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Book Review πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

A Protector in the Highlands (Highland Roses School) by Heather McCollum

With few other options, Scarlet Worthington flees from her home in England to the wild Highlands of Scotland to help her sister run a school for ladies. There, Scarlet begins to rebuild her own shattered confidence by recruiting a fierce Campbell warrior to teach her and the students how to protect themselves from villains and scoundrels. The intimidating Aiden Campbell both infuriates Scarlet and ignites a fire inside her as she works closely with him to hone her new skills.

Burned in a fierce fire, set by English soldiers, Highland warrior, Aiden Campbell, has finally healed enough to take temporary command of his clan. That’s where his focus should be instead of dealing with the feisty, beautiful Sassenach who asks him to teach her students.

When Scarlet’s past stalks her up into Scotland, her nightmares come alive, and Aiden’s lessons are put to the test. With his own ghosts from the past making him despise English women, Aiden fights the inferno of passion that’s grown between them, a different kind of wild fire that could prove just as deadly.

Each book in the Highland Roses School series is STANDALONE:

* A Rose in the Highlands
* A Protector in the Highlands



A Protector in the Highlands by Heather McCollumis the 2nd book in her Highland Roses School series.  This book starts where the last book ends.  You don’t need to read the first one, but a little background info on the characters always helps (you find out why scarlet is running, and his Aidan gets his scars) 

Aidan hates the English with a passion. He holds them responsible for everything, and there is no way he is going to help a fiery English woman teach women to fight and defend themselves, but there is something that keeps draining Aidan back. 

Scarlet is running from her past, her saviour comes in the form of her sister (A rose in the highlands) she travels to Scotland to help her run a school for young ladies. But running from your past is sometimes easier said than done, and when it comes back to haunt her, she ya too sure of her options. 

The banter between Aidan and Scarlett is at first more enemy than friends, then realising the attraction between them, it turns, but both of them are fighting it, Aidan wants nothing more to do with the English, if she were a lass from Scotland, then there would be no issue, but trust is hard for Aidan. 

It’s another nice read, I find the enemy to friend a little boring and predictable, but I love the characters that the author has created. The highlands of Scotland come to life whilst reading it. 

It’s a fun afternoon read, and if you like your hero’s with trust issues and heroines with a shady past, then I’d recommend this one to you 


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