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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

The Vietnam War throws tough but vulnerable Specialist Jane Larson into the strong arms of cursed immortal Captain Barnaby Blackstone. As the world disintegrates around them, one night of passion ends with him shoving her onto a helicopter as a bomb explodes right where he stood.

Years later, Jane is neck deep in an undercover DEA operation gone horribly wrong. Kidnapped and then committed to an asylum, she has no hope of escape from the clutches of cult leader and narcotic trafficker, Tim Thompson. The only thing that sustains her through the pain is the image of a certain Captainโ€™s handsome face. Now that she is broken in body and spirit, she has no future with any man, including Barnaby.

As cursed Indebted killer, Barnaby has spent several of his immortal years searching for the fierce and beautiful woman who had unlocked hope in his cold, hard soul. When he finds her near death in a hospital, he uses his Indebted strength to help her escape, but in the process attracts the attention of a maniac who is intent on revenge. To save Jane, he must reveal his deepest secret and risk her rejection.



Flameโ€™s Dawn by Jillian David is a prequel to her Hell to Pay series. 
I have read the whole series, and loved it, so I inhaled the next chapter of this series. 

This is about Barnaby. Having read this series so far, I know how this ends. And itโ€™s a great story. We hear so much about Barnaby through the other books in the series, and how he interacts with the other characters, it was great to read his story. Only downside โ€ฆโ€ฆ It wasnโ€™t long enough 

For those who havenโ€™t read the series (boy you need to read the series) indebted are immortal killers for their master Jerahmeel (like the devil) they kill using a special knife, it absorbs their soul and it feeds their master. They start as humans, but after an injustice, Jerahmeel may or may not hear their cries, he gets them to sign a contract, and they are eternally his. They can only escape once they have completed the special kill. No one knows how to end their contract. 

We start Barnaby and Janeโ€™s story in war torn Vietnam. Both have noticed each other for a while, but neither have acted on it.  This is where you think the story ends, but it doesnโ€™t. 

We jump to the future, Jane is now working for the DEA, going deep undercover to break a drug and cult ring, she is soon in over her head. Being forced to take drugs, poor Jane is broken, and to keep her quiet, she is placed in an asylum. 

Barnaby is now sick of his life as an indebted, he searches for a loophole, a way to release himself and others from their servitude, but he has never forgotten Jane; always wondering where she ended up. 

The couple are reunited when he finds her in the asylum, breaking her free, as they attempt to hide from the cult/drugs leader. As the drugs begin to leave Janes system, she begins to notice things. Barnaby heals really fast, can do things that shouldnโ€™t be possible. And when confronting him, will she believe the things he will say to her ? 

If youโ€™ve read the other books, then this is a must, if you havenโ€™t, then this is a good place to start.  Itโ€™s a prequel, but really, you can read it at the start of the series, or at the end. But Iโ€™m going to read it again, then go back to the other stories.


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