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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Laid off from her job at the bank, Carla turns to her friends for support only to find they’re more concerned about their jobs. The one person she can count on is local bartender Murphy, but what kind of example is that to set for her daughters? Having learned the hard way, Carla’s not depending on any man, even if he is cute, charming, very kind, and some kind of leprechaun?

Murphy is used to sneers. Clurichauns are the redheaded stepchildren of the leprechaun world and then there are the late-night throw-downs at his bar. What he wants, however, is to protect the dainty little mom who ogles him when she thinks no one’s looking. He knows she’s fighting overwhelming odds, but she’ll need more than bravery when the conflict between the King and Queen of the Fairies becomes outright civil war!



Fighting Mad by Kathy Bryson is another great story to her fun series. You don’t have to read them in order, and it will stand on its own, but the other books in the series will give you an insight to the world and the characters.

Carla is our heroine, and I’ve enjoyed her in the previous books. I had hoped she would get her own book, and it’s a great story. Very well written, very descriptive, and the narrative will have you in stitches.

Carla decides to start a wedding business after the bank lays her off, but her first (and possibly last) wedding is a disaster; with the bride threatening to sue. What’s a woman to do ? There are a few things that happen at the wedding which are pretty important, (and no I won’t spoilt it) to the story.

The attraction between Murphy and Carla is very sweet. She has loved him for ages, and has only recently been able to talk to him without stuttering or making a fool of herself. When Murphy rescues her from the wedding fiasco, things trot along nicely.

Murphy is a redheaded cousin of leprechauns (yup, we don’t get enough books on those guys), but they aren’t little men with beards and pots of gold… no, these are gorgeous men, and poor Carla is not immune to his looks and charms. He has noticed that the mother of two teenage daughters likes to stare at him, when she thinks he is not looking. Murphy has been aware of her for a while.

The other story going on in the background, the one involving the King and Queen of the Fae. That’s an ongoing battle, and things are getting rather hostile! It’s a well written story, very descriptive, and the funny moments will have you laughing to yourself 😊

I’ve read them all, and I have to say, this one has been my favourite. It’s a great read, and one I’m happy to recommend.


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