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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

The Omega Sanction by Tomas Black



A bank vault deep beneath London. An investigator missing. A soldier at war with himself. Ben Drummond has survived war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Back in his native city of London, he fights a daily battle to reconcile his past. Harriet Jones is an investigator for the prestigious Roderick, Olivier and Delaney. Those in the financial community simply call it the ROD. She is fighting her own private war against those in organised crime who have killed her friends and loved ones. When Harrietโ€™s investigations lead her to a mysterious bank vault, deep beneath London, she uncovers a secret that could crush the financial heart of London and bring down the government of the UK. Now Harriet has disappeared. Ben Drummond accepts the assignment to find Harriet, but soon learns that unlocking the secret of the vault comes with a terrible price when powerful forces declare war on him and those he holds dear. With time running out to find Harriet, and against impossible odds, Ben Drummond must fight one last war and find it within himself to win the peace. The Omega Sanction is a fast-paced mystery thriller with more twists than the London Underground.



The Omega Sanction by Tomas Black is a different genre to what Iโ€™m use to reading. But what a great read. A very fast paced read. Lots of characters that I thought would detract from the story, but it only added to the story. 

Ben is a solider with a painful past, after serving in the military, he lends himself out as a contractor to NCA (National Crime Agency) he is now a computer forensic investigator.  Heโ€™s done work for them many times. He hates the label of Army, heโ€™s worked really hard to get rid his habits and rough ages. 

So he doesnโ€™t think anything is amiss when he gets a call to come in, but an early morning call telling him that itโ€™s urgent โ€ฆ. weโ€™ll thatโ€™s another matter ! 

Alex Fern, the woman heโ€™s working with at the moment is interested in the bank with the missing gold. Organised crime including the Russian mafia use the bank to launder their money. So the laptops Ben is to work on will hold interesting information. 

We also meet Harriet, she works as an investigator She opens a vault expecting to see gold, what she gets is an empty vault and a bemused assistant manager and client !! 

Ben now has to find Harriet as sheโ€™s missing. Who has her ? And why did she go missing? Is she in someway involved ? Does it have anything to do with the Russians that are hanging around ? 

Itโ€™s a well written story. All the characters are really believable. We have plenty of background info on Ben, his troubled past, and how he fights his demons and ghosts on a regular basis. Itโ€™s an author Iโ€™ll be adding to my list. 


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