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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Jade Alters …. Claimed by the pack (The Rescue Team)

Back Cover …….

Cheyenne was new on the island, freshly out of college and out of her parent’s home.

She didn’t have much experience with men but that was about to change when Cheyenne has a run in with members of The Pack Security (a company founded by a group of ex-military soldiers who migrated to Indonesia after serving in Afghanistan).

In come Ridge, Grayson, and Chase.

Ridge, one of the toughest Beta’s in town, hadn’t ever had much “normal” in his life. He’d grown up in a wild pack and when they all died, he’d been tasked with raising the Alpha’s pup Grayson.

Grayson is still young and unsure of himself. He looks up to Ridge as his hero and is willing to do almost anything for him.

Chase is the loner, the outcast of the pack. He was found wandering in the hills of Bali, all alone. His pack had been destroyed by humans and he’d been left alone to fend for himself in the wild.

Now intertwined in Pack life, Cheyenne quickly gets pulled into the shifter world with little to no choice.

My Review …..

I have to be honest, it really wasn’t my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love shifter books, and the storyline was original, but I didn’t really like the characters. The wolves are real wolves that can take “human form”, but they prefer their wolf skin. They don’t get the human world. If the see a female then they give her a drug, and “work it out” after the drug had taken effect. I wasn’t too keen on that concept.

But I continued to read…..

Cheyenne has moved to a new place, has a new job and a few new friends, but being the “fat friend” doesn’t get her many dates. So when Ridge shows an interest in her, she’s not that receptive at first.

Ridge has met his mate, she just doesn’t know it yet !!! Cheyenne is his ideal woman, all those curves !!! But she’s a little wary, so he is all up for spiking her drink, claiming her, then letting nature take its course !!!

As far as Ridge, Grayson and Chase are concerned, each have a legitimate claim to Cheyenne, they haven’t even entertained the idea of sharing a mate (although their new alpha has a mate that he shares with two others)

There is a lot of miscommunication between the four characters, and reading it I thought it would have ended as just Ridge and Cheyenne.

It had potential, I just don’t think it reached it.


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