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Book Review πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Why did the demon cross the road? Apparently to escape from Kyle McKinley. Which is more than fine with her.

The last thing she wants is to be dragged into another supernatural crisis, but the Fates have something more interesting in store for her. Since the tricky wenches love to mess with people, Kyle isn’t really surprised. And once she learns Trina, the young shifter girl whose memory she erased, is being stalked again, Kyle will do whatever it takes to protect her.

Normally a secretive group, the shifters reluctantly agree to allow Kyle and her vampire and demon teammates to investigate. Are the poachers who kidnapped Trina back for revenge? But when other shifters are also targeted, Kyle becomes convinced there is more to the attacks than vengeance. And when the violence escalates and Griffin, the enigmatic leader of the shifters, ends up in the crosshairs, the team braces for a bloodbath.

Scrambling to identify the mysterious group bent on destroying the shifters, and why, Kyle is also haunted by dreams and painful flashes from the prophesied Key of Knowledge which has taken up residence in her brain. In typical Kyle fashion, she decides to ignore it, but the more she ignores it, the more it digs its claws into her consciousness. If she can’t learn to embrace the Key and ask for help from those closest to her, she could lose her sanity before she’s able to prevent a shifter civil war.



I am seriously loving the Mind Sweeper series by A.E. Jones. Kyle is a kickass female with a boys name. Lots happened in the last book that I didn’t want to give away, so it makes this review a little tricky.

In Shifter Wars, Kyle has now moved away from her old friends, home and work colleagues. We start with her rescuing a human from Demons, then getting a new job in a casino.

For those who haven’t read the first book, or the novella, a quick recap….
Kyle is a human who has the ability the alter your memories, which comes In handy, she works with shifters, demons and vampires, this group patrols these factions and keeps the humans safe.

The action is kept at a good pace, Kyle moves back to her old world to help a family from the previous book. The shifters are worried that Trisha is being targeted again. So with the help of Jean-Luc and Misha (a demon and a vampire) they set to work finding out who wants the wolf child.

There are new characters, and all of them make this a great read. The atmosphere between her and Nicholas (her old boss) was very tense. Jason (her temporary replacement) bounce well. And the love between her, Misha and Jean-Luc was like brothers and sisters reunited.

And the feelings between Kyle and Griffin (the leader of the werewolves) had me grinning and blushing. Oh and the sub-story (Kyle is now a key) that’s really moving at a great rate.

And the ending ……. Nope, not revealing anything, but I’m already needing the next book.



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