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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

To have and to hoax…

Wild child lingerie store owner Lucy Hamilton is a happily confirmed bachelorette. As far as she’s concerned, men are something best enjoyed in small doses, never to be allowed too close. Then Lucy’s mother tells her Aunt Bev that Lucy has eloped and is married—a tiny lie only meant to appease the dying woman…until Aunt Bev miraculously recovers. Now Lucy needs to find a “husband” for an upcoming family wedding, and fast.

Fortunately, Lucy’s ridiculously hot, ridiculously straitlaced new accountant Dex Levian is willing to be her stand-in spouse for the weekend. And that’s when the trouble really begins. For starters, Dex’s “involvement” with a client―no matter how irresistible―might ruin a merger he hopes will make his career. Worse still, the chemistry between Dex and Lucy is more than convincing―it’s sizzling. But for Lucy, falling for her fake new husband is the most dangerous thing she can do…


The Surrogate Husband by Wynter Daniels is not my usual read, but once started, I couldn’t put it down.

The will they, won’t they was rather predictable, but the story was still a fantastic read. The tension and sizzle factor was off the scale sometimes  The large cast of characters are well developed as well as captivating with their own personalities.

Lucy is a confirmed bachelorette after a failed engagement to a man who turned out to be a tyrant, (very much like her overpowering father). She owns her own business, thanks to her generous but aging Aunty, (who we find out would like to see her niece happily married before she dies.)

It has left Lucy with some emotion scars. She is now more a love them and leave them, before they leave her person.

Dex is Lucy’s accountant, and hasn’t met her before. He is so taken and drawn to Lucy upon meeting her that he agrees to play the part of her husband, to help Lucy make her aunt’s request come true.

But what Dex doesn’t tell anyone is the clause that forbids any client involvement as part of his employment contract. Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong. Misunderstood moments, embarrassing moments and then the naughty moments 

This then begins to complicate things. Dex wants more than Lucy is willing to give. When things take a downward slide, where will Lucy land ? When they are going to be forced to come clean, what will happen to their temporary marriage ?

The Surrogate Husband was a fun read, and I had a great time dipping into their life.


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