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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

First Kiss of Freedom (A WhiteMoon Warriors Novel) by Nichole Wolfe


Centuries of waiting…..

For four hundred years, Charlie Matthews has waited for his revenge, becoming the very creature he seeks to destroy. When he finally returns to his Maker’s mansion, he knows the time is close. And only one thing stands between what he wants, and what he never knew he needed.

Leads to a single moment…

On Nessie Robinson’s eighteenth birthday, she gets an unexpected surprise.
Her ex-best friend. Emphasis on “ex.” Since he left ten years ago, she’s had to deal with the overbearing power of their Master.
With his return comes tragedy, and feelings she doesn’t want to face. But every moment makes them harder to ignore.

That changes everything ….

With one bite, Charlie and Nessie are forced to run for their lives. Leaving behind everything they’ve known, fighting for survival, freedom, and a chance at a future neither of them ever imagined.


REVIEW: Haven’t read a vampire story in a while.

In this book, not all vampires are nice, in fact after the humans find out about the vampires, things went from bad to worse, many became “blood slaves” no better off than cattle, used and abused with no thought to how they’d feel to be an unwilling donor.

Vanessa is such a human, a child when she first became a donor, now a young woman, she loathes and despises them, their cruelty when taking blood, and using them as house slaves as well.

She thought she had a friend for life in Charlie, but he left her and never looked back. She yearns to escape, but knows that’s an impossibility.

Charlie hates his master with a passion, his master is a cruel and violent vampire.

Charlie has watched as humans are turned into cattle and slaves, and now the vampire council are deciding on wether to let his master expand his slave trade. It needs to stop, and Charlie thinks he is strong enough to do it. And returning to the “home” he once knew fills him with dread, but he knows this may be his best shot.

Coming home has a few surprises for Charlie, one being the little girl who lightened his heart and made him want to be a better supernatural.

“Nessie” was an endearing soul, and always knew how to make him smile, but their first meeting didn’t go as planned, and the look in her eyes wasn’t joy, it was hatred.

Their relationship is slow in returning, but once it does, then both Charlie and Nessie have life changing decisions to make.

It was a very well written book, and the author described this new world in all its technicolour glory.

Do Charlie and Nessie get to make a life for themselves? And what about the master ? And will the council let them live ?


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