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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Bound to the wrong mate… Crushed by an unforeseen enemy… Forced to become a person you were never supposed to be…

Recently promoted to the Special Operations Topside Team, quiet warrior Breen Dalakis is the least likely man to commit an unauthorized bite. But in a moment of blinding bloodlust, he bites and bonds with a new Dragon woman, permanently tying himself to a stranger. Now he must find a way to break through her seething rejection, but a lifetime spent skirting his emotions has left him stumped. 

Wild girl Charlize Renault has never been in a long-term relationship, doesn’t want one now, and there’s a good reason for that—a deeply buried, secret reason. But when Breen disappears on a mission gone bad, Charlize’s emotional ghosts rise again. She’ll finally have to conquer her past if she ever wants to find true happiness with the man who has moved mountains to reach her…but the last time she fought her demons, they nearly destroyed her.


I’ve read all the previous books in Tracy Tappan‘s The Community series.  I always wondered if there were anymore, so I was thrilled to get to read her latest book, Moon-Riders.  And it was sooooooo worth the wait. 

So a quick run down ……. 
The community of Ţărână is an underground civilization.
The Om Rău are a race of (bad vampires) 
The Vârcolac people are (good vampires) 

Human Women from “topside” are kidnapped by the Vârcolac and mated to different classes of  Vârcolac.  At first I had issues with kidnapping women, but carry on and you’ll find that the males in this races, worship the ground their mate walks on. Previous attempts to repopulate their race has failed, so that’s why they kidnap Dragon women from topside (these are human females with certain DNA and tasty blood). 

The Om Rău are cousins of the Vârcolac, but they don’t treat their women well (in fact a few scenes from the previous books almost had me giving up the series.) so if they get the chance, they will kidnap women from their rival group. 

Are you with me?   So let’s go …… 

The book “Moon Riders” is just as fast paced and action packed as the previous books. Witty one liners and face palming will have you hooked in no time. 

Breen has been recently promoted to the Special Operations Topside Team (to rescue and retrieve Dragon females) a quiet an unassuming male, he wants to find his mate, but is happy to do his job until he finds her….. and boy does he find her.

Charlize is a “good time” girl, always game for a laugh, the original “party animal” she’s all for having “fun” with Breen, until he bites and bonds with her, she’s not to happy at first, (the girl has issues and a few skeletons in her closet) in fact Breen really has his work cut out to persuade her that he is the male for her. But being a “virgin” (oh I forgot to tell you, until the Vârcolac finds his mate …. no sex drive !!!) he is overcome with bloodlust and “bonds” himself to Charlize. Breen finds it hard to show emotion as overtime his has frozen over. 

And whilst this is going on …… there is a sub plot just brewing away (nope, not going to spoil it) and it’s a good one 

Will Breen and Charlize be able to get past their differences and be together? Well I think Charlize really wants to settle down (one of her friends is mated to a Vârcolac), she sees the way they are together, and it makes her wonder if she could have that too. 

And Breen once he overcomes his lack of emotion….. 

You’ll just have to read and find out. 

I do think you’ll need to read in order, the books make better sense. It was nice catching up on previous couples from the other books. You won’t regret it. 


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