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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Mate/ The Boss (A Fire’s Edge Series) by Abigail Owen


A prequel to the scorching paranormal romance, The Boss ….. 

Maddie Thompson’s life just fell down a rabbit hole. Finding out she’s a dragon shifter was one thing—she never quite fit into the human world, and this new reality feels…strangely right. However, discovering the next step is to choose a mate, and if she chooses wrong she’ll die, is the other side of crazy. Especially when she already left a piece of her heart with someone who didn’t want it.

To say dragon enforcer Fallon Conleth was shocked when the Mating Council summoned him as a potential mate for a newly found dragon doesn’t quite cover it. A mate is rare and precious and many dragons never find theirs. Fallon isn’t sure he’s worthy of the honor, not when so many deserve it more. He’ll just go through the motions and return home alone…until he sees Maddie. The human woman he reluctantly let walk away.

Fallon already broke Maddie’s heart once, but if he can’t convince her that they’re meant to be, she’ll die… and he won’t be far behind.


The Mate is the prequel of the book before THE BOSSby Abilgail Owen ….. 

I do like a back story, and we definitely get one here. 

The story is about dragons finding their mates, choose correct and your lifespan increases, but chose wrong …… 

Mates are rare, and males have been known to steal and murder to obtain a mate. 

Most dragons are male and the female dragons born are sterile  (each clan is a different colour) so they find mates in the human world, the women show small signs of dragon DNA, they are then shown how to mate and become a full dragon. 

But mate wrong, and the female will go up in flames !!!!    So ….. 

Maddie didn’t realise she had dragon DNA, and now she needs to find a dragon mate (otherwise she will die) and she needs to mate correctly, otherwise both her mate and herself will go up in flames (literally) 

So Maddie has someone to help with her transition and she’s really grateful to him, but when she’s placed in a room full of potential mates, her plan hits a problem, and when one of those potential suitors is a blast from her past, Maddie knows it’s really not going to be that simple !! 

She had thought her and Fallon were together forever material, but that wasn’t the case, so she doesn’t see why Fallon should get a second chance, but fate usually has something up its sleeve !! 

Fallon is a low level enforcer for the Huracans (the name of his group of enforcers) hand picked by his clan king, he loves his job and his team members. He is also quite young to be chosen (his team mates are all older and without mates) He has no real interest in mating, he found a human once and hasn’t been involved with anyone since. 

So we now arrive at the mating and Fallon is surprised to say the least even he sees Maddie, he didn’t get a feeling that she had dragon DNA, and now he feels he has a chance at finally being with her, but he has a rival and his dragon side isn’t happy at all. 

Will Maddie chose him ? 

Will the other Dragon fight for his right to mate with Maddie ?

Will they both survive the mating ritual ? 

The prequel doesn’t need to be read, but I think background is always a good thing


Finn Conleth leads his team of enforcer dragon shifters with an iron fist and a cold heart. Every dragon seeks his destined mate, but the process to turn the woman he once thought was his killed her and devastated him. He will never risk his heart again. His team is his family now. When his body eventually gives out, he’ll leave, living his last days alone.
Delaney Hamilton moved across the country to escape the freak fires that plague her. But when another suspicious fire erupts and rapidly escalates around her, her hopes for a new life go up in smoke. She has no choice but to turn to the mysterious men who come to her aid. 
Finn knows the fire is dragon-caused, which puts Delaney’s problems directly in his jurisdiction. No matter how her wounded grey eyes call to every part of him, he refuses to risk her life in the mating process. Until another dragon threatens to claim Delaney for his own, and Finn has to sacrifice everything to keep her alive…

Dragon males need human women to mate with, the only female dragons are sterile.
But Finn lost the only woman he loved, she burned from the inside out in a mating ritual, (they have to breathe fire into their chosen female) so Finn swore never to fall in love again, mating was for more worthy dragon males, and when his time comes he will leave the family he cares about and he’ll die alone. 

Finn is a cold leader to his enforcer team, he cares, but to watch him you wouldn’t know it. His team is the best and that’s due to Finn constantly training his dragons. 
They fight wildland fires (caused by dragons) in dragon form, and only in human form if humans are in danger. But they need to do it in secret, humans can’t know there are dragons, so they fly in low, absorb the flames, then fly out, punish the dragons responsible …. simple 😉

Finn is big brother to Fallon (hero in the prequel “The Mate”) and he cautioned Fallon not to fall for Maddie and mate her (needless to say, Fallon ignored his brother and now he has a dragon mate) 

Delaney Hamilton starts fires (by accident) and she can’t explain them, so she is always on the move. She wakes up and is usually surrounded by fire. 
She wonders if she’s going mad, but after losing her family in a horrible car crash, things have never been the same since. 

And when Finn first meets Delaney, he’s worried by his thoughts, his concern and worry over the female, he can’t afford to get attached, he doesn’t want to know more about her, but his dragon has other ideas ….

Working together to find rogue dragons, Delaney and Finn fight their growing attraction to each other, Finn really can’t get involved, his heart can’t take it again. And Delaney wants to trust him, but she’s scared that she will hurt him. 

Oh and did I mention there is a rogue contingency ??? Rogue dragons that are trying to take over the dragon rule !!! 

I thoroughly enjoyed The Boss by Abigail Owen, and hope there are more out soon. 



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