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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

One year after his bride left him at the altar for his best man, Christian Jager is stuck in a rut. Working at the local co-op, dating the same handful of women he’s known since childhood, riding with the wild hunt twice a month to keep the jötnar who destroyed Asgard from invading earth.

He wants something more, but he’s not quite sure what it is until Jacey Morgan blows into his life like a breath of fresh air. A wildlife biologist who’s come to Ragnarok to investigate rumors of a strange predator in the area, she’s also a native Midgardian who can’t ever learn the truth about Christian or his clan. His job is to distract her and get her the Hel out of town as quickly as possible so the Æsir can take care of the problem themselves.

Jacey wants the case wrapped up quickly too, and she’s not about to get distracted by the sinfully sexy man who’s so unexpectedly determined to help. With a new degree and a plan to get out of Iowa, she’s ready to move on to bigger and better things… A dragon isn’t quite what she had in mind.



Dragonslayer by Eleri Stone was an “Awesome” story. This is a continuing story, which is part of Stone’s Twilight of the Gods series, but it can be read on its own, but as lots of the characters are from the two previous books, it will help to have read the first two books.

A quick recap on the two previous books…..

A small village of descendants of gods live on a fault line, (a magical portal that opens on each new moon and full moon)> They guard the portal from demons known as jotnar (funny squigges over a few letters), if these demons get pass the gods, then earth (or midguard) will be eaten !!!

The gods have descended from the original Norse gods, but through time their powers aren’t as strong, so they are almost human, but with a few powers. There are also wolves who change into men (no females, that story was explained in the last book). And witches who try to keep the portal closed.

Christian the hero in our book, was featured a lot in the previous book, he was engaged to Raquel, she in turn met and fell in love with Fen (werewolf) Christians best friend !! (Second book )

So Christian now lives in the house that was suppose to be his and his wife’s. He is a free spirit, entered into a marital contract whilst he was still a baby, he had always known that he was to be married once his bride turned twenty-five, so he played the field, loving and leaving women, knowing his future would catch up to him.

Only trouble is, he wants a wife, he built the house and all the rooms for her. He is a carer, and wants to settle down. 

Enters our heroine if the book. Jacey Morgan, a wildlife biologist.

The sparks don’t fly from the first moment, but Christian is intrigued. And when Jacey witnesses a hunt, (when the gods hunt down the demons) things are set in motion. Christian promises his leader Aiden (hero from first book) that they can trust Jacey, and even get her help.

Christian knows she can’t stay, midguardians (humans) aren’t allowed to mate with them, their powers are being diluted, so only other villages that guard the portals are allowed to marry.

The dragon scenes are excellent, I could picture the action with very little problem. The ongoing story is easy to follow, and the sub stories, whet your appetite for more books.

The story is a little slow, but I like that, they fight their attraction. But in the end ……..

Does Christian get his happy ending?   I’m not telling 


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