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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Cedric the Demonic Knight  (The Cedric Series Book 1) by Valerie Willis

Back cover …… 

For almost a century Lord Cedric has hunted the supernatural, hiding the fact he’s one of Sorceress Morrighan’s abominations. Fearful of others discovering his true nature, he weds the Lady of the Court, Angeline, after winning a tournament. The dormant magic in her veins overwhelms his senses, forcing him to realize she’s more than what she appears. He must ask himself: are his feelings a creation of his incubine bloodline or true romantic emotions?

Torn between his tragic past and his suicidal quest to kill his creator, Cedric and Angeline must learn to trust each other or lose themselves to the oncoming war.

Enter a world with memorable antagonists like Succubus Queen Lillith, Romasanta the Father of Werewolves, Battle Goddess Badbh, and many more. Lose yourself to lores and history long forgotten from the 12th Century and beyond.

My review …… 

Cedric is retelling his story to a barman…
He’s been a fighter for as long as he can remember. 
But it’s a lonely one, everyone is scared of him, he has no one to call friend, Cedric has fooled himself into believing he needs no one. 
But meeting Angeline, Cedric realises he needs someone in his life, so why not her ? But he thinks he can use her as bait to lure his prey to him, he doesn’t yet realise how much Angeline will come to mean to him. 
Angeline is a poorer cousin to the king, a farmers daughter. Not afraid to speak her mind, nor is she scared of hard work. 
She has no intentions of marrying to keep her family happy. 
Cedric is different from most, he has mixed blood running through his veins, incubus (that side needs to have sex to recharge its energy) and vampire. Although he recharges the vampires energy, he refuses to listen to the incubus, the last time he fed from a witch, it didn’t end well (and no I don’t know what happened) his end goal in life is to end his creators existence. The sorceress Morrighan. 
Angeline had the misfortune of meeting Cedric one dark evening, and now she has become the focus of this demonic stranger.  He thinks to use her as bait or prey, but his other side (the incubus side) seems to want more, and now Cedric is confused, and he’s not in control, and that isn’t an option with Cedric. 
They travel together, hate for one another is strong, she hates the fact she is married to a demon, he doesn’t treat her well, nor does he respect her, and he uses her as bait (he needs to feed to stay strong) and he isn’t impressed that he continues to feel things for his “pet”.  And when Angeline comes into her magic (can’t tell you how, it might spoil the story for you😉) Cedric has to fight both his demon and incubine sides for his stubborn witch 
And when a near fatal accident almost kills Cedric, the only course is to give him some of Angeline’s blood, the whole thing takes on a more dangerous route for Cedric, his desire for Angeline hits an all time high. How can he ignore her, when he can sense her even more ?!?! 
There are three books in the series: 
Cedric the demon knight.
Romasanta. Father of werewolves.
The Oracle. The keeper of Gaea’s gate.
I’m interested in how it all ends ….. 
The stories are all stand alone, but they seem to all come together 🤔
So …. does Cedric fall for his “pet”? Will Angeline “bond” with her demon husband ? And will the curse follow Cedric and Angeline ? 
And what does the future hold for Cedric ? Is he alone in the future ? 


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