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Book Review👩🏻‍💻

Darkest warrior …. lords of the underworld…. Gena Showalter

A searing Lords of the Underworld tale by New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter, featuring a beastly prince and the wife he will wage war to keep

He is ice…

Puck the Undefeated, host of the demon of Indifference, cannot experience emotion without punishment, so he allows himself to feel nothing. Until her. According to ancient prophecy, she is the key to avenging his past, saving his realm and ruling as king. All he must do? Steal her from the man she loves—and marry her.

She is fire…

Gillian Shaw has suffered many tragedies in her too-short life, but nothing could have prepared the fragile human for her transition into immortality. To survive, she must wed a horned monster who both intrigues and frightens her…and become the warrior queen she was born to be.

Together they burn.

As a rising sense of possession and obsession overtake Puck, so does insatiable lust. The more he learns about his clever, resourceful wife, the more he craves her. And the more time Gillian spends with her protective husband, the more she aches for him. But the prophecy also predicts an unhappily-ever-after. Can Puck defeat fate itself to keep the woman who brought his deadened heart back to life? Or will they succumb to destiny, losing each other…and everything they’ve been fighting for?



I love this series and I’ve read all the books, so I was so excited to finally get to read this.

So ……
background story …..

We have (14 books) and (4 novellas) and to be honest the series does need to be read in order (lots of original characters are in all the books)

Lords of the underworld ….. These were immortal guards sworn to protect a secret… Pandora’s Box.

But they were tricked into killing the keeper of the box and opening the lid ….. releasing evil demons (negative emotions and feelings) into the world. The gods were angry and made the guards into prisons to “house” the demons.

And to add further insult, the guards were “marked” with huge ragged butterflies on the bodies. The guards were then kicked out of Olympus and forced to live in the “mortal world”, for centuries they warred, and caused untold misery on the earth, until they got control of their “demons” …….

Each book deals with a warrior and his “demon” the eternal struggle they have to do “right” in the world……

Further in the series, we find out that too many demons were released, so others were used to “contain” the demons (Demi gods and prisoners of war)

The back story is to regain the pieces of the box, to put the box back together and to release the demons back into the box…..

simple !!!! Not by a long shot …..

we have double dealings, back stabbings (literally in some cases) and everyone wanting the box for its powers.

So ……..
Puck is a relatively new character to the series.
He is a prince and a warrior.
He is a warrior unlike any other, no mercy, no surrender.
He is the “keeper” of indifference, he has been unable to feel any type of emotion without extreme pain, so he taught himself not to feel any emotion.
He doesn’t like war …. but you start it, he will definitely finish it.
He also doesn’t bed the same female twice, he doesn’t want the prophecy to come true.

Gillian is a human female, brought into the series relatively early on.
She was abused as a child by her family, and the lords stepped in and brought her to their home, she has been loved and cared for ever since.

Gilly has had a crush on William (someone who may or may not house a demon) ever since he rescued her from her family, and she was determined to “marry him” when she grew up, that childish crush turned into love. And although William “loved” his Gilly, he was her protector, but somewhere along the line, his feelings changed (but William has a destiny all of his own)

We set the scene for Puck and Gilly a couple of books back (only snippets), Gilly becomes ill and will die unless “bonded” to an immortal. Why Puck ? Why not William ? (All is explained in the book)

So I was anxious to see when Gena would take us (the fans had really wanted William and Gilly to have a HEA)

Gilly hates Puck on sight, as far as she is concerned the sooner her “marriage” to this monster ends the better, she is determined to go ahead and still be with William.

Gilly knows all about “monsters” both human and demon, and she’s prepared to fight to get what she wants.

Puck on the other hand is surprised that he “feels” something for this female, he had to bond with her in order to get what he wants (his kingdom) but he intends to let her go, once he gets it.

So ….. we have two main characters they don’t really like each other (and we have a third on the outside, waiting to kill Puck and regain Gilly)

And that’s not even to say they get a HEA (the prophecy says that he gets an UHEA (unhappy ever after) !!!!

The book is very fast paced, meeting characters from previous books always makes me smile.
The twists and turns keep you guessing as to whom gets Gilly, and do we get closer to finding Pandora’s Box ? There are a few other plots along the way.

I personally didn’t want Gilly and William together……do I get my wish ? You’ll have to read the book and found out.


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