for the hard back (I usually wait for the paperback, as it’s cheaper) the paperback is either 6 months later if the following year !!! I do get annoyed, as when I first started reading these loooooong series, they were in paperback in the uk, but now the publishers want you to shell out your hard earned cash (and some people buy BOTH!!) 

Anyway rant over ….. 

Just thought I’d share this readers view 😉


Book Review 📖

Dark Challenge…. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK cover

Back cover ….. 

Julian Savage was golden. 
Powerful. But tormented. For the brooding hunter walked alone. Always alone, far from his Carpathian kind, alien to even his twin. Like his name, his existence was savage. Until he met the woman he was sworn to protect…. 
When Julian heard Desari sing, rainbows swamped his starving senses. Emotions bombarded his hardened heart. And a dark hunger to possess her flooded his loins, blinding him to the danger stalking him.
And even as Desari enflamed him, she dared to defy him – with mysterious, unparalleled feminine powers. Was Desari more than his perfect mate? Julian had met his match in this woman, but would she drive him to madness…or save his soul?

My review ….. 

Book 5 sees Aidan’s (from dark gold) twin Julian sent on a mission to protect a mortal woman from the society (a group of humans bent on destroying vampires and their brethren the carpathians) she has been targeted because of her strange lifestyle. 

Julian is different from most carpathian males, he is tall, muscular and blond. Carpathian males are usually tall, slender and black haired. 
And his thirst for knowledge sets him on a path that will see him setting a self imposed exile from his twin and the Carpathian Mountains !!!! 

Desari is a singer in a group they sing only at night, and never at large gigs. Their music haunts you, makes you believe it’s written and sung just for you.
But death stalks Desari in the form of vampires and a group of humans wanting to destroy her and her family. And they almost succeed, she is targeted at a concert, mortally wounded, she is given blood and is changed for all time. 

Meeting a strange and fascinating man, she becomes aware of a few things, her body responds to him (she’s never had this reaction before) and he can talk to her in the way only her family and band members can. Who is this man ? And why does he insist she is his light ? And that they will be together. 
But she won’t be taken for granted, and she won’t leave her family. 

They meet at one of her concerts and Julian is stunned …… Desari isn’t human, she’s a carpathian female ?!?! How is this possible ? Their women are few and he would have known her or of her. And so is the rest of her group, how has he never heard of them ? And how have they survived for so long ? What is their story ? 
Julian needs to find answers. 
And what is more …… she’s is his lifemate!!! 
But meeting the female proves interesting, She knows what she is, she doesn’t know of her brethren in the Carpathian Mountains, she only knows her brother’s law ….. and Darius is a law unto himself !!!! 

The society have found Desari, and she becomes a target. Julian can do no more than protect her, but comes up against Darius (her brother) as far as Darius is concerned Julian isn’t a vampire, but he is a powerful being, and he fears for his sisters safety, and needs to be destroyed. He is their leader and protector, and takes his job very seriously. 

Vampires also target Desari (they are under the impression that a female will restore them back to being a carpathian, but once turned, they can never come back)

The story provides some funny moments, and the usual fight scenes. The ongoing struggle with the society that stalks their every move. 
Desari’s struggle to unite her brother and her lifemate (both alpha males, neither backing down) she won’t leave her brother, he has spent centuries protecting them, and as he struggles with his own darkness, Desari won’t abandon him now. 

And what of the dark and terrible secret that Julian hides ? Will it destroy everything and everyone he loves ? 

USA Cover


Book Review 📖

Dark magic ….. Christine Feehan…. A carpathian novel

UK Cover

Back cover ….. 

Young Savannah Dubrinsky was a mistress of illusion, a world-famous magician capable of mesmerizing millions. But there was one-Gregori, the Dark One-who held her in terrifying thrall. Whose cold silver eyes and heated sensuality sent shivers of danger, of desire, down her slender spine.
With a dark magic all his own, Gregori-the implacable hunter, the legendary healer, the most powerful of Carpathian males-whispered in Savannah’s mind that he was her destiny. That she had been born to save his immortal soul. And now, here in New Orleans, the hour had finally come to claim her. To make her completely his. In a ritual as old as time . . . and as inescapable as eternity.

My review …….. 

For centuries Gregori has battled the vampire, but he’s also battled the darkness inside himself. The more battles and kills he makes to keep his carpathian brethren safe, the more of his soul he loses. He is the greatest healer they have, and he has dedicated his life to finding the cause of infantile deaths in his race. 
Their beloved females don’t seem to be able to carry children anymore. Most lose them early in the pregnancy, and if they go to full term, most lose the child within its first year of life.
Gregori has worked out that human psychic females can be safe turned into a carpathian, (the other half of a male carpathian soul,) guaranteeing he doesn’t turn into a vampire. 
But Gregori hides a terrible secret…. he made sure that the female child being carried by his best friend Mikhail’s lifemate Raven was to be HIS lifemate!!! He knows dark magic and used all his talents and healing skills to ensure the female would be his light, his other half of his soul, and he’s kept that a secret since the child was born. And through her childhood he has been her guardian, her protector, her shadow….. And now he needs to claim her, he can’t hold out any longer, the darkness calls to him. 

Savannah has always known “the dark one” a family friend, her fathers best friend. But he scares her, he is domineering, arrogant and totally focused. She doesn’t want to be his “mate” she wants a life, she wants her freedom. And escaping from the Carpathian Mountains to become a world famous illusionist seemed like a good idea, Savannah loves her job, but lives a solitary life. She can’t form emotional attachments, another’s touch can’t be tolerated. 

And when her job brings her into contact with a vampire and Gregori, savannah knows her time has run out !!! 

Their journey is an interesting read. Savannah wants freedom and independence, but she knows of the struggles that the Carpathian male face. But why shouldn’t she choose ? She doesn’t want to be put in a cage. 
Gregori thinks he has taken a lifemate meant for another carpathian, he finally faces his doubts, all his confidence and bravado doesn’t make him feel any less guilty, does his need outweigh another of his brethren ? Would savannah actually been his ? 

As always the author brings their world to life. Very descriptive, and very entertaining. 
Love the fight scenes, always full of action.

We also get to meet Gary (he plays a huge role in the ongoing story that appears soon) a human scientist that gets more than he bargains for when he meets up with savannah and Gregori. 

USA Cover


Book Review 📖

Dark Gold ….. Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK cover

So book 3 has us visiting an ancient (anyone classed over 500 years old is an ancient) Aidan. He has also long given up hope of finding his lifemate, but he does his duty to his prince (Mikhail) he left the Carpathian Mountains to travel to America, to find and fight the vampires. 
We’ve met Aidan before and I had wondered if he would get a story. 

Alexandria is a budding artist, but without a job, and she needs one to look after herself and her young brother Josh. Getting an interview with a famous graphic designer for a video game company seems like a dream job. So she plans to meet the owner at a restaurant, taking her drawings, she pulls up at the restaurant, but there is something not right !!!! There is a heavy and ominous feeling, dread and fear skated down her back, quickly going into the restaurant she finds the owner of the company, putting her fear to one side, Alex wins him over with her art, she has a job, and now her and her brother can breathe a sigh of relief. 

The first meeting between Alex and Aidan isn’t one of joy, she thinks he’s a vampire, he thinks she is a mortal who has been turned into an evil vampiress!!!! 
(Alex has been captured by a vampire who recognised her as a strong telepath, and wanted her for his own, but she manages to escape, but not before ingesting some of the vampires blood)
He had been tracking a vampire, and comes across Alex, intending to end her misery, as Aidan goes into kill her. 
Colours and emotions flood his body, he’s found his lifemate, joy courses through his body, but he fears for her life. 

The story goes through a few twists and turns. Alex’s denial at what she has become, she doesn’t want ANYTHING to do with Aidan, believing he is a vampire. He wood her gently and with great patience, but he knows he can’t ever let her go …… 

Great fight scenes and action is throughout this book, along with some big laughs (the owner of the company still wants her to work for him, but also wants her for himself) and Aidan has to cope with jealously. 

Looking forward to the next book.

USA Cover


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Dark Assassins Novel…. Jade …. book 4 … Valerie Ullmer

Back Cover……

Jade never wanted a mate. She loved being an assassin and she had a family in her fellow assassins, their mates, and little Silas. She truly had everything she needed. But when Ghost assigned her to track the same immortals who tried to kill Xander’s family, she couldn’t refuse. 

But the complication arises when Ghost requests she partner with Noah, a human and ex-special forces soldier. Jade has never worked with a human before, much less one that hated her from the moment he laid eyes on her. But she was a professional and if she could play a part in destroying the immortals who threatened her family, she could accept the human. If only she knew how to fight her attraction to him.

All Noah Hale wanted was to kill the immortals who lured his best friend and fellow ex-Navy SEAL to his death. He had no desire to be teamed with a beautiful tracker who mesmerized him the moment she turned her emerald eyes his way. But in order to stop other soldiers from pursuing the same fate, he needed to swallow his pride and work with a group of immortals he didn’t trust.

As Jade and Noah track the group of shifters through the mountains of Colorado, the danger lurking around every corner threatens everything they both hold close. Will they be able to find a way through, together?

My Review…… 

Jade is a red fox shifter, she loves her “family” of assassins, and their growing family of mates. She has sisters in the mates of Kai, Xander, Seth and Reaper. There isn’t much she wouldn’t do for her family, so when her boss Ghost asks for her help on tracking down some of the Assassins that attacked Xander and Frost (book 3) in the last book, Jade quickly agrees, but there is a proviso, she has to work with a human. 

Noah isn’t too keen on shifters or vampires, his best friend enrolled them into a research program, from there he watched his best friend die a horrid death, he blames the shifter community, so it’s so keen to work with them, but he wants the culprits who killed his friend to pay, and wants that organisation closed down for good. Going to another shifter organisation seemed the only logical solution (you have to fight fire with fire, humans weren’t going to be of any use, it had to be immortals) 
What he didn’t bank on was meeting a gorgeous redhead, a small package perfectly put together, did he want to know her? Hell yes, did he think she was up to the job? Hell no, but Noah was going to find out how efficient Jade was ….. 

Again, the author seemed to take the easy route (Jade knows Noah is her mate, and Noah is happy with it? Didn’t he just admit that he didn’t like or trust shifters?) a little dislike and indecision would have made it a little more believable. 

The story moves at a relatively good pace, we have the good guys, we have the bad guys and then we have the love interest. We catch up with previous characters and couples from previous books. 
We have a few fights. And we have a little soul searching from both sides.


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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Dark Assassins Novel…. Xander … book 3 … Valerie Ullmer

Back Cover…..

Half-human, half-shifter.

Xander has secretly yearned for a mate for most of his immortal existence, and yet after three of his friends found exactly what he’s always wanted, he’d come to believe that he’d missed his chance at happiness.

Until he heard her voice.

Frost is a wildlife biologist and tracker and she has been assigned, despite her adamant protests, to lead mercenaries into the mountains of Snowfall, Colorado for the sole purpose of killing immortal shifters. In order to protect those who have no idea the kind of danger they are in, she agrees. As she leads the armed men on a wild chase around the snow-covered pines, she could sense that she was running out of time.

Until she heard his voice.

Xander understands exactly who Frost is the moment he hears her thoughts. With the help of Kane and Gunnar, they eliminate those in her group as they try to keep her safe. But during the fight, she is hurt and all of his protective instincts flare to life. As Xander learns more about her, he realizes that Frost might be the key to the creation of the immortals, both vampire and shifter. 

But when she becomes a target from those who want to destroy the Dark Company and Xander’s family, how far will he go to save her?

My Review…… 

Xander always seemed more open to the idea of a mate. But he’s convinced himself that his has died, or that he just couldn’t be as lucky as Kai (book 1) Reaper (book 2) or even young Seth (book 2.5) he just has to be content with his family…. 

Frost is a tracker and works for a company who takes people out into the wilderness. She’s also a wildlife biologist, she loves her job, it gets her away from people and the town. She prefers her own company or the company of animals.

Being hired to track animals for a group of mercenaries, Frost is against the idea from the start, but leads them around the forest in the hopes of losing them. 

But what she bumps into is a whole lot more …. 

As soon as Xander “connects” with Frost, something inside him settles. He’s found his mate, and she’s in trouble !!! Dispatching the threat around her, he also places her in harms way, and she’s shot!!! 

We have a name for the society that want to end the Dark Company (that’s the name for the vampires and shifters who work under ghost their leader) it’s called Nightfall. It’s a company run by shifters only (they look down on both the humans and vampires with equal distain) 

And the secret that Frost holds… well she isn’t all human that’s for sure ….. is she the key to unlocking the questions about the shifters and vampires ? Was the first shifter born or made ? And what of the vampires ?

Now, I must admit, I was expecting more, and I was a little disappointed with Xander’s book. It felt a little rushed (was it because of Seth’s novella?) and it didn’t flow as well as book one and two. We had the action, some drama, but no real angst, no real indecision as to where they each thought they were their mate. And the interaction with secondary characters felt a little stilted !!!! 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Dark Assassins Novel…. Seth …. book 2.5 …. Valerie Ullmer

Back Cover……

Immortals have been a part of Seth’s world since he barged into Kai’s life at the age of twelve. And having a group of shifter and vampire assassins he considered family, he thought that he’d seen it all and that nothing would surprise him. But the one night he met Aubrey changed his world, and he’d never been so happy to be wrong.

Aubrey was used to seclusion, even before she had been turned into a vampire. She’d never dreamed of a life outside her tiny little world, but that was until she met Seth. Before she could understand her reactions, she ran from him. But she couldn’t stay away. The more she gets to know him, the stronger the connection between them solidifies.

When Seth tells Aubrey that he is her mate, will she take a chance and keep him forever?

My Review….

A short story involving the youngest member of the Dark Assassins company and family. 
Seth has known about vampires and shifters since he was 12 years old, he’d been unofficially adopted by Kai ( vampire and hero in book 1) then quickly accepted by the rest of the “Dark Company” members.
His parents aren’t exactly maternal, and leave him to his own devices. 
He wants to help Olivia with her research so goes to school with the intentions of helping her. 
Whilst studying at college, Seth is aware that he should make more of an effort to have human friends, he tried one date….. and that was a disaster!!! 

Aubrey has been a vampire for a little while now (she was “turned” by her mothers latest “boyfriend”) after leaving her mother, Aubrey has been on her own, it’s safer for her that way, the only friends she has is Cole (a human male) and a cat called Hades. 
Deciding on a college course is a big deal for Aubrey, the idea of mixing with people terrifies her. 

The story moves pretty quick (Seth knows Aubrey is his mate, and wants them to be together, he also wants her to turn him into a vampire, so they can be together for a long time) Aubrey isn’t sure, and moves at a slower pace.
It’s a novella, so the story has to move along at a quicker pace. 

We catch up with precious couples, we also catch up with other characters from the previous books. 

Must admit, it’s not my favourite in the series so far (is it because it’s a short story ? Maybe) but I’m glad Seth got a story. And a little disappointed that we had no kidnappings or people trying to kill each other 😉


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Forever Wolf ….The legend of all the wolves series …. book 3 ….. Maria Vale

FOREVER WOLF……. Maria Vale

Back cover ……

Born with one blue eye and one green, Eyulf was abandoned as an infant and has never understood why, or what he is…Varya is fiercely loyal to the Great North Pack, which took her in when she was a teenager. While out on patrol, Varya finds Eyulf wounded and starving and saves his life, at great risk to her own.

Legend says his eyes portend the end of the world…or perhaps, the beginning…

With old and new enemies threatening the Great North, Varya knows as soon as she sees his eyes that she must keep Eyulf hidden away from the superstitious wolves who would doom them both. Until the day they must fight to the death for the Pack’s survival, side by side and heart to heart…

The Legend of All Wolves Series:
The Last Wolf (Book 1)
A Wolf Apart (Book 2)
Forever Wolf (Book 3)

My review ……

Reading this I felt I was missing stuff. So I do think you need to read the other books, but saying that, I don’t think it detracts from a really good read. 

It’s a very different read from the usual shifter books I’ve read. The wolves are human, but most live as a wolf, they think as wolves, their hierarchy is very different from what I’ve read. 

Varya is very disconnected from the pack, everything she does is a duty, she is extremely loyal, and there is nothing she won’t do as a “shielder” (a guardian or enforcer) this isn’t her original pack, she moved to this group as a teenager, so is that why she doesn’t connect with anyone ? 

Whilst on patrol, Varya finds an injured wolf, now by rights she should have killed it, or at least inform her pack, but there is something about this white wolf that calls to her, it’s stirred up emotions that Varya didn’t realise she had. 

Eyulf is different from the other wolves, his eyes give him away, one is blue, the other is green, he carries a heavy prophecy on his shoulders, he could start the end of the world, but he could also save it. 

There are many characters from the previous books that we catch up with. And how Varya interacts with them all is very interesting. Most of the book is told from her POV (her point of view) and although not my favourite thing to read, it does give you an insight into Varya and her emotions (or lack of) 

So what does the future have for Varya and Eyulf ? In fact, what does the future hold for the pack and the world? 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Wolf apart …The legend of all wolves series …. book 2…. Maria Vale

Can a human truly make room in her heart for the Wild?
Thea Villalobos has long sincerely given up trying to be what others expect of her. So in Elijah Sorensson she can see through the man of the world to a man who is passionate to the point of heartbreak. But something inside him is dying…

Elijah Sorensson has all kinds of outward success: bespoke suits, designer New York City apartment, women clamoring for his attention. Except Elijah despises the human life he’s forced to endure. He’s Alpha of his generation of the Great North Pack, and the wolf inside him will no longer be restrained…

My Review … 

Elijah is a success in the human world, women, apartments and money. It’s all his, on a plate for him, but he hates the human world. It’s a facade he can’t continue for much longer, but he has to, his pack rely on him. But it’s killing him slowly. 

We see this story through Elijah’s eyes. His loyalty and duty to the pack is evident in his sacrifice. He longs to be free, he longs for the pack life. 

The levels in the pack hierarchy is very insightful. The stories are so different from what I’ve read before. These wolves live and breathe pack life. They shift into their “human skins” only when necessary. 

The structure is different in these books. There are alphas for each age group(called an echelon), and they in turn answer to an alpha pair. 

Thea is human, she doesn’t live like other people. She doesn’t suffer fools, she speaks her mind, so she is an ideal mate for Elijah, but wolves don’t mate humans, so if he takes her back to the pack, this could spell trouble for the couple. She makes him feel alive, as only being in his wolf form could bring him. 

So, will they be allowed to stay together? Will Elijah sacrifice his happiness with Thea? Will he choose pack over his own happiness? 

I guess your going to have to read the book to find out 😉


Book Review 📖

Dark Desire by Christine Feehan… A Carpathian Novel

UK Cover

My review ….. 

Book two sees a much darker and harder hitting book. 

Jacques was in book 1, Mikhail’s younger brother. He is captured, tortured then left for dead in a cellar …… 

7 years later finds a Doctor and surgeon Shea needing to go to the Carpathian Mountains, she has a need to find something!!!! 

2 years ago she mentally connected with a picture, and now she hears a voice, calling to her, she needs to know if the voice is real, or is she slowly going mad ?! She has a blood disorder and is constantly looking for a cure. Will her fathers heritage help, she knows very little about her father as he left both Shea and her mother to fend for themselves, her mother slowly withdrew into her own little world, until she committed suicide and left Shea an orphan. 

When jacques wakens it’s to constant pain and hunger, why hadn’t anyone found him ? Why hasn’t SHE found him ? He calls to her, did she betray him ? Was she the reason he is now trapped and in constant agony ? He knows she draws near, but he has gone a little mad (seven years of torture will do that to anyone) 

When they finally meet, it’s not a pleasant meeting, he plans to punish her, he plans to drain her dry, but his heart and body recognise her as his mate!!! 

Their courtship is fraught with hardship, danger and madness ….. Jacques can’t quite grasp reality m, and tends to slip into a dark place, and can’t stand being on his own, he has to be around Shea at all times …… 

And when his carpathian family finally arrive, it’s not a happy reunion, he feels betrayed that no one looked for him, he thought his brother would search until he was found. 

The betrayer is revealed and a battle ensues. And it’s someone very close to home. 

This book was harder to read, as I liked jacques in the previous book (dark Prince) and what he does to his life mate is a little had to read, considering they are suppose to cherish the lighter side of their soul. 

But I love the book and I have read it more than a few times, and we see his progress in other books in this series. 

USA Cover


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The last wolf ….. The legend of all the wolves …. book 1 …. Maria Vale

Back Cover……

For three days out of thirty, when the moon is full and her law is iron, the Great North Pack must be wild…. 

If she returns to her Pack, the stranger will die. 
But if she stays…

Silver Nilsdottir is at the bottom of her Pack’s social order, with little chance for a decent mate and a better life. Until the day a stranger stumbles into their territory, wounded and beaten, and Silver decides to risk everything on Tiberius Leveraux. But Tiberius isn’t all he seems, and in the fragile balance of the Pack and wild, he may tip the destiny of all wolves…

My Review……

The start of a trilogy.

This isn’t a typical shifter book, the author has gone for a different spin. These are wolves that change into humans, most don’t like to be humans for long. They aren’t comfortable in the human skin, nor the surroundings of being trapped in a human body, they prefer the hierarchy that the wolf pack brings them. To a wolf, it’s all about the pack, and feelings don’t usually come into it. So romance isn’t really high on their list of things that is important. They mate, not necessarily for love, it’s more of an alliance between packs or for the good of the pack. 

Silver isn’t a typical wolf shifter, she has a disability, but it doesn’t stop her, in fact I think it’s made her more determined. She knows she won’t get a chance at getting a mate, the best she can hope for is being a “servant” to the alpha pair. 

She is strong willed and will speak her mind when warranted. 

She doesn’t really get noticed, but all that changes when she meets Tiberius….. 

Tiberius beaten and wounded badly, stumbles into the Great North pack’s territory. 

He spends most of his time in human form (living with an abusive parent, he suppresses that side of himself). But the pack of wolves won’t be as understanding as the single she wolf who found him. They don’t accept the wolves who live a human life. 

As I said before, the romance isn’t a big thing in this book, it does focus on how they feel, and reading how Silver thinks and feels about Tiberius, it really gives us a different opinion. 

It does make it hard to keep reading, but if you forget about the other shifter books you’ve read, and read it for what the book is trying to tell you, then it’s a really good read. 

We start in the past, and how the Pack was created. 

We learn about pack through Silver’s eyes, and the love she has for her pack. But we also learn that Silver wants a life and a mate of her own. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Taming the Troublemaker …. Kadie Scott

Taming the Troublemaker (the hills of Texas series) …. Kadie Scott 

Back cover …….

One daring kiss with the playboy tempts the good girl, but can she tame him? 

Autry Hill may be a cowboy to his boots, but he’s also gained quite the reputation as a charmer and playboy. His parents aren’t sure he’s ready to take the reins of the family’s prosperous Texas ranch, so they set up a challenge: No women or scandal for the next six months and the ranch house he grew up in is his. Easy peasy, Autry thinks. He’s already tired of late nights and romancing, until elementary school teacher Beth Cooper happens to cross his path. Suddenly Autry is losing his heart, his mind, and what’s left of his reputation. 

Good girl teacher Beth Cooper is far too practical to fall for Autry Hill, even if she had a crush on him way back when. The man’s been breaking hearts since middle school. But when he becomes her unexpected champion and then they work together to help one of Beth’s troubled students who’s about to lose everything, she sees a different side of Autry – serious, compassionate, determined and dedicated. And that Autry is nearly impossible to resist. Does she need to?

Other books in the series ….

Saving the Sheriff

Resisting the Rancher 

Taming the Troublemaker 

My review …… 

I’ve read the other books in the series, but you don’t need to worry, as each one is a stand-alone, not an ongoing story. We do catch up with previous characters from the other two books, but it only adds to the story. 

Autry is ready to take the reins of the family ranch. But his family thinks he’s not ready, his playboy past hasn’t convinced them, but they plan to change his ways. They give him an ultimatum….. clean up your act, stay out of trouble for six months and ranch is yours. 

Easy ….. well …. it would be if it wasn’t for a series of meetings with a certain teacher. He’s never really noticed Beth much, her two sisters were always the Center of attention, but helping out at the local school Autry sees Beth in a different light….. but a deal is a deal, so Autry can’t act on his feelings, but surely a few kisses won’t hurt ? 

Beth loves her job, she’s a good teacher, but she has a problem …..well she has a problem child at school. She needs help, and that comes in the shape of her school crush Autry, (he never noticed the plain Jane, her two sisters were far prettier than she could ever be) community service sees him helping her, and together they help the kid. 

So will Autry break his no women for six months promise to his dad and lose the ranch, or will Beth be worth the risk ? 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

His heart is bound tighter than the bondage he craves…

Determined to put her past behind her, Cassidy Peyton moves to the Big Apple. But New York has a few dark secrets of its own, including Serve, an exclusive BDSM club. It’s a place she isn’t sure she’s ready for, until she sees him watching her. Hot. Intent. Knowing. With eyes that leave her stomach tied in knots, because the loneliness he’s trying to hide matches her own.

Security expert David Cavill has more secrets than any man should. Secrets that forever shut down any possibility of love, marriage, or family. Yet Cassidy draws him in, an intoxicating combination of strength, candor, and sensuality that David can’t resist. But as their bond deepens, Cassidy must decide if she can love a man whose heart is bound tighter than the form of bondage he craves…


Bind Me Before You Go by Harper Kincaid was a great book. I loved these characters. 

David likes to tie his partners up, but not all are too keen. He also has a dark family secret, and once we find out what it is, it’s not as bad as he thinks, but to David, it’s been a heavy burden and one he wasn’t willing to share again, (not after his previous fiancée told him that his family were a bunch of freaks!)  so he guards his heart, willing only to share his time In between his security jobs. He doesn’t want to fall in love, until he meets Cassidy…… 

Cassidy moved to New York for a new start, her friend asks if she would come with her to a club, intrigued, Cassidy finds herself in a different type of club. 

Meeting David intrigues Cass greatly, they connect almost instantly, both are wary, but Cassidy wants to explore this new world, and wants David to guide her. 

The story is intense and drops us into the world of ropes and pulleys pretty quick, but you get that between them, their attraction to each other is almost electric. 

David makes Cassidy aware that this is only short term, but he doesn’t count on his heart taking a different turn. And when Cassidy meets his family, he expects her to turn tail and run for the hills. 

The rest of the characters are all important, there is nothing worse, than reading a book full of people who really didn’t need to be there. 

Harper Kincaid did an amazing job of bringing this story to life, it’s very detailed and full of passion. 

If you don’t like your books too hot, then I’d leave this on the shelf, but if you are looking for something a little different, then please, pick this one, I loved it, and I’m off to look for more by the same author.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A nightmare coming to an end… 

Peyton Harrison came to Claywater to bring her kidnapped son home. The last thing she expects is to run into Gabe Harrison, the man who abandoned her before her son was born. Her body might want to take up where they left off, but her heart remembers Gabe’s betrayal all too well—and everything she’d risk for momentary pleasure.

A past catching up to them… 

Gabe always knew he’d share the love of his life with his twin brother, Sam, except he’d found that love far too young. He did the honorable thing and walked away, but now an adult Peyton is in his hometown and keeping secrets behind her world-weary eyes. 

Sam is knee-deep in a drug investigation threatening the town he loves. Peyton’s arrival is a distraction he doesn’t need; still, he can’t deny her pull. He and Gabe have always stood together, but now the one woman they both want may be the one thing that divides them.  

A future threatened… 

When violence shatters their world, the past and present intertwine in ways none of them expected. Anticipating their enemy’s next move is the only way to keep their son safe, but what about their hearts?



Take Me by Ella Sheridan is the third book in her Southern Nights series. You don’t need to read them together, they stand alone from each other.  

Peyton is following a trail, which leads her to her missing son, and to the man she gave her virginity to, Gabe Harrison. She plans to slowly build a life for herself, and in the process get her son back. Peyton wants to build a restaurant, and a new life in Claywater, but if Gabe is here, her plans may have to be altered. 

Gabe and his brother are twins; they’ve always had a special bond, being able to sense each other’s emotions. They have also known that the woman they settle down with would be one they would share. 

Peyton finds out that Gabe has a twin brother, one who he shares women with, and at first she is confused, as she has met and found Sam very attractive. Gabe finds out that their one night together, seven years ago, produced a son. And to say he isn’t happy is an understatement. 

Sam is totally confused, seeing his brother going through a rough time, and he feels all these emotions for this woman. He begins to wonder if the feelings he has for Peyton are his or his brother’s. 

A whole range of emotions are met in this book, with sadness to confusion, to lust and hate. 

I wasn’t sure (two brothers and my ick factor went up), but it was a really good book. Two men ready to fight and die for you. The attraction between the three came across very strong. The interaction between Gabe and Peyton I felt was stronger than Peyton and Sam. I personally would have like a separate story for Sam. But saying that, I really enjoyed the book. It was a fast paced romance, with a few twists and plenty of tears.


Book Review 📖

Dark Prince (A Carpathian Novel) by Christine Feehan

UK cover

Back Cover …..

Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts. Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate: a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness. Without her, the beast within slowly consumes the man until turning vampire is the only option.’

Raven Whitney is a psychic who has used her gift to help the police track down a serial killer. Now she is determined to escape the glare of recent publicity for the peace and quiet of the Carpathian Mountains. Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of his people but, as his ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction, he is close to giving in to the heavy weight of loneliness and despair. From the moment their minds touch, Raven and Mikhail form a connection. But there are those who incorrectly view all Carpathians as vampires, and are determined to give their extinction a helping hand.

My Review …..

Mikhail is leader to an almost extinct race of carpathians, not to be mistaken for their mortal enemy the vampire (carpathians turn vampire when the darkness inside them overtakes them.)

He has long given up hope of finding his other half (they call them lifemates) the remaining carpathians can no longer have children (why is something we find out in later books) and the children they do have are males!!

So ……

He has decided to end his life and seek the sun (one of the few things that can kill both carpathians and vampires alike)

When a female voice connects telepathically to him, it makes him stop and evaluate his life, her voice excites and soothes him at the same time, he doesn’t feel so alone (they lose their emotions the longer they are without their lighter half)

Hunting her, he finds her and is amazed that he can see in colour and feel emotions (they lose the ability to see in colour the same time they lose their emotions)

The story then tells us about the struggles that both races have (Raven is a human, and the carpathians have always been told, human women CAN’T be converted, they go mad and seek the blood of children) he is prepared to become human to be with her, he will age slowly and die when she dies.

But after a fight that Raven is caught up in, Mikhail decides to give her blood to help her recover.

Human women CAN be converted, but they have to be a telepathic.

The conversion is long and painful and Raven almost dies !!!!

We have battles with the undead, and they are really well written. It hurts Mikhail to dispense justice and death to a vampire (they were his brethren before turning) but they can’t be allowed to kill humans, and they can’t be allowed to expose the carpathians to the human world. We also have hunters that think ALL carpathians are vampires, so they hunt and kill indiscriminately (these we meet in most of the books)

The battle that Raven has with Mikhail to let her just be her, is a ongoing argument (the carpathians were brought up to protect and care for their women and children, they are gifts that need to be treasured.)

The secondary characters are important, most will feature in the series.

The interaction with his second in command Gregori is hilarious, he wants to protect the prince at all costs, the prince connects all the carpathians together, and without him, the race will definitely die out.

Raven is definitely someone you don’t mess with, she use to find killers for the police (her gift of telepathy came in useful to finding the victims and the killers) but her gift has worn her out, so she came to the mountains to rest and retrain her brain and shields to become stronger.

Finding a man was never on her list (she could here all their thoughts, and it wasn’t always a bonus)

The union of human female and male carpathian, gives other males hope. But with time running out, will they find their other halves in the human world ?

USA Cover


I claim you as my life mate.

I belong to you.

I offer my life for you.

I give to you my protection, my allegiance,

my heart,

my soul, and my body.

I take into my keeping the same that is yours.

Your life,


and welfare will be cherished

and placed above my own for all time.

You are my life mate,

bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.”

Tuesday’s Post 📖

It’s not been a nice day today ☔️ heavy rain on and off for most of the day. It made work long and difficult (it’s delivery day) Bringing in stock from the delivery lorry was rather long winded, and soggy !!!

I’m not a big recipe follower, I much prefer to watch them cook it. But the picture from a distance looks like she’s reading a pile of books 😉

Has there ever been a book that had just swallowed you whole ? Made you want to live there ? For me it was The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I loved that book as a child.

I’ve got Toxic Game on audio today 😁🎧 I’ve had to wait till I got home this afternoon. I love this series (enhanced soldiers)


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Amber Treganis constantly reinvents herself. New clothes, new hairstyle, new car—anything she can do to exert a level of control over her life. What she can’t control is her shape-shifting other self: the WerCougar that sinks its claws into her brain during the three nights surrounding the full moon.

Though she is a natural-born shifter from a prominent WerCougar family, Amber has been unwilling to change into her cat form ever since a terrible tragedy cost her the man she loved. And she has little patience with Wers of any species who embrace their otherness more than their humanity. She focuses on her life as a defense attorney in Mt. Hood, and stays out of Wer politics.

But after a blurry night of hunting, Amber begins to notice changes in her transformation. When she hears rumors of research to discover a treatment for shifting, she suspects she may have been unknowingly given the experimental therapy.

With the help of Adler, a WerEagle active in community politics, Amber tries to hunt down the truth about this cure, while staying off the radar of the FBI, which tracks and manages Wer communities in secret.

But Amber doesn’t realize how much she depends on her Wer sense until, one by one, they begin to fade. And Amber is left increasingly ill—and increasingly human. Can shifter who is losing her abilities survive for long in either human or Wer society?


Amber Treganis is a reluctant shifter, she does everything in her power to keep her OTHER self contained. She lives alone and rarely runs or hunts with other shifters. She is a very successful lawyer in her grandfather’s firm, and she loves her life and job.

After waking up from a previous shift and hunt, Amber begins to notice changes in her appearance and abilities. There is also an unremembered mark on her body. (She thinks she may have been attacked, but isn’t 100% sure). After getting over a cold,(she wouldn’t shift to get rid of it), Amber returns to work. Her latest client is an interesting case and character.

Jonathan Bergman becomes Ambers client when he is accused of murdering his wife. His wealth is immense,and the gene therapy he claims to be inventing will cure the shifters.  He claims they can have a normal life with his cure.  He is a very strong and arrogant character, does he have an ulterior motive in “helping” the shifters become “normal”? And how did he find out about the secret society of shifters? 

The setting for the book was well researched, and in parts I almost felt i was in a court room.  In this story if your bitten your loyalty is to your maker.

I loved how she called her grandfather “grumpy”.  They have a special bond. We find out that he raised her from the age of 12, after her mother died. He also wants her to earn her place in the law firm, not just because she is his granddaughter.

I also enjoyed Amber’s background, as we find out about her first hunt, and we also learn why she hates to hunt, and give herself over to the cougar.

Alder is our hero, he is a WerEagle. He is a bike courier, and Amber finds his tall good looks, and nice strong thighs pleasing. He has a wicked sense of humour, and he is interested in Amber, but she doesn’t “do” other shifters, if she wants some action, then she stays with other cougars.

Once Alder and Amber begin to investigate the truth about the miracle drug, the pace moves at a good pace.

We wonder about the FBI, and what is their game plan? They know about the “Wer’s” do they want the entire population to know about the “others” or do have they a more sinister agenda ?

The interaction between Alder and Amber wasn’t scorching, and to be honest I didn’t really miss it, the story was holding it’s own.  Frozen in Amber was a stand alone novel, and if Phyllis Ames writes more books, I would definitely read them.


Work in progress (book series I’m going to be reading) 👩🏻‍💻📖📚

So ……

I have this series that I have been reading for a few years now ……

Christine Feehan, her Carpathian Novel Series (at the moment the series is standing at 33 books and counting, that’s including novellas)

So what I’m going to do is read and review until I get to my last book on the shelf. I’ve read this series over and over. My favourite is Dark Fire (it was the first one I read)

I have her other series as well …….


The Drake Sisters

The leopard Series

Torpedo Ink Series

Shadow Walkers series

Sisters of the heart series

The Drake sisters then spin off into the sisters of the heart series, and they in turn spin off onto the torpedo Ink Series. You don’t need to read them in order, but each series runs in a sort of order, so me being me had to read them in order 😉

I’m going to try to take a picture of both the UK cover and the USA cover. Let me know if you have a preference 😉


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

This lone wolf falls hard…for his enemy.

Unmated werewolves don’t normally live past three hundred years old…and billionaire Jack MacGrath is cutting it close. Sure, he has almost everything-the respect of his peers, a mansion in San Francisco, a private jet, and fast cars. But without a mate, Jack’s in trouble. Then he sees her. Gorgeous, proud…and his enemy.

Isabelle Connelly is good at hiding things from her father. Like her success as a painter, or the incredibly intense attraction she has to Jack MacGrath. After all, she’s royalty and falling for anyone lesser-to say nothing of a rival pack-would be, er, unseemly. Now she must choose between her duty to her family and her pack…or her perfect fated mate.




I read Beauty and the Werewolf by Kristin Miller in one afternoon. It was a fun read, I really enjoyed it, and the characters were all very written

Jack McGrath is a 320-year-old werewolf, he’s managed to stay alive and extra 20 years, holding on for his mate. The werewolves in this book can live up to 1000 years old, but without your mate, most don’t get that far.

Jack is fascinated with the artist Bella Nolan, he seems to be strangely drawn towards her, her art keeps him calm and connected to the World. Any chance he gets to buy her paintings he is there, he is happy to pay millions for them, and that is where he meets her, a stunning young woman. He knows in his heart that it’s his mate, but until they touch, he can’t be sure.

Isabella is there to buy a painting by Bella Nolan, and nothing is going to stop her. She needs the painting to show her dying father the beauty of these paintings, and she wants to show her father that she is the world famous painter Bella Nolan. Her collection is almost completed she just needs 12 more to complete the collection, she needs them all to show her dad that her hobby wasn’t a passing phase, as that she took her art seriously.

Annoyed that an arrogant wolf beats her to the painting, this fires up Isabelle and she confronts Jack about wanting to buy the painting off of him. After Jack manages to touch her hand, he realises that this Isabelle is his fated mate. He manages to convince her to go to dinner with him, and in return he will give her the painting.

This starts the strange courtship between Jack and Isabelle; he is now concerned that she doesn’t feel the pull between mates, and he steps up his campaign to win his lady wolf. But what Jack doesn’t realise is that Isabelle is a an alphas daughter. She had been groomed and shaped to take over her pack, once her father dies. And her pack hates the MacGrath’s, as far as her father is concerned, that clan is a bunch of thieves and liars.

Slowly Isabelle falls for Jack, and the two plan to meet her father and ask for his permission. But before all that can happen, her pack call her home, her father hasn’t got long left. But what Isabelle fails to notice, is that Jack is also dying. So who will she choose?  Her duty or her future? You will need to read this book to find out.

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Kate Burrows is crushing on her boss big time. Aleksei Aleksanou is tall, dark, and every inch the image of a classic Greek god—if said Greek god was incredibly sexy, rich, and a complete player. The only way she can get over him is by quitting her job and seeing the world…once she indulges in one wickedly-hot night with

Only now she’s pregnant.

Aleksei is furious when Kate arrives on the small Greek island of Naxea and tries to hide the truth for him. He takes matters into his own hands—by announcing the pregnancy to his family and asking her to marry him. Now Kate must decide if she can marry the man of her hottest, sexiest dreams…knowing she will never be the wife of his heart.




I really enjoyed A Wife in Every Sense by Joanne Walsh. I read this in an afternoon.

Aleksei Aleksanou is an extremely wealthy businessman, and a womanizer with commitment issues.

Kate Burrows, is his very capable and witty assistant. Kate doesn’t date because she is unable to trust a man with her heart.

Aleksei and Kate have worked well together for the past two years, while harbouring their true feelings for each other. In the end Kate can’t take anymore, as she watches an endless procession of women come and go through Aleksei’s world, so she decides to quit her job and backpack through a few countries with her friend. But before she goes, she does the one thing she has always dreamed of doing, she spends the night with Aleksei.

They accidentally bump into each other in Greece, and Aleksei realises that Kate is hiding something from him. When he finds out what it is, then watch the fireworks.

Will he believe that Kate didn’t set out to trap him ? 

Will Kate believe that he wants a family, and he wants to commit?

This was a well written book. I love traveling through the countryside; the descriptions almost put you there. And I did enjoy the connection between Kate and Aleksei.

Yes it was going the way we all thought it would, but I didn’t care, I’m not one for cliffhangers, and I LOVE my happy endings.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻o

When Civil War nurse Ruth Blackstone sacrificed her soul to save her husband’s life, he utterly betrayed her trust. Now, 150 years later, she’s still stuck killing depraved souls to feed her devil of a boss, Jerahmeel. She’s never been one for hair-brained schemes or sweet-talking flirts. That is, until she meets Cajun rogue Odie Pierre-Noir. 

Odie has the research and the war plan to overthrow Jerahmeel and win freedom for all Indebteds. There’s just one hitch: he needs Ruth to act as bait. With charm on his side, he shows Ruth an intense passion she’s never experienced before. 

Now Ruth must make the hardest decision of her long, damned life: continue in relative safety as an Indebted with Odie as her lover, or risk their eternal souls for one chance to break the curse. Will she choose the lesser evil?


I loved the first two books in this series, I didn’t think it would get any better…… 
Flame Unleashed is the third and final book in the Hell To Pay trilogy by Jillian David.  To be honest you could read it as a stand alone, but as we meet both the couples from the previous books, it would probably help. I enjoyed reading all three together.  

We first met Ruth in the previous book. She was playing a part of a nurse, we don’t get much on her character, she seemed a quiet person, but I also got the impression that she was a very caring person. But Ruth isn’t an ordinary person, she is an indebted.  An immortal assassin, chained by the devil, she kills evil with her specially given dagger, hoping one day to repay the debt and be free. 

(An indebted is someone that has signed a contract and given their soul over to Jerahmeel who is Satan in human form. When an indebted kills someone evil, their evil essence is drawn in to the knife and feeds Jerahmeel, and an indebted cannot fight the need to kill.)

As the story evolves, we find out how Ruth became an indebted, it’s a sad tale of betrayal and deceit.  When she is given a task, Ruth wears a disguise, she becomes a totally different person, is this to help her, or does it shield the real Ruth, if her soul is a caring person, wouldn’t this slowly destroy her? Does Ruth even know the real person anymore?  

The first time Odie and Ruth meet, the attraction is there, there spark of electricity when they touched. But Ruth cannot allow herself to ever trust a man again after the betrayal of her husband, so she does all she can to convince Odie she doesn’t like him. 

Odie has been researching and planning for his entire existence to find a way to end Jerahmeel and to free himself and other indebted. When he meets Ruth, he knows that he needs her to help him to carry out his plan. 

I wasn’t too keen on our hero at first, I got the impression that he was out to use Ruth. He notices that his boss Jerahmeel has a fascination for Ruth, if she’s on a mission, he will pop up and make her uncomfortable. He seems fascinated with her; does he have feelings for her ?  Odie sees this, as the perfect way to use Ruth as bait to finally kill Jerahmeel.

But he happily proved me wrong.  When they FINALLY decide to be together, the connection they have to each other was great to read. They care about each other deeply. The chemistry was sizzling between Odie and Ruth. 

We also get to spend time with Peter and Allie and their beautiful new baby, (hero and heroine from book one) and Dante and Hannah (they were the main characters from the second book.)  

And the build up to the final showdown was intense and crazy. I’m not going to give anything away, but it could go either way. Does Odie’s plan work? Will their boss discover their plan and make them pay?

I’m sad that the series has ended, but I’ve enjoyed the ride. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A one-night stand brought Natasha Raley the greatest gift of her life—her son. She wants to give him a better life than she had, but a gambling bet lands both of them in a homeless shelter. When the shelter director gives her a ticket to a masquerade ball, Natasha finds herself dancing with the most intriguing and mysterious man she’s ever met.

Adrian Tavonesi is creating a paradise on earth in Sonoma California, determined to be worthy of his vast fortune by making the world a better place. Convinced women only like him for his money and his status, he invents an anonymous relationship with the beautiful Natasha to create a dream world for both of them.

As passion flares into an all-consuming affair, the lies Adrian and Natasha have told each other threaten to ruin everything. Adrian is kind, generous, and sincere—Natasha knows he would be the perfect father for her son. But will her past and the devastating gamble she once made destroy her new world? Or will betting on the truth this time lead to ever-lasting love?



Poor Tasha (Natasha) hasn’t had the best start in life. She suffers from a form of dyslexia, this has had a huge impact in her life. Her life seems to be on a downward spiral, and on a whim inspired by her a dream about her mum, Tasha blows her life savings on a spin of the roulette wheel……

We catch up as she stands outside a homeless shelter, her luck surely can’t get any worse, but unbeknownst to her it’s about to get worse; someone from her past is stalking her and wants something special from her.

Adrian is a fiery and passionate Italian man, but he has difficulty in accepting his parents fortune, so he tends to overcompensate, and his heart often rules his head.

And all he wants is a woman who wants him, not his bank account so after meeting Tasha at a charity ball, he is totally hooked. So with a plan in mind he slowly reels his woman in. 

But life and love doesn’t always go to plan. Natasha hides her past and her shame from Adrian, and he in turn tries to woo the woman he intends to marry in a way that makes for lots of misunderstandings.

Will Adrian’s language barrier and Natasha’s fear of men and her past, get in the way, or will they get their happy ending.

The characters were very well written and the descriptive way the author set the scenes were breathtaking. I could see myself in most of the scenes, my favourite part was the garden in which Tasha was working in.

This wasn’t my favourite story from the series, but it was great catching up with previous characters.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Who knew a sweaty photo would be good for business? 

Now unwanted booty calls are coming in as fast as work orders, and Liam Chase needs to get away. Cue a job upstate. His new client is hot as hell, but he left NYC to escape attention, not to hook up with the city’s “Runaway Bride”. 

With three disastrous relationships under her belt, it’s clear Claire Stevens’s judgment sucks. And what’s she’s feeling for America’s newest sex god? Obviously another hormone-fueled mistake. 

But when she accidentally fells a tree on his truck, leaving them stranded in a winter storm with a chocolate-snatching raccoon, there’s something to be said for body heat. 

Too bad neither can trust their explosive chemistry…



From start to finish The 48 Hour Hookup by Sarah Ballance was a fun read. 

This is the fourth book in the Chase brothers series. And I have to admit, this story has been my favourite so far. 

Liam gets snapped in a sweaty and manly pose, and before he knows it, he becomes an overnight media star. It might be great for business, but Liam doesn’t need college girls ringing the office phone asking for “hot sweaty HVAC guy” ….. so when his brother offers him a way out, Liam grabs it with both hands. 

Claire is hiding …… She is also a media star, her claim to fame ….. Being the “runaway bride from New York”  Her retreat is a great place to hide, it’s remote, it’s quiet, but most of all ….. She’s on her own. 

The meeting between the two was memorable, his truck gets damaged by a falling tree (she was the one cutting it down)!   And after introductions are made, they make their way back to her home in the snow, to discuss her maintenance problems,  and then the fun starts….. They get snowed in and terrorized by a raccoon.

After a close call, both Liam and Claire agree to a “no body contact” between them, Liam isn’t looking to being connected in the media to the runaway bride. And Claire agrees, her judgement isn’t much better, she fell for the wrong guy twice, so she is staying away from men. But Liam sure is cute.

Some of the scenes had me laughing out loud, the incident with Liam’s new truck and her chain saw ….. And the raccoon in the kitchen were hilarious.  Will either of them commit after the snow  has settled ? 

This is a great addition to a good series. And I’m glad Liam gets his comeuppance, he certainly tormented his brothers when they found their women. So if your looking for a read with lots of laughs and a naughty raccoon, then this one comes highly rated. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Dark Assassins Novel….. Reaper….. book 2 …. Valerie Ullmer

Back Cover……

A wolf-shifter and his powerful human.

Reaper had expected it to be an easy assignment. Break into a biotech facility with minimum security and rescue a group of immortals who were subject to deadly experiments and eliminate those who might try to fight back. But the moment he walked into the glass prison and spotted a human woman being held with the immortals, his mission changed.

She became his mission.

Before Reaper had a chance to explain that he was there to help her, she blinded him and the rest of his team and slipped away. Although she had escaped him, a protectiveness that he’d never felt washed over him, and he became determined to find her.

Ara has always depended on herself, but there was something about the shifter that made her want to trust him. She recognized him as someone who was capable of protecting her as well as understanding her secrets without turning her away, but before she could allow herself to trust him, she ran.

But with no resources and running out of ideas about how to protect herself, will she be able to lower her defenses and allow the shifter to help her?

My Review…… 

Reaper was in the previous book (Kai …. Dark Assassins book 1) he’d seen the story evolve with Kai and Olivia (and was a little jealous) and vowed that if he ever had a mate, he’d tell her how he felt. 

Reaper is a wolf shifter (bigger than your average normal wolf) and also works for the same company Kai works for. Also a bit of a loner, he interacts when he has to, but generally works alone. 

Ara had been captured and used as an experiment (she was also in the previous book) her blood constantly taken, beaten and threatened in a daily basis, she became a timid and scared creature. And when Reaper and his team came into rescue the shifters and vampires being held by the people Olivia use to work for (Kai’s mate) Ara finally found the nerve to escape, but not before she came face to face with Reaper (he made her feel safe) but after being abused and beaten Ara wasn’t ready to trust someone, and ran from him. 

We find out in the book that Ara is a witch (and she becomes pretty powerful) and the men that held her captive wanted her blood , and to see her abilities. 

Reaper and Ara have a lot of work to do before they get their happy ending (she doesn’t trust, and he just wants to keep her) 

Another great story, we see characters from the previous book, we get an update on Olivia and Kai. 

Another fast paced book, full of action and angst. Full of missed opportunities to tell each other how they feel. And more on the people that are trying to the vampires and shifters. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Endangered Series. By S.L. Eaves

3 Book Review

The Endangered Series

The Endangered #1
by S.L. Eaves

Book One of The Endangered Series introduces Lori, a newly turned vampire who’s been pulled into the middle of a war against werewolves who are infecting humans and threatening to take out the last of their kind in the process.

S&D Pharmaceuticals is developing a new vaccine with sinister side effects. A viral outbreak has the humans begging for a cure and Striden, the CEO of S&D, offers a remedy that promises to cure the virus, but is engineered to turn its unsuspecting patients into werewolves.

The werewolves are opposed by an allegiance of vampires who, while initially out for revenge, stumble onto the wolves’ plans for mass infestation. Among the vampires is an ambitious rebel named Catch and his newly turned protégé, Lori. Catch brings this treacherous world to Lori’s doorstep and turns both their worlds upside-down in the process. Secrets are exposed, allegiances are formed, and blood is spilled as they do everything in their power to preserve both their own kind and their food supply.


REVIEW: This book is an extremely interesting and imaginative book. Totally different to anything I’ve read before. I liked the style of the book and it grabbed me from the very beginning, and right up till the end. It’s an extremely fast paced book with full of adventure. The characters were very well written and they held your attention from the start. This was the first time I have read any of the authors work and I really enjoyed it. The story flowed very well and I didn’t want it to end. There were many twists and turns.

So ….. vampires and werewolves are at war with each other, (humans aren’t aware of them as of yet) and werewolves are plotting for domination, the vampires plan to stop them.
If they don’t, then their meals (the humans) will disappear, and that’s the end of the vampire race.

Humans are being turned into werewolves, (a virus is spreading through the human population) and beg a huge pharmaceutical company to cure them, but the cure doesn’t work.

Lori use to be a human, but was “turned” by Catch. Lori is reluctantly “recruited” to the vampire cause. If she doesn’t help, she won’t last long without blood, and nor will her new family.
Catch is an unusual character (he’s never turned anyone, so it was nice to see how he grew as he taught Lori) Her vampire “family” are a great addition to the story, and you can’t help but hope they win against their enemies the werewolves.

The author had such a way with words, you could see yourself in The Covenant, or the many sword fights (I had myself ducking a few times) the world of vampires and werewolves according to author was a very fascinating world.

If you have a thing for vampires, or if you love a good action book. Then “The Endangered” is for you.

And I can’t wait for the next in the series.


The Endangered #2
by S.L. Eaves

Book Two of The Endangered Series picks up with Lori attempting to track down the
source of stealth technology rogue vampires are using to hunt humans. Her pursuit
leads her into the arms of a government agency with similar objectives. A temporary
alliance is formed in an effort to stop the corporation responsible for putting the
technology in malignant hands. Their mission goes awry, however, and leaves Lori
with more enemies than friends.

Her situation worsens when Marcus learns that the corporation has also been working
with vampires to develop daylight suits and synthetic blood. He convinces his clan
that this organization and its infinite resources will be a valuable asset in the
evolution of their kind. They begin questioning Lori’s motives and Marcus takes the
opportunity to capitalize on their distrust. Consequently, Lori soon finds herself
on the run from her former clan and turns to Vega for help exposing the truth behind
Marcus and his new deceitful allies.


REVIEW: Oh My God !!!! I didn’t think the second book could get any better than the first
one ….. boy was I wrong. A few twists and turns and I’m on the edge of my seat.

In this second installment of The Endangered trilogy, we find Lori struggling to
find her place in the vampire world. (She was a human until turned by a vampire
called Catch)

Lori decides to side the with humans in a government agency, they want to help
destroy the werewolf plan of domination, (they designed a virus to turn humans into
werewolves) but this doesn’t help Lori, in fact, she becomes suspect in the vampire
world. (Lies and mistrust doesn’t help Lori’s cause) and then has to outrun both her
old vampire family and the werewolves.

Lori has grown since the last book, and her finding her vampire feet, has made for
great reading….. from taking bullets (which don’t kill vampires) to falling six
stories from a building (she lands on all fours like a cat). She still has her
doubts and would swap being a vampire to a human in a heartbeat, but she knows there
is no going back, so will do her best to rid the world of werewolves.

The cast of secondary characters are just as strong as the first book. And the
antagonist exchanges between Lori and Brixton. And the loyal friendship of Quinn
make great reading.

I would recommend you read “The Endangered” first, which will make “Dead and Damaged” more sense.

I will be eagerly awaiting the next and last instalment.


Endangered #3
by S.L. Eaves

The 3rd installment brings the The Endangered Series to a gripping conclusion that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the last page.

Seven years have passed since Lori exiled herself from her clan. Seven years without bloodshed, without demons, without torture, without premonitions. Seven years of peace and quiet in the civilian life she’s cultivated for herself.
Seven boring years.

Then Vega appears at her doorstep with alarming news: a former member of his clan is responsible for the recent string of homicides across the southwest and the Purebloods are holding her clan responsible. To make matters worse, this traitor is working with an enemy from Lori’s past who is hell bent on revenge.

Now she’s faced with returning to the world she’s tried so hard to escape in order to save the only family she has left. Lori finds unlikely allies in a slayer and a werewolf hybrid, both survivors of S&D Pharma’s experiments. Together they fight to stop the vampire’s killing spree and absolve her clan from the Pureblood’s wrath. That’s if a ghost from her past doesn’t succeed in stopping her first.


REVIEW: Wow !!!! What a great ending to a fantastic trilogy.

Seven years have passed since book 1 & 2 (which I really think you’ll need to read before the last book) seven long boring years, she hasn’t seen or heard from her clan since her self exile. The war seems to be over, casualties on both sides, and the humans are safe (for now)

But they need her help, a member of her old clan has been murdering humans, and her clan is being held to account.

But is it all as it seems ? Are there more questions than answers? And why do her clan want her help now ? And why her ?

The story moves along at the same fast pace as the last two books.

Lori seems a lot more confident now, but still has moments of doubt and self
loathing (things she did in the other two books) . Again the secondary characters are all well written, loved the interaction with the
hybrid werewolf, slayer and Lori. And the face from the past ?!?! Wasn’t expecting that one !! 

This book was full of many twists and turns that will keep you guessing as to what
will happen next. It wasn’t too hard to sit and read in one afternoon.

It was a shame to say goodbye to Lori and the world SL Eaves created. Could have happily read another book (or three) 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The last thing covert operative Mitch Weaver wants is to be partnered with a gorgeous, reckless newbie. Still reeling from the death of his former partner, Mitch doesn’t need the responsibility of keeping anyone else alive, especially when they volunteer to be a killer’s target. Not to mention, his attraction to the too-perky blonde is the kind of distraction that could get them both killed in their line of work. 
Andrea Carnegie’s first assignment isn’t going quite as she planned. Her partner might be sexy but he’s completely frustrating with his determination to keep her out of danger. Masquerading as a billionaire’s sister to bait a possible killer is her chance to shine. But if she wants to catch the person threatening their client, she’ll have to find a way to work together with Mitch while still keeping her distance. Even as the air between them sizzles, Andrea knows the worst possible thing she could do is fall for her partner.


Willing Target by Kathleen Mix was a great read.  A romance with a who dunnit twist. 

The story was well written and although I guessed who was behind the death threats, there were a few ooooooh moments. The characters well very well written, and there wasn’t any time filling. All very smoothly flowing, a really nice read. The descriptive way the author writes, puts you right in the scene. 

Mitch is a seasoned Ranger who loses a partner. He wants to work alone, but after meeting Andrea, he knows he will have his work out, in more ways than one. She’s a rookie for one, another she’s is totally his type. But as he lost a partner, he doesn’t want to risk getting to close to anyone in the line of work again.

I must admit, reading all about Mitch was fun, his mum was a party organizer, and for this cover, it works well, I had to chuckle as he is spouting off stuff that women or gay men will only really know about (colour coordinating the linens to match flowers and stitching)

He doesn’t want to fall for Andrea, because work and fun can get tricky, and he doesn’t want to do long term. Tthank you. But spending time with her, and kissing her, Mitch is coming to realize, that you can’t always plan for the future. 

Andrea has grown up around men who don’t respect women, They use and boast about their conquests (including her father), so she is of the opinion that a work romance would be suicide, and the fact her brothers and father are all famous sportsmen don’t help either. It’s not the first time men have dated Andrea to get to meet their idols.

I liked Andrea. No way is she dating, and when she does, she never uses her last name. She had grown up jaded and alone, never quiet fitting in with the family. 
So getting her first assignment means so much to her, she will finally be able to step out from under her male dominated family. 

The plan is for Andrea to pretend to be a billionaire’s beloved sister; since he is getting threats, so why not use the sister as bait? Everyone but Mitch thinks this is a good idea, and as Andrea looks very much like the sister, they all think it will draw the blackmailer out. But things take a nasty turn, and Andrea has a few moments where she is facing her own mortality. And it has her wondering if she can actually do the job, and at the same time, both Mitch and Andrea are fighting their feelings for one another. 

So ……. Will they find who is behind the death threats ? Will they be able to hide how they really feel about each other, once they’ve slept together? And will you guess who is behind it all ? 

If you like a mystery with a little action on the side, then I’d recommend this book in an instant.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

One night with a stranger …. 
Security expert Mark Matthews has loved, and lost, and has no intention of ever loving again—especially not a woman who thrives on her life being in danger. Now, hot, meaningless sex with strangers he had no intention of ever seeing again? That’s a whole other story. And it’s all life as a single father allows him to enjoy. But when he meets a woman who refuses to tell him her real name, the game is on, because she’s everything he swore to stay away from. Daisy O’Rourke has bad idea written all over her, but he’s in too deep to walk away now…


Now that was fun😀  His Best Mistake by Diane Alberts is book 6 of a series. It reads well as a stand alone, but it does have some characters from other books. 

Both Daisy and Mark have loved deeply, and lost their loves. So both are commitment shy, who wants to love and lose it, the pain was unbearable the first time around, who would want to willing do it again ? 

Mark has had a couple of casual hook ups, but nothing serious, and if started to look that way, then Mark was off and running. He has a young daughter from his first marriage, and he takes her well being very seriously. Most women after finding out he had a young daughter, aren’t really interested. 

Mark has heard about Daisy, the police officer from his friends. Well meaning partners, as they all want him to find a mum for his daughter, and someone for Mark, but he doesn’t want to date a cop, his first wife was in the military, so he didn’t ever want to have that dreaded knock on the door. 

Daisy is different, she hasn’t dated anyone since her fiancé died. Their wedding outfits sit in the back of her wardrobe, she didn’t even get to marry her best friend, didn’t get a chance to sample married life. So for her, single and alone suits her fine. Her best friend is trying to hook her up with Mark, (and other unsuccessful dates) that’s not going to happen, no matter how hot she says he is. 

Both meet up by accident in a hotel bar, Mark is totally fascinated with the mystery redhead, at the bar, and after a clumsy start, they start chatting like old friends, the chemistry is there, and when the lady insists on no names (they go by Scarlett and Chris). Mark goes along with it, how can he not, she is ….. he can’t name it, but he sure is interested. 

Daisy decides after a long chat with her friend and a lot of alcohol, that it’s time to gently move on. Chris (Mark) is a cute guy and there is a spark. They spend the night together and both feel something growing between them, but Daisy is scared and she runs.
Neither expect to see each other again, but fate has different ideas. 

Their meeting later on in the day doesn’t go as planned for either of them, (they are both attending the same wedding, to two of the characters from a previous book). Shock and anger are on the agenda as each realize that they are the people their friends have been trying to set up. 

The story progresses nicely, Daisy runs and Mark does all the chasing. He is determined to find out if they can have something special, but can he put Daisy’s job out of his mind? Can he be a partner of a cop? And can Daisy get past her fears, and just stop running? 

I have a feeling I’ll be going back to read the other books. This was well written and a few funny moments. Very descriptive and emotional at times. 

I’m happy to recommend this book, so if you like a good chase, then buy this one and enjoy


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Worst. Day. Ever. After Lyssa Barnett’s sister tricks her into reprising her role at Snowflake Valley’s annual children’s party, she doesn’t think anything can be worse than squeezing into her too-small elf costume. Then tall, dark, and way too handsome Nick Tavlock shows up to play Santa…and an unexpected storm leaves them snowbound in the isolated lodge.

The last thing Nick wants is to spend a cozy Christmas Eve with a trio of kids and the woman who dumped him. But as much as Lyssa frustrates him, he can’t stop thinking about her. And soon, he’s fighting very un-Santa-like thoughts of kissing a certain sexy Miss Elf under the mistletoe. As Nick starts to fall for Lyssa all over again, he knows it will take nothing short of a miracle to have Lyssa in his arms on Christmas 



Snowbound with Mr. Wrong by Barbara White Daille is a short but fun Christmas story. 

Nick is a hard working, but money orientated man (according to Lyssa). He puts the job before everything; he doesn’t take holidays, and he certainly doesn’t want to be stuck in a small town. Coming from a wealthy but cold background, it’s the only life he knows. Nick shows his affections with lavish gifts and fancy restaurants, 

Lyssa is also a hard working character. She’s come from a family that helps each other, and after her mom got sick, Lyssa steps up and runs the home for the family. She takes that into her adult life and works hard to make a success of her business. 

Nick and Lyssa were a couple, but things ended when Nick made it clear that he thought Lyssa could do better, aim higher, and get out of the small town that she has always lived in. But both never expected to be thrown together over the festive season. 

Lyssa promised her sister to help give gifts to the kids in the town, so again she dons the elf costume and prepares to help Santa spread a little cheer, that is until she realizes who is playing Santa again this year.  And Nick isn’t too keen on getting his heart stamped on again. So their first meeting after their break up is a frosty one. 

A snow storm traps Lyssa and Nick in the lodge that held the Christmas party. (Lyssa stayed behind to clear up, and Nick couldn’t get a ride down the mountain) and a trio of kids complete the trapped couple. 

After trying and failing to get off the mountain, they return to the lodge and wait to be rescued. After clearing the air between them, will they get their wishes and get their happy ending ? 

It’s a fun short read, full of laughter and Christmas spirit 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Garrison Taggart doesn’t have time to deal with touchy-feely junk like “trust issues” or “feelings.” His dad’s health is waning and the family’s Wyoming ranch is being sabotaged. Too bad his supernatural ability to tell when someone is lying has been exactly zero help in ferreting out the betrayer so far. So, when sweet schoolteacher Sara Lopez raises concerns about his son being bullied, who can blame a guy for getting a little testy?

The last thing Sara needs is any more attention or gossip after her recent breakup with big-shot rancher Hank Brand. So her attraction to surly but sexy Garrison, Hank’s rival, is entirely unwanted. When she uncovers an insane plot to kidnap the Taggart boy and throws herself in harm’s way to protect him, Garrison must risk his deepest secret and his own life to save the people he cares for the most. But will his heroics cost him everything?


Legacy of Lies by Jillian David is a new series, and an author I’ve read before. So I eagerly said yes to this book. And I wasn’t disappointed….. 

Sara is trying to forget her past, but coming back to her small town life isn’t going to be easy, people have long memories, and once a trouble maker, always a trouble maker. But Sara is now a teacher, she wants to make a difference, and if she can stick it here for a while, then once this job is done, Sara is out of there and she’ll look for a teaching post where no one knows her past. 

Garrison is a single dad and a rancher, no time to meet women, and after being taken for every penny by the last woman he trusted, he won’t be in a hurry to trust another one. 
His family, except his father, have abilities, he can sense the truth in people, his sister can find people and can feel their emotions, and her twin brother, he had an internal sat nav, he never gets lost, and had the ability to blend into the background. And a big brother who upped and left the family without an explanation (but something is mentioned in the book, that may shed some light on his reason for leaving) we don’t know his ability yet.
The ranch is a family owned ranch, but it’s not doing too well at the moment, and he really doesn’t have time to worry about bullies, and missing family members and his ailing father. 
but there is just something about Sara that pulls Garrison in. 

Their relationship is full of misunderstandings and distrust. But also filled with passionate kisses and tender moments.
Sara is warned by her ex to stay away from the “Taggart scum”, her boss (her ex’s brother,) also tells her to keep her nose clean, and not to interfere in the bullying of the Taggart “brat” otherwise she will lose her job, and Garrison is warned to stay away from Sara. 

There is also a secondary storyline running through, and I’m sure this will be the string that keeps the stories linked. 

It’s a great start to what I’m hoping is at least a four possibly five book series.
Oh, did I forget to mention there is a missing big brother ? 

I’d recommend this book to anyone who has read this author, or to anyone that likes their stories with a mystery to solve.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Darius Varkas is a drakon. He’s neither human nor dragon.

He’s both.

He’s also the target of an ancient order who want to capture all drakons for their blood. When fresh, a drakon’s blood can cure any illness and prolong a human’s life, and the Knights will stop at nothing to get it.

When librarian Sarah Anderson stumbles across a rare book belonging to the Knights of the Dragon, she’s quickly thrust into a dangerous world of secrets and shifters and things she never would have believed possible. When the Knights realize Sarah has a secret of her own, she becomes just as much a target as Darius. Her scary dragon shifter just might be her best chance at survival.


Drakon’s Promise by N.J. Walters is a really good start to what I’m hoping will be a great series. It is a very well written and thought out book; the, characters are very 3 dimensional, and I really did enjoy the ride. 

Darius has lived for centuries, nothing really holds his interest anymore, except for protecting his brothers. He has amassed a great fortune and seen many changes in the world, but he has grown tired of it, and is thinking of going to sleep …….. 

They don’t die, they just fall into a deep sleep and somehow turn to stone ! 

But after receiving a call, his interest is peeked, his old adversary is back, the knights of the dragon (now when I read this, I thought they were the good guys, but no, anything but good guys) 

They want to capture all dragons, but dragons don’t live in this realm anymore, only their offspring (called Drakon). The knights want to live forever, and have been told that the blood of a Dragon or Drakon will prolong their life, but it can’t be bottled, it has to be fresh. So they need to be captured and kept in captivity. 

Darius lost many family members and friends to this order, and he won’t be next on their list. 

Sarah is a librarian with a difference, she can see the emotions locked in the book she reads, so she is in high demand to find rare books. 

She gets made redundant from the library; and is promptly hired by the eccentric to catalogue his private library.  He asks her to put any interesting or rare books to one side so he can look at them. He’s looking for a spell book to capture dragons.  

Sarah gets scary memories from a book inside a bible, and overhearing her new employer talk about a Mr Darius Varkas and the trouble they are with capturing him, Sarah decides to run with the book and warn Darius in person. 

Darius is drawn to Sarah and is certain that she is his mate, but doesn’t trust his feelings or Sarah at first. Will Darius and Sarah conquer the knights ?  Will he realise before it’s too late that Sarah is the one for him ? 

The book is pretty action packed and the story goes at a nice steady pace. The interaction with his brothers was fun, and I’m hoping they get books as well. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Black Bullet
The Order of the Senary #2
by L.D. Rose

Fledgling vampire Jonathan Kerr has just met his match.

Not even his past life as a former Marine and FBI agent could prepare him for the battle against the monster inside him, struggling to take hold. After an old nemesis of the Senary surfaces in Brooklyn, unleashing chaos and terror in the battered borough, Jon sets out to take him down. Instead, he ends up with far more than he bargained for when he clashes with the beautiful half-vampire hybrid, Lawan Knight.

After escaping near death and suffering unspeakable horror at the hands of vampires, Lawan trusts no one, regardless of species. In between bouts of drunken stupor, her only goal is to exterminate all those who’ve wronged her, including every member of Jon’s vampire bloodline. But Jon’s soulful eyes and quick smile crawls under her skin, transforming her black and white world into a hazy shade of gray.

As the days rapidly grow darker, Jon and Lawan turn to one another, but their inner demons threaten to tear them apart. The only way either of them will survive is if they overcome their greatest fear–



The second book to what’s turning out to be a really good series.

JJ was a marine, then FBI agent, now he’s a human turned vampire (against his will) and holds a lot of resentment still, but he puts his skills to good use.
He was saved by the Knights (his sister is marrying one) after saving one of the hybrids life.
(There aren’t many good vamps, and JJ finds it hard to come to terms with what he is)

Lawan is a knight, (the hybrids that all live in the same place, have the same father) a hybrid, but she works alone. Something really bad happened in the past, and it shaped her into the killing machine she is today.

Their first meeting is explosive, she literally kicks JJ’s butt, and after leaving him coughing up blood, their next meeting should be just as explosive.

One of the hybrids (Rome) explains that although females were once made into hybrids, they were quickly eradicated. But not all of them, how Lawna slipped through the net gets revealed in the book. But he knows Lawna, and she certainly knows Rome !

The story remains at a fast pace, and like the first book in the series, it’s a graphic but gripping read.
The characters slowly dance around their attraction for each other, JJ feels he doesn’t deserve anyone (who could love a vampire, right?) and Lawna can’t get close to anyone, and certainly not a leech. It would hurt too much to lose anyone else.

There is a sub-plot going on as well, and it’s interesting how the two move along together.

I’m totally hooked on this series, and can’t wait for more.


Monday’s Post …..

Going to try something…..

I’m planning a daily post I’ll start with a butterfly picture 🦋and end with a book picture 📖 and write something in between 😉

I do like my coffee ☕️ and I’m trying really hard not to drink too much, but my new place of work has a coffee machine, and if one person makes a coffee, they end up doing a coffee run for the whole kitchen 🙄

I’m also going to try to leave a tip or a life hack 😉

Walk to work today in the sun, it was a little chilly, but it made a nice change to walk without the rain.

So ….. that’s my first blog post 😉

If anything interesting pops up, I’ll be sure to let you know 💋


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

by Clare Connelly

“I want to taste you tonight.”

With chemistry this hot, it’s worth getting burned…

Billionaire Jack Grant is totally off-limits to Gemma Picton. He’s wild, deliciously dangerous…and her boss. When working late turns X-rated, it’s better than her wildest imaginings—and Gemma’s imagined a lot! But Jack has major emotional baggage, so when Gemma starts wanting to heal his heart as well as enjoy his body, she knows she’s in big trouble…!


Another book from the “Dare” series. 
Can be read without reading the others. Gemma has been Jack’s assistant for nearly 2 years, and has had to endure the endless line of women in and out of her bosses life and bed. Having to order flowers for dates. And to listen to him moan about “how clingy the last one was”Even though she knows what he like, it won’t  stop her from being attracted to him. But it’s a line she won’t cross, she loves her job, and if they did, then she’d lose it all !!!! Jack is still in the grieving process over the death of his wife. 
Yes he hides behind the endless stream of women, and some might say, that he should respect himself a little more, and the memory of his wife, (but if you lose someone close to you, you lose yourself for a while) 

They both have this attachment or attraction to one another, but as Gemma has never given Jack the slightest come in, he won’t cross the line. But that’s not to say he hasn’t thought about he 

Until a late night working in the office together one thing leads to another….. 

 Now everything has changed this isn’t just about a one night stand it has the potential to be so much more. 

Jack and Gemma’s relationship was a constant push and pull, and did have its turbulent moments. Do they find a way to get past Jack’s grief ? Does Gemma make Jack see that it’s ok to love another ? 

The story of the billionaire falling for the meek assistant might sound a little cliched, and yes it was in places, but it was still a good little read. 

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Releasing The Demons
The Order of the Senary Series #1
by L.D. Rose

Back cover ……

Blaze Knight has been through hell and back, but the nightmares aren’t over yet.

Five years after Blaze was maimed by Cyrus Chimola, a powerful vampire with a penchant for torture, he’s still trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. As a genetically engineered mercenary with the ability to bend fire to his will and to see in infrared, Blaze’s mission is to protect what’s left of humanity. When Chimola and his crew return to the Bronx gunning for Blaze’s blood, Blaze is forced to face the demons of his past. Hell-bent on revenge, he seeks the help of Valerie Medeiros, an NYPD detective who manages to steal his heart and save his life in more ways than one.

Motivated by her sister’s gruesome death, Valerie has made it her life’s goal to bury every vampire in the ground where they belong. When she brings in Blaze Knight for suspected murder, she discovers he’s not only innocent, he isn’t a man at all–he’s a half-vampire hybrid working with a band of brothers for the U.S. military. Valerie has a hard time trusting anything with fangs, yet she quickly falls headlong into Blaze’s life, a life full of darkness and horror she can’t even begin to fathom. The bodies are stacking up, but Valerie can’t seem to let go of this hybrid, a beautiful monster filled with pain, rage, and passion unlike anything she’s ever known.

In a world where the line between good and evil is blurred, Blaze and Valerie will find danger at every turn, risking everything they’ve come to know and love, including one another.



G-Fusion project ……

Human embryos were fertilised with vampire DNA, then placed back in human women to gestate.

The experiments were deemed wrong, and the hybrids were eradicated. (Or so humanity thought) Blaze and his group of “brothers” (different mothers, same father) protect their world, the only only way they know how …..

The hybrids all have hidden talents, fire makers, healers, ice makers and telepathy, to name a few of their talents.

Blaze can generate his own heat internally and from his hands he can produce flames. A film of opal colours covers his eyes and he can only see in infrared, which is great for tracking the vampires, but otherwise useless in everyday life, so he has to wear sunglasses all the time. Tortured until he wished for death, he was rescued by one of his brothers. And now he seeks revenge on the master vampire who captured and tortured him.

Valerie is a cop with a grudge, after losing her little sister to vampires, she’s made it her duty to protect the people of her town against these things, but it’s a battle they aren’t winning.

The vampire came out to the world (years ago) and now they rule the night, the humans live in fear, populations of cities were wiped out, and vampires claimed the cities as their own. Even daylight isn’t safe, as they can use minions to do their bidding during the day.

Blaze and Valerie meet up after she arrests him for the murder of a girl he was sleeping with. But after meeting him, she knows he didn’t do it, but there is something about him that isn’t right. He smokes (but no visible lighter) and he won’t take off his sunglasses, and all those tats, it means he’s either a gang member or something else. And Valerie wants to find out more……

At first she is very wary and doesn’t trust Blaze, and once she meets his brothers, her fears aren’t laid to rest.

Blaze is intrigued with the female detective, and after he is released, he realises she maybe able to help him find his lovers killer, but he already has an idea who it might be.

And as the story goes along, we have a sub-plot (don’t want to give too much away) but it’s one of the reasons Blaze is targeted by his old adversary, and I have a feeling it could be in a few other stories that come along.

The story doesn’t stop, lots of action, and very well written, it flows smoothly from one scene to another.

Blaze is a hybrid trying to redeem his past, and Valerie wants justice. Will she run when she truly knows what a monster he is ? Or will she through him and see the hybrid that hides behind the scars and sunglasses ?

Hoping all the hybrids get a book and can’t wait to dive into the next one …..


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Lady Gone Wicked by Elizabeth Bright

 Nicholas Eastwood is finally about to get everything he ever wanted. As a reward for his service to the Crown, he has been offered the title of marquess. All he has to do is stay scandal-free until the papers are signed. There’s just one problem: His ex-lover, presumed dead, is remarkably alive.

Adelaide Bursnell is determined to right her wrongs. She will be a dutiful daughter and loving sister. Most importantly, she must marry before her scandal catches up to her. Nicholas was once her ruin, but now he is determined to be her salvation. If he can find her a suitable husband, their shared past can stay buried.

But old temptations prove impossible to resist and scandal can never stay secret for long…




Although Lady Gone Wicked is considered book #2, in the Wicked Secrets series, you don’t have to read the first.  It does feature characters from the first book “Twice as Wicked” but it doesn’t really detract from the book.

Nicholas is a spy and soldier for the crown. But he’s a rogue and the black sheep of the family. And he’s finally come good, if he can stay out of trouble he will be given the title of “Marquess” and he will be able to hold his head up high in society again, but there is trouble coming round the corner…… 

Adelaide had the misfortune to fall in love with Nick and have his baby. She was then sent was to a convent in France by her parents to have her baby in secret (the shame of a child out of wedlock). But she disappeared and was thought to be dead for the last two years.

Adelaide has a twin sister called Alice. (Yes the same Alice from book 1). In Alice’s book, Alice came to avenge Adelaide’s death and downfall at Nicholas’s hand, and tried to kill him. Needless to say, all she did was fall for his “twin” brother. (Well ….. maybe she tried to shoot him a few times )

The two sisters are reunited and it becomes clear that Adelaide wants her past to disappear and to marry into a good family. But there are twists and turns that keep Adelaide and Nicholas bumping into each other. 

Nicholas wants Adelaide to marry into a good family and will try to “help” her regain her good name. But with the heat simmering away between them, it’s only a matter of time before something explodes. 

Lady Gone Wicked is a well written story, and again the characters come to life, and the secondary characters make you hope that they get stories too. A few laugh out loud moments, and a few moments where you almost reach for the tissues. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Hard Riders MC #1

The Rebel vs. The Princess

Complete opposites who share the same burning passion!

Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girlie dresses Evie wears for her successful party-planning business. Their instant attraction is magnetic, and their lust keeps them glued to each other’s side…but is it a dangerous distraction?



Another book from the “Dare” series. Again this doesn’t have to be read in order, but I do think it’s part of a “new series” that the author has planned.

Evie is just trying to make a better life for herself and her baby brother. And by planning “pink parties” she gets to earn money and start a flourishing business.
She may have had a thing for bad boys but that’s in her past, what she wants is a “nice guy”, someone whose dependable, someone she can rely on.
But meeting Rev, that all goes out of the window, but she won’t give up without a fight. She wants a quiet life, not one filled with bikers and trouble.

Jaxon “Rev” Brady was a Seal, but now is a member of the Hard Riders MC, doing his part to keep their territory free of gangs and drugs.
Jaxon has been sent to find out where Evie’s brother, (Rocker) is hanging out. Rocker is from a rival bike club and needs to answer some questions.
He’s got no time for parties and for “pink princesses” …..
But meeting Evie all that changes, she is feisty and won’t help Jaxon to find her brother. But she’s piqued his interest, and now he finds himself wanting her and wanting to protect her from the cartel.

Will getting involved with Eve prove to be a fatal distraction for Rev?
And can there ever be a future between a biker and a woman who is way out of his league? And will Evie learn that she can’t protect her brother forever ?


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

by JC Harroway

A daring game of temptation

She’ll play his game—but only by her rules!

Alex Lancaster is an adrenaline junkie. He’s also a sexy British billionaire who should come with his own warning signs. When Libby insists she’s done with men who live on the edge, Alex coaxes her out of her comfort zone—professionally and very, very personally. Libby’s taking a high-stakes gamble, but the payoff could win her everything


REVIEW:  This is part of a new series “DARE” but as they are standalone’s, you can easily read it on it’s own.

Libby is an American business woman who has sworn off men, she likes her quiet life, she did the “loving life on the edge” but it didn’t turn out great for her.
So …… She’s in Europe on business to further her career, and when she meets Alex …… it’s instant attraction

Alex is a billionaire …… he loves his life, it’s a fast paced, adrenaline filled one. He’s use to getting WHO and WHAT he wants, but he’s about to meet his match.

Alex wants Libby’s help in launching a charity set up for his sister’s memory. Does he have an ulterior motive ? Hell yes, he’s fascinated with this American, (she wants him, but on her terms), and he loves the fact she won’t back down or give in.
He wants to show her the city and he wants her in his bed, but wanting and getting are two different things.

Its interesting to read the characters, as both have been successful in business, but as people, they are vulnerable and have been hurt in their own ways. And their pasts have a huge say in how they interact with others.

Yes, it’s predictable…… there are steamy scenes….. a little romance… a few laughs. And a part in the book that makes you wonder if that’s it for them (lizzy is on a week deadline, then she goes home)

But if you like a quick steamy read, then this one is for you.



Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Legal Lovers

“You are mine for the next two weeks.”

Resigning might be the sexiest thing she’s ever done…

Quitting her job puts executive assistant Bette Monroe in a very compromising position. She has ten days left, and powerhouse lawyer Simon Kramer is working her late into the night…and seducing her into oblivion! While he’s convinced she’s selling business secrets, the bombshell secret she’s keeping would shock him more. Does she bare all…or keep him guessing?


REVIEW: There is a mole at Simon’s law firm, someone has been sharing company secrets and he is determined to catch them, no matter the cost. This is his baby, and they won’t
get away with it !!! He begins to take a look at everyone, to his horror, his suspicions draw him to his assistant Bette.

He’s wonders why that she would suddenly hand in her notice, and come into a large
sum of money at around the same time.

He is shocked to think the one person he thought he could trust would sell company
secrets, but why else would she suddenly be walking away from a job he thought she
loved? He thought they worked well together, he felt hurt that she couldn’t come to

Simon decides the best way to find out the truth is to seduce the truth out of Bette.

Bette has a secret, and now she needs to leave the job and boss she loves. But why ?
And when she finds out that Simon thinks she’s selling company secrets, she’s upset
and appalled, she could tell him the REAL reason why she’s going, but that’s not an

I really enjoyed reading these characters, they had great chemistry, the banter
between them kept things interesting. And the secret that Bette is keeping …..
you need to read to find out 

The last February “Dare” book in the series. You won’t need to read them in order (they
aren’t connected at all)


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Toxic Desire By Robin Lovett

Nemona can’t believe she’s crash landed on the planet Fyrian with the brooding, golden-skinned alien who destroyed her ship and scattered her crew. She should want to kill him. But everything on Fyrian is an aphrodisiac. So she just wants to have him. Now. Revenge. That’s all commander Oten has wanted against humans for more than a century, ever since they tried to destroy his kind. He never thought he’d end up in bed with one. But the desire the sex planet stokes for this human female is eating him alive. Keeping his hands, his mouth, and his vampiric fangs to himself proves impossible—especially when she’s begging him to touch her. Nemona has no idea what endless sex with a Ssedez will do to her. But Oten knows all too well. They need to get off this planet. Before their coupling stirs an alien mating bond that neither of their hearts can withstand.



Toxic Desire by Robin Lovett is the first book in her new Planet of Desire series.  This story starts off at a fast pace and action that leaves you hoping it stays that way. 

Our characters end up stranded on a planet that neither of them know much about….. General Nemona believing that her entire crew may be dead, and her very important mission has been lost, has nothing to lose, but she wants to know how the ship she commanded was boarded undetected and how the hell she will get off this planet. 

Commander Oten only wants to wipe the human race off the face of the universe, they have been systematically trying to do that to his race for decades. So after destroying this humans ship, he looks forward in torturing this general for more information, what a big surprise he gets when the “male” turns into a female !!! He can’t understand his reaction to this “human” it has to be the planets atmosphere turning his brain into mush, but his reaction to her may start the bonding process and that’s not going to happen. 

There is a lot of sex scenes in Toxic Desire. When they’re not spending time trekking over the the planet looking for a way off, then they are having more sex !!!!!

I felt it a little hard to believe that you hate someone THAT much, but after being on the planet for a short while, your willing or desperate enough to have endless sex with an enemy that only hours ago you had a blaster aimed at their chest !! 

I understand that the author wants to set the scene for more books, but to be honest I’d like a little more of the characters and less of them at it. 

The book doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, but it leaves it open for the next book. If you like plenty of erotica then this is probably a book you’ll enjoy


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Best Friend Incident by Melia Alexander
The Best Friend Incident by Melia Alexander


Stacey Winters is in love with love, but so far, she’s only found Mr. Dud, Mr. Cheater, and Mr. Boring. Even though her best friend Grant isn’t an option, at least being around him offers her a window into the male psyche—and sets the bar high for her future Mr. Right.

But then she accidentally crosses the friend zone and kisses him, and it starts to feel a little too much like hemight be what she’s been looking for…

Grant Phillips doesn’t do relationships. A casualty of the foster care system, he knows people are just looking for a reason to bolt. “No attachments” is his hard and fast rule. There’s only one exception: his best friend, Stacey. He refuses to jeopardize what they have.

But now that he knows how good it felt to kiss her, felt the addictive slide of her body against his, Stacey Winters is indelibly stamped onto Grant’s brain—and not just as his friend.

He is so screwed.



The Best Friend Incident by Melia Alexander was a little predictable…. and not too keen on the friend to lover genre, but I’ll give it a go …. 

Poor Stacey, in love with the idea of love, she came across a little desperate to me, always looking for “the one”. She certainly doesn’t find it in the guy she is dating at the moment (although in her head, they are a “perfect pair”).  When the “incident” happens (lots of kissing in the dark, she thinks Grant is the boyfriend), but things take a different turn, and now Stacey is looking at Grant in a “whole new light”.  Will she want to lose her best friend if they take it too far? Can you truly be just friends with benefits? Will jealousy rear its ugly head?  What happens if someone wants more? 

Grant came from a broken home, so trusting women isn’t high on his list of priorities, in fact, Grant is a “love them and leave them before they leave me” type of guy. This is what we read throughout the whole story, as their relationship goes from best friends to lovers, they grapple with their fears of losing each other’s friendship. 

There are a few funny moments, and the story was well written, but for me, something was missing. Maybe the fact that they constantly “should I, shouldn’t I” and then fall into bed, and then ignore that fact, and then go round again !!! 

The Best Friend Incident was an ok book, and if friends to lovers is your genre, then I’d give this book a read. 


Book Review👩🏻‍💻

Darkest warrior …. lords of the underworld…. Gena Showalter

A searing Lords of the Underworld tale by New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, featuring a beastly prince and the wife he will wage war to keep

He is ice…

Puck the Undefeated, host of the demon of Indifference, cannot experience emotion without punishment, so he allows himself to feel nothing. Until her. According to ancient prophecy, she is the key to avenging his past, saving his realm and ruling as king. All he must do? Steal her from the man she loves—and marry her.

She is fire…

Gillian Shaw has suffered many tragedies in her too-short life, but nothing could have prepared the fragile human for her transition into immortality. To survive, she must wed a horned monster who both intrigues and frightens her…and become the warrior queen she was born to be.

Together they burn.

As a rising sense of possession and obsession overtake Puck, so does insatiable lust. The more he learns about his clever, resourceful wife, the more he craves her. And the more time Gillian spends with her protective husband, the more she aches for him. But the prophecy also predicts an unhappily-ever-after. Can Puck defeat fate itself to keep the woman who brought his deadened heart back to life? Or will they succumb to destiny, losing each other…and everything they’ve been fighting for?



I love this series and I’ve read all the books, so I was so excited to finally get to read this.

So ……
background story …..

We have (14 books) and (4 novellas) and to be honest the series does need to be read in order (lots of original characters are in all the books)

Lords of the underworld ….. These were immortal guards sworn to protect a secret… Pandora’s Box.

But they were tricked into killing the keeper of the box and opening the lid ….. releasing evil demons (negative emotions and feelings) into the world. The gods were angry and made the guards into prisons to “house” the demons.

And to add further insult, the guards were “marked” with huge ragged butterflies on the bodies. The guards were then kicked out of Olympus and forced to live in the “mortal world”, for centuries they warred, and caused untold misery on the earth, until they got control of their “demons” …….

Each book deals with a warrior and his “demon” the eternal struggle they have to do “right” in the world……

Further in the series, we find out that too many demons were released, so others were used to “contain” the demons (Demi gods and prisoners of war)

The back story is to regain the pieces of the box, to put the box back together and to release the demons back into the box…..

simple !!!! Not by a long shot …..

we have double dealings, back stabbings (literally in some cases) and everyone wanting the box for its powers.

So ……..
Puck is a relatively new character to the series.
He is a prince and a warrior.
He is a warrior unlike any other, no mercy, no surrender.
He is the “keeper” of indifference, he has been unable to feel any type of emotion without extreme pain, so he taught himself not to feel any emotion.
He doesn’t like war …. but you start it, he will definitely finish it.
He also doesn’t bed the same female twice, he doesn’t want the prophecy to come true.

Gillian is a human female, brought into the series relatively early on.
She was abused as a child by her family, and the lords stepped in and brought her to their home, she has been loved and cared for ever since.

Gilly has had a crush on William (someone who may or may not house a demon) ever since he rescued her from her family, and she was determined to “marry him” when she grew up, that childish crush turned into love. And although William “loved” his Gilly, he was her protector, but somewhere along the line, his feelings changed (but William has a destiny all of his own)

We set the scene for Puck and Gilly a couple of books back (only snippets), Gilly becomes ill and will die unless “bonded” to an immortal. Why Puck ? Why not William ? (All is explained in the book)

So I was anxious to see when Gena would take us (the fans had really wanted William and Gilly to have a HEA)

Gilly hates Puck on sight, as far as she is concerned the sooner her “marriage” to this monster ends the better, she is determined to go ahead and still be with William.

Gilly knows all about “monsters” both human and demon, and she’s prepared to fight to get what she wants.

Puck on the other hand is surprised that he “feels” something for this female, he had to bond with her in order to get what he wants (his kingdom) but he intends to let her go, once he gets it.

So ….. we have two main characters they don’t really like each other (and we have a third on the outside, waiting to kill Puck and regain Gilly)

And that’s not even to say they get a HEA (the prophecy says that he gets an UHEA (unhappy ever after) !!!!

The book is very fast paced, meeting characters from previous books always makes me smile.
The twists and turns keep you guessing as to whom gets Gilly, and do we get closer to finding Pandora’s Box ? There are a few other plots along the way.

I personally didn’t want Gilly and William together……do I get my wish ? You’ll have to read the book and found out.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Blood Instincts
Blood at First Sight series – Book #2
by Marie Lavender

Enter the Other World at your own risk…
What if you found out that you weren’t exactly…human? 
Myah Sullivan is suddenly living that nightmare. There are Others in the world, dangerous, supernatural creatures that make her mind spin and cause her to question the reality she’s always known. 
Oliver King is her savior, a vampire who tries to show her the way. Through her journey she learns far more than she ever thought she would about herself, and about the past. Soon, she discovers that there is so much more to meeting Oliver than mere happenstance.
Can Myah accept her new reality, or will she retreat into that normal, safe world she once thought was her own.


Blood Instincts by Marie Lavender is the 2nd book in her Blood at First Sight series.  Oliver is a vampire, he was a turned vampire, and he’s lived his life to the best he can. He hunts other vampires that don’t wipe their “donors” minds or kill the “donor” (bloodlust can be a problem if not watched).But he misses his old family, and watched them from afar (until the line died out).

He’s having dreams (and Oliver never dreams) and feels he needs to be somewhere !!! 

Myah is a normal human, she lives a normal life, she works and loves like a human.  But when she meets Oliver, he wakens something up in her, he asks “what” she is, and tries to convince her that what she is, isn’t fully human !!! 

The attraction for Oliver is instant, but for Myah, it’s a little slower, she’s wary of the stranger, but she wants to know more about herself and him. 

We meet characters from the first book (don’t want to give too much away) and I get a few answers from questions I had in the first book. It’s a little different from the usual vampire books, and that’s a good thing. 

Another well written book to this series, and I’m hoping to have another soon.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Second Nature
Blood at First Sight series – Book #1
by Marie Lavender

Desiree Edwards has a problem. She’s been attacked, kidnapped and forced to get along with a vampire of all things. It’s something right out of the story books she reads, or her worst nightmare. But, sometimes he’s not the monster he appears to be. He seems so humanlike that she can’t help it when her emotions betray her, when her body betrays her. To make matters worse, she finds out more about herself than she ever wanted to know.

She was unlike any other…

Alec has a problem. The animal in him wants Desiree. But, so does the man. The more he learns about her, the harder it is to deny what he wants. But, he’s a freak, and she’s just a human. The two species don’t mix that way. Then an old enemy surfaces and Alec is forced to make a choice. His life or hers. 

Can Alec’s soul be saved by this unique human? Or will it be far too late?



Second Nature by Marie Lavender is the first book in her Blood at First Sight series.  It is set in a world much like our own, (with the exception of vampires, werewolves) 

Desiree is a recently divorced young woman, who has decided to immerse herself in her work. She has friends and family but is starting to feel like she needs a different path to follow, work or personal, she just hasn’t decided which one yet to choose. 

Alec is a vampire, he was “made” when another vampire changed him by accident during the civil war !! Having no “sire” to show him how to be a vampire, Alec has made his own way in the works, he has a few rules he tries to live by, one being never drain a “human” and never leave a memory behind (so he erases their memory after feeding) 

When Alec spots Desiree at a Jazz and Blues Festival he is captured by her. There is an attraction between Desiree and Alec that neither one of them can deny, no matter how hard Desiree tries to deny it. There is also a bond that neither one of them can explain. Desiree has some kind of connection that Alec has never experienced before with anyone else, and he wants to explore this and his feelings for Desiree further. 

There are a couple of plot twists that kept the story interesting. Even though this is book one of a series, there is no cliffhanger. 

The story is written well, and although both have their say, I never got confused with who was thinking what. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Tarnished Heroes #2
by Sidney Bristol


Anderson Gratney does odd jobs that usually involve a gun and covert ops for the CIA. His latest assignment? Kidnap a CIA analyst in order to keep her safe. Easy. Except there’s nothing simple about the beautiful, careful Carol Sark, who tempts him the more he learns about her.

Coming face to face with a masked man in her home is the most terrifying experience of Carol’s life—until he kidnaps her. He claims he’s there to keep her safe, but she doesn’t know who to trust. And until they can figure out who the threat is, she’s forced to take him at his word.

Time is ticking, and even though she drives him nuts, Anderson very much wants to keep her alive. Unfortunately, the assassins have other ideas


REVIEW: Andy is a decent guy, a bit rough around the edges but he’s good at what he does. A loner, but knows right from wrong.
Andy works at the moment for the CIA (a contract worker) he is watching Carol an analyst working on a code to pull out information on a string of deaths.

Carol’s character, when the when it got tough, she wasn’t a pushover, she was clever and definitely an asset.

The agency know they have a mole, they just don’t know who and how it’s connected. Her analysis can help tie things together.
And when the assassins figure out that Carol is getting to close, Andy is the one sent in to get close to Carol. And if she needs to disappear, then he’s there to help her.

Being kidnapped isn’t high on Carol’s list of things to do. And when the kidnapper explains that he’s here to help keep her safe, Carol isn’t sure who to trust.

The plot was interesting, a few twists and turns kept me reading until I was done.
The characters are well written, and the scenes followed each other really well.

I haven’t read any other the other books in the series, but I think I’ll have to go back and take a look.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

One Wedding, Two Brides (Fairy Tale Brides) by Heidi Betts


Jilted bride Monica Blair can’t believe it when she wakes up next to a blue-eyed, smooth-talking cowboy in the middle of nowhere and with a ring on her finger. It had sounded like a great plan at the time. Get married, get revenge, and get her money back. So why is she cleaning out stables and trying to keep her hands off the hot cowboy helping her? Ryder Nash would have bet his best Stetson that you’d never see him walk down the aisle. But when the city girl with pink-streaked hair and a frog tattoo hatches a plan to expose the conman who married his sister, no idea is too crazy. And even though Monica might be the worst rancher’s wife he’s ever seen, he can’t stop thinking about the wedding night they never had. What was supposed to be a temporary marriage for revenge is starting to feel a little too real…



I had to chuckle at the opening of the One Wedding, Two Brides by Heidi Betts.  

“Before you get serious about a cowboy, make sure he values you more than his truck”…… 

Monica is going to be a bride, but before her big day arrives, her groom marries someone else !

So after getting dressed in her wedding dress and downing a bottle of champagne, Monica goes to confront her wayward groom and his new “floozy” bride (her words that are drunkenly thrown at the couple) 

Monica is then “escorted” out of the reception over the shoulder of a tuxedo wearing cowboy (the things Monica thinks she sees because she’s drunk are funny) 

The “cowboy” explains to her that’s he’s the brother of the bride (but I don’t think she’s really listening) because she comes up with what she thinks is a great idea ….. 

She’s going to make Matt the Rat (her words for the wayward groom) jealous by being the perfect wife, and he will regret throwing Monica away !!!! And her new groom …. yes you guessed it …. the brides brother.

Ryder is a confirmed bachelor, his ex girlfriend threw that comment at him at his sisters wedding. And he has to admit, that’s she was probably right, he wasn’t ready to settle down, he had a rundown ranch to turn around and a new venture to get off the ground (equine assisted therapy) 

And when Monica offers to pay him to be her groom, the offer is tempting, but he can’t take advantage of her offer, but then Monica makes him a business deal, he looks at it, that it might just work, but can he really live with a woman full time ? And will he be able to keep to the “business only” deal ? 

Monica wakes up the following morning with a hangover and a ring on her finger …. Her reaction is priceless ( I had to stop reading on the bus as I was laughing too much). And after Ryder explains what they did in Vegas last night, he leaves his bride to wander around his/their home, whilst he goes out to work on the ranch. 

The story is a little predictable, but it’s the getting there that was the fun part, very humorous, well written and thought out. Do Monica and Ryder make it a “proper” marriage ? Does “Matt the Rat” realise his mistake and beg Monica to take him back ? 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Resisting the Rancher by Kadie Scott


First comes marriage, then comes…

Rusty Walker has spent her entire life trying to earn her tough, ranching father’s respect and approval by learning the business inside and out. But now her uncompromising parent has decreed she must marry if she wants to inherit. Worse, her husband has to be someone who can help her run the business. As if she needs it!

Williams Hill kissed Rusty in a bar in an act of temporary insanity, and lost his heart to her on the spot. Despite the complications to his own rodeo stock business, he agrees to marry the feisty red-head, hoping to woo her once they’re hitched. But she only views him with suspicion and resentment.

Can this soft-spoken Texas cowboy convince his proud wife, who’s never known unconditional love, that she is everything he wants?



Resisting the Rancher by Kadie Scott is the second book in her The Hills of Texas series.

We pick up from the first book (Saving the Sheriff, Holly and Cash)

Rusty is hard working, and has spent all her life trying to please her father, and the smack in the face comes from her father withholding the ranch from her….. the only way she will get it is by marrying !!!

She meets Will at a local rodeo, and when her father’s ultimatum arrives, Will offers to marry her, no strings, no commitment, he will walk away at the end of it.

But Rusty isn’t sure, yes he’s cute, but why would he offer ?

Will is Cash’s brother (from book 1) and offers to help his sister in law out. And as the book progresses, Will actually falls for his feisty “wife”, and wants it to be a real marriage, but proving to Rusty that he means it will be no mean feat, her father instilled distrust into at an early age…..“Nobody does something for nothing” So will Rusty fall for her Rodeo husband? Or will her lack of trust push her further away?

It’s a good little read, and followed on nicely from book one, but you don’t need to read the first one.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Shadow Play (The Fae Games Book 1) by Jill Ramsower

They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger—if that’s the case, I better be badass by the time this is over. 

After two years at a dead-end job, Rebecca Peterson finally walks away from everything she knows to follow her dreams in Ireland. Instead of dreams, the dreary streets of Belfast rekindle her terrifying nightmares, and this time they aren’t confined to her imagination. Twisted and vicious, Faeries are being unleashed on Earth to prey upon humans, who are unaware of the vile creatures walking among them. Becca must stay alive long enough to learn why she can see what others can’t, and even more importantly, discover how to keep the Fae from destroying life on Earth. 

Delving into the underbelly of the city, Becca discovers that she is not entirely alone in her abilities; however, centuries of secrecy makes gathering information a challenge. When Becca crosses paths with two mysterious strangers, her life is only complicated further. The gorgeous but brooding Lochlan demands complete honesty but refuses to provide any answers of his own. On the other hand, Ronan is enigmatic and charming, and with his sights set on making Becca his, he offers more help than most. But Becca quickly learns that trusting others is difficult when you have secrets of your own. Sometimes, the enemy is within…. 



Reading the characters point of view isn’t always my favourite way to read.  So after I read the back cover of Shadow Play by Jill Ramsower,  I went in ……. And was pleasantly surprised. The scenes were very well written, and flowed nicely. The characters were very three dimensional, and believable. 

Rebecca is just a “normal” human, she has recurring nightmares, and now they seem to be coming true. She “sees” things other people don’t. And that includes the fae (not at all like tinker belle) 🧚‍♀️ and they want to take over this dimension (as I said, not like tinker belle) 

She just wants a fresh start, and believes it will be achieved in Ireland, wrong, her life isn’t really much better there. And when she finds others like her, she hopes she can survive long enough to rescue humanity.

It was great that Rebecca had several “girlfriends” she could rely on. Ashley was one of them, and to me she seemed the perfect friend. She was very supportive of Rebecca, and she believed Rebecca, even though half the stuff coming out of Rebecca’s mouth sounded crazy. 

Lachlan is very secretive, but demands total honesty from Rebecca. He is hiding something, can Rebecca find out what ? Is he fae ? Is he like here ? And will he help in the up and coming bottle ?  And if she does, what will she do ? 

Ronan is the opposite. He is charming and very likeable, he wants Rebecca for his own. Will he succeed ? And does he have a hidden agenda of his own ? 

And what secrets does Rebecca hide ? 

I liked how the story of Merlin, Guinevere and Arthur fit in with the history of the Fae. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Serpentine An Anita Blake,Vampire Hunter Novel by Laurell K. Hamilton ABOUT THE BOOK: 

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, returns to face an ancient, Medusa-like curse in her twenty-sixth adventure. Fans of Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice will delight in this series by Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton.

‘I’ve never read a writer with a more fertile imagination’ Diana Gabaldon

My name is Anita Blake and I’ve always overcome anything I’ve faced. But this time, there’s a monster that even I don’t know how to fight . . .

A remote Florida island is the perfect destination for my fellow US marshal and best friend Edward’s wedding. And for me, it’s a welcome break as it’s the first trip I’ve ever taken with just wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel for company. But it’s not all fun, games and bachelor parties…

In this tropical paradise, Micah has discovered a horrific new form of lycanthropy, one that has afflicted a single family for generations. Believed to be an ancient Greek curse, it turns human bodies into a mass of snakes.

The last thing I need is more drama, but when women start disappearing from the hotel – and worse – my own friends and lovers become the prime suspects. A strange power is afoot, a force that’s rendering those around me helpless in its thrall. I can’t face this alone and am willing to accept help from even the deadliest places – help that I will most certainly regret. If I survive at all…


REVIEW:  I’ll have to admit, I haven’t read any of the other books in this long series (25 previous books!!!) So I was a little worried that I might have gotten a little lost, so with a deep breath, I dived in …..

The series is narrated in the first by Anita Blake, who works in St. Louis, Missouri, as a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police.

The early novels focused on crime-solving and action, and as I researched it eventually revolves around sex.
Now I don’t mind reading about it …..

But it does really revolve around sex !! So if too much sex puts you off, then it’s not the book for you, and I did find it a little hard (no pun) going at times…..

The main story line is set in Florida where Edward (Ted) Anita’s best friend (and one of the few men she hasn’t slept with) is finally going to marry his long-time fiancee.
So Anita sets off with 2 of her lovers (she has one more lover at home) for what’s she hopes is a fun filled Florida vacation….

But it doesn’t stay that way for long, women from the bridal group start going missing and Nathaniel (one of Anita’s lovers) get the blame. So Anita sets out to clear his name and to find the real culprit.
And boy what a ride that turns out to be.

A few twists and turns in the book kept me turning the pages. And a few oooh moments as the book comes to an end, and the ends are all neatly tied up (well, till the next book anyway) 

What I liked was poor Edward ….
His fiancé has NO idea what he does for a living, and she hates the closeness that Edward and Anita have, and although both vehemently deny any sexual entanglements, Donna (the bride) refuses to believe them, it doesn’t help that her best friend is certain that they are having an affair and wants her to cancel the wedding !!

We have a very detailed account of the bodies that are slowly growing snake like limbs, we have very detailed description of the weapons that are used, and the author paints a very clear picture of Anita’s world.

So …..
would I recommend it, yes, but I do think you need to read previous books, there was lots of stuff going on that if I’d read previous books I might have gotten. And Anita’s past was constantly brought up (as with all of her previous lovers)

It’s an adventure story, it’s kind of a love story, it’s also got horror elements, and a few sarcastic moments that had me chuckling


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Elusive Earl by Maddison Michaels


Brianna Penderley has a knack for getting into precarious situations, especially when it comes to her love for archaeology. In the heart of Naples, her terrible Italian has her accidentally becoming engaged to two men at the same time. Of course, Daniel Wolcott—the Earl of Thornton and the only man ever able to vex her—shows up to rescue her. Daniel has spent the majority of his life exercising rigid control over his emotions, determined never to become the rake his father was. But when he goes to aid his mentor’s danger-prone niece once again, he finds himself struggling to control his attraction to a woman who is his complete opposite. When their situation goes from bad to worse, Daniel and Brianna find themselves swept up into a perilous adventure, and they must work together to set things right. Now, if they can just avoid killing each other in the process.

Back Cover …..

The Elusive Earl by Maddison Michaels was a fun read. I read it in one day. There were lots of funny moments.  The Elusive Earl is part of her Saints and Scoundrels series. I haven’t  read the first book in this series (The Devilish Duke), but they can be read as a stand-alone. 

Brianna was taken in by her uncle as a small child, as she had seen her parents brutally murdered, he brought her up as his own daughter. Raised very much an independent young lady, but rather too high spirited and in trouble all the time. Brianna is the type of girl to get herself in to awkward situations, like getting engaged to two men !! She is a funny, quirky and awkward woman. 

Her love of archeology leads her to Naples, and that’s where her problems start …. trying out her Italian is funny 😆

Daniel is the total opposite, he is true and steadfast, he swore long ago that he’d never really marry, he’d never be the rake his father was, but there is something about Brianna that gets under his skin. And when he is tasked to rescue her in Italy, he sees her in an altogether different light. 

On the way home, he has to get the captain to “marry” them, he tells Brianna that they will get an annulment once they get back. 

We then have a cousin who gets kidnapped.. so the pair race off to rescue the cousin. 

The Elusive Earl is mystery, with intrigue and enough romance to keep you happy as well as a comedy and a little danger. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Renegade Scots #1)
by Julie Johnstone


She’s the weapon intended to destroy him. He’s the key to her freedom.

Dark days have come to medieval Scotland, and fierce warrior Robert the Bruce would do anything to release his country from English rule—and not just because he’s the rightful heir to the Scottish throne. As the bloody war rages on, enemies on both sides of the fight surround him, and Robert must dance a dangerous line between truth and deception. One misstep could topple his nation and cost him his life, yet one woman tempts him—and threatens his mission—as no other ever has.

Elizabeth de Burgh longs for freedom in a time when women have none. So when she finds herself ordered by her ruthless father and her godfather, the King of England, to seduce the leader of the Scottish rebellion and reveal his secrets, she yearns to fight back against their cruel plot. But they threaten to kill her beloved cousin, leaving her no choice but to comply. As she grows close to Robert and the mask that hides the man who would be king is peeled away, she cannot imagine aiding in the destruction of the noble Scot bent on liberating his people.

Bound by duty and honor but ensnared by passion, Robert and Elizabeth must determine if they are each other’s biggest threat or greatest source of strength. And moreover, they must decide how much they are willing to risk for the one thing neither ever imagined they’d find with the other—extraordinary, boundless love.


REVIEW: Books that are based in fact are always tricky. Do you believe everything you read ? Or do you just go in and read it for what it is ?

Robert the Bruce was an actual character in history as was Elizabeth, so with bated breath I opened my kindle …..

Beautifully written and very descriptive, I could imagine roaming the hills.

Elizabeth has a job to do …..seduce “the Bruce” and finds out all she can about his army and intention’s towards England.

But Elizabeth isn’t happy with that deal, she is ordered by both the king of England and her father to do her duty (you have to remember that women had NO SAY in what they did in those days) all she wants is a quiet life, and when they threaten her beloved cousins life, Elizabeth sees no other choice but to do ask they demand.

But the legend is nothing like the man, and Elizabeth must make a choice …. the man or her family ??

Robert wants his Scotland free from the tyranny of England, and soon a bloody war erupts, so he has enough on his plate with war and feuding clans, the last thing he needs is Elizabeth ruining his concentration, but she does that, and soon Robert will need to reveal to Elizabeth his plans …. can he trust her, or will she betray him ? And will he use her to fool the English, ensuring she hates him forever ??


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Jilted Bride Series by Cheryl Holt

The JILTED BRIDE series by Cheryl Holt


Josephine Bates only ever wanted to marry and have a home of her own.  At age eighteen, when a handsome suitor swept her off her feet, she believed all her dreams were about to come true.   But he was actually a cad who stole her dowry and jilted her at the altar. Since then, she’s been wary of men and their motives.  She’s accepted the notion that she’ll never escape her dreary, quiet existence, and she’ll most likely live out her days as a spinster…

Peyton Prescott is a ship’s captain in the Royal Navy.  He’s a man of action and adventure, and his years have been filled with danger and excitement.  But his brother has died, so he’s inherited a title and earldom he never sought or wanted. He’s afraid his new position will force him to abandon the thrilling life he loves, and he’s loafing in England, feeling landlocked and desperate to return to the sea.  He’d give anything for a diversion, and when pretty, lonely Josephine crosses his path, he’s fascinated and can’t resist…

But Peyton isn’t looking for a bride, and Josephine could never be interested in a handsome, dashing scoundrel.  Yet as friendship blossoms and passion flares, can love be far behind? 


REVIEW: The first book in a new series always has a hard job, if it’s not good enough do you carry on reading the series?

It’s the usual dashing cad and scoundrel falling for the dowdy and let down spinster story, and reading the back I really wasn’t too convinced …..

But the writing is very well done. It’s very descriptive and well thought out. And can be easily read in an afternoon.

Our “spinster of the Parish” Josephine (or Jo to family and friends ) was jilted at the altar, so wants no part in “love” she wants to live a quiet life, but secretly longing for a little adventure and that all elusive “love” she lives with her older half sister, who likes to constantly remind her of her silly mistake.

Our “dashing scoundrel” Peyton is not ready to settle down, he wants to continue his adventures …..
But when his poor brother dies, Peyton has to step into the role of Earl, and he can’t think of a worse fate, he wants to be back on his ship and sail away to find adventure.

So ….. the two characters meet, Josephine is extremely wary, and Peyton just wants to have a little fun.
But the two strike up a friendship, and then the chemistry starts to work its magic.

Will Peyton be cured of his need to leave for new adventures? And will Josephine ever trust a cad and scoundrel with her heart ?




CHERYL HOLT continues to delight readers with the thrilling, dramatic second novel in her Jilted Brides trilogy…

Winifred Watson grew up as the only daughter of a decorated war hero. When he died suddenly, she was shocked to learn that he was bankrupt and she lost everything to pay his final debts.  She’d hoped to wed her fiancé—a steady, handsome man who would have guided her through the tumult of her father’s death.  But when her penury was revealed, her fickle betrothed jilted her at the altar. His treacherous conduct pitched her into a downward spiral that she can’t seem to halt…

John Dunn escaped his dreary home by joining the army when he was sixteen.  He loved his years as a soldier and planned to dedicate the remainder of his life to King and country.  But he was swept into a scandal and drummed out of the service. He’s returned to his family’s isolated, dreary castle on the Cornwall coast, but it’s the one spot on the globe he vowed to never visit again.  He’s bitter, raging, and eager for a diversion from his pathetic situation…

When Winifred arrives, demanding shelter and assistance, John isn’t inclined to provide any help.  But she’s pretty, intriguing, and in desperate need of a knight in shining armor. How can he resist?



So …..After reading book one in the series I delved into book two ….

The family is loosely connected to the Earl of Benton ( Peyton’s brother) he fathered (another) two children, (they have the same father, but different mothers) and when Winifred (or Winnie as the children like to call her) comes storming in to demand that he not only provide a home for the child, his sister had with the Earl of Benton, she also asks that he take in the child’s half brother and herself (she claims that she is the child’s legal guardian, but when all in fact she is their governess) and when he refuses, Winifred is at a loss at what to do next, their home gone, her job no longer needed, John was their last hope ….

John isn’t happy that he has to come home, he loved the army after joining it at a very young age, he gave him the “family feeling” he didn’t get at home. But after a scandal drums him out of his “beloved” army, John wearily makes his way home, to become the Lord of Dunworthy (an honorary title, not an actual title)

Coming face to face with Winifred annnoys him no end ….. how dare she claim his sister had a child out of wedlock, and to a married man at that !!! And that she wants a home for the children and the rest of the family !!! She has a nerve, but she was a feisty young thing.
But he really can’t afford the young lady and two children to wander around the castle and village …. John has a secret, he’s had to start smuggling to cover the debts his family has left him with.

But he comes to his senses and offers Winnie and the two children a room for the night, but just for tonight, and as soon as the tide is low, he’s getting them off his island.

But circumstances change, and John and Winnie become allies (there are people in the castle that want Winnie gone, and John to be married to the widow of his late brother) their bickering and bantering had me chuckling at times.

So ….. do John and Winnie have a happy ending ? Or will she find out about his smuggling ? And will the other forces come into play and keep them apart ?




CHERYL HOLT delivers the delightful, emotional, and stunning conclusion to her Jilted Brides trilogy…

Amelia Boyle has always viewed herself as an extremely modest and moral woman. But after suffering a string of personal catastrophes, she went a bit wild and made several reckless decisions. Her spurt of excess culminated in her becoming engaged to a man she barely knew. When he promptly jilted her at the altar, the cruel act yanked her to her senses. She’s been forced to admit she has frivolous tendencies, and she vows to never let them flare again.

James Hastings loves his life in the army, and he doesn’t plan to ever retire. He’s a confirmed bachelor who spends his days around active, tough men who are proud to serve King and country. He’s not interested in marriage or settling down, and he has no time for women and no patience for flirtation.

But when Amelia stumbles into his dull, boring world, she turns it upside down, and it gradually dawns on him that he might not be able to live without her. Amelia has sworn off romance though and has other plans that don’t include binding herself to a handsome, dashing soldier. Can James convince her that he might be precisely who and what she needs to be happy?


REVIEW: Amelia is planning a trip to Gibraltar, well planning isn’t exactly the word. Amelia fell for a smooth talking con man ….
And now she needs to get away, and answering a call to become a ladies travel companion seems like an ideal opportunity to escape London and all the gossip her downfall will bring.

We meet Amelia in book one (Jilted by a Cad) and I had hoped she would get a book.

Her rescuer comes in the form of James Hastings (Lord Denby)
He’s a sailor and the brother to the lady she travelled with.
But a rescuer isn’t how she first sees him, he’s half naked and riding on the back of a horse.

He is so rude, and vain, and conceited, he flirts like mad with Amelia, but soon stops when he finds out Amelia travelled with his sister (she told Amelia that James had written to her and told he she was to come to Gibraltar, when in fact, he hadn’t had spoken to his sister in years) so storming to their hotel, he is absolutely fuming.

James doesn’t want to be Lord Denby, he told his family that he didn’t want the title. But as his brother passed away, the title is rightfully his. And his sister told him that he had to come home and look after her. He likes his life in Gibraltar and has no inclination to go home.

The banter and bickering was very much in the same vein as the other two books.
And all the books connect (there is a man that cons all the women out of money and innocence)

They were fun and very light hearted. The romance felt a little stilted.
So if you like your historical romance, then give these books a go.

They don’t really need to be read in order, but I did and felt they read better.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻


by Tory Richards

Nomad Outlaws #1
by Tory Richards

I grabbed Ginger by the hand and pulled her out of the room, down the hall and to the bathroom. Her resistance was futile, her fear unimportant. I knew what I had to do, and if she were smart, she’d realize it, too. If she wanted to live. I opened the bathroom door and yanked her inside, thankful that I found it empty. It was filthy, but better than nothing, and it had a shower that everyone used when they felt the need to be clean, which wasn’t often.

Ginger spun around when I shut the door, the look of a trapped animal in her pretty blues. I ignored her growing terror, steeling myself for what I had to do. Even behind closed doors I had to make it real, had to be convincing that I was an unfeeling bastard. I saw her swallow, could see her tits rising and falling rapidly as the fear of the unknown overwhelmed her. She was expecting the worst, preparing herself to do whatever she had to do to survive.


REVIEW: Rebel is uncover at the Red Devil’s Motor Cycle club. He goes in ….. finds the dirt …. then he and his “proper” MC Dark Menace disband the Red Devil’s.

But first Rebel has to be “initiated” he has to have sex with a virgin.
Now, Rebel has no problem sleeping with women, but they have to be of legal age and willing, and this unwilling girl is anything but.

She looks well underage under all the dirt and oversized clothing. But he has to look to be doing the part of a new sleazy member of the club.

So after telling the club leader to go away, he drags the young girl to the bathroom to clean up before he does the deed….

Ginger was kidnapped whilst walking home from work.

Bundled into a van, scared and alone, she never thought it would happen to her. She fought her kidnappers, but still she was taken off the streets. Kept a prisoner until a biker took her virginity and then helped her escape. The biker gang had disappeared, but Ginger had kept moving from town to town, afraid they would find her, and take her back.

We catch up with Ginger 4 years later …..
She’s working Bike week at Daytona Beach, a waitress in a bar.
She likes the area, but she knows not to get attached to a place for long.
Saving her meagre wages, living on the bare minimum, she needs savings, she needs to make amends !!!!

And then her worse nightmare comes true …
Rebel has found her (but she thinks he’s a Red Devil biker) she thinks he’s going to take her back, he’s got another thing coming …

Rebel has been looking for his angel, and now he’s found her. On the pretence of collecting the money she stole from him, he has a way back into her life.

The ending is all too familiar, but all the gruff taking and posturing had me a little jaded by then….

It’s told from both points of view.
And it seems to be the newest genre, where the men are men and the women are grateful !!  

it’s retold in a blunt fashion, and for me a little too blunt ….

It’s well written, but I didn’t get my usual connection when a male is being “an alpha male” and I’d rather read from the 3rd persons point of view (but that’s my preference)


Nomad Outlaws #2