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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Running Bear By Amber Belmont

Back cover ….. 

When you run away from love, can you ever find happiness again?

Shelby Roberts spends her days surrounded by love and romance. A successful florist, she really doesn’t need a man getting in the way of growing her business. Life is hard enough without heartbreak.

But when her childhood sweetheart, Caleb, walks into her store, Shelby’s world is thrown into turmoil. If Caleb thinks she’ll take him back, he can forget it. Just because he’s got muscles to die for and a brooding jawline to match doesn’t mean she’s going to fall into his arms again, not after he shattered her heart into a million pieces. 

Shelby needs answers she isn’t sure Caleb can give. Why did he walk out on her all those years ago? Why’s he decided to come back now? And can she ever forgive him?

Falling in love with Caleb was the worst mistake of her life. One thing’s for sure. She’s never going to make the same mistake twice, no matter how persuasive Caleb is. And Caleb can be very charming when he wants something – or someone.
Can Caleb convince Shelby to give him a second chance or is it her turn to run away?

Running Bear by Amber Belmont is the first in the Love Laid Bear BBW paranormal shape shifter romance series. Stuffed with sexy alphas and strong, independent women, each book is completely standalone, although you may prefer to read them in order for maximum effect. These novellas get steamy, so if hot bear shifter romance books are your thing, you’ll love this.

My review …. 

Shelby thought her and Caleb were a match made in heaven, they would be together forever, she never thought she would just be left ….. but she was, heartbroken Shelby rebuilt her heart, and threw herself into her business, she’s made a success out of her floral business, in fact it’s time to think about taking on another helper. 
Caleb never meant to leave Shelby without a note, but how can you tell your one and only that your a shifter ? And a bear shifter, but once he had his other half under control, he had come back for Shelby, but by the looks of it she had moved on ….. 
Shelby is in the shop sorting out wedding bouquets, she loves the idea of creating a beautiful bouquet, just because she had her heart crushed, it doesn’t mean she wants other women to go through it, but Shelby also knows men come into get flowers, and usually to say sorry !!! When in walks the one man she never wanted to see again …. Caleb!! 
Caleb can’t believe his luck….. Shelby is still single and living in the same town, he has to approach her carefully, he knows he hurt her, but she did move on pretty quick !!! But he wants her back, and he won’t stop until she is his again. 
It’s a fun afternoon read. It’s a start of a series. Don’t think they will need to be in order. But I like to read them in order. 

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