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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Prodigal son and MMA fighter Vaughn Taggart fled his family’s ranch when his burgeoning psychic abilities and disastrous decisions destroyed his brother’s marriage. But his sister’s urgent plea for help prior to her being brutally attached by a demonic monster and the escalating threats from the rival Brand ranch in a ploy to obtain Taggart land, have lured Vaughn back to Copper River, Wyoming—but only long enough to get his family back on track. Nothing could make him stay where he no longer fits in.

Fresh out of residency and looking to escape a darkened past, Mariah West has her hands full with a new practice in a rural hospital. Forever underfoot and brazenly challenging her care of his sister, the powerfully muscled Vaughn Taggart racks her nerves and arouses her body.

When Mariah’s selfless concern for a patient makes her a pawn in the hands of the Brands, she discovers a fierce protector behind Vaughn’s wounded soul and a man with an extraordinary gift.

Now, Mariah and Vaughn must move beyond their pasts and unite to defeat the intensifying evil targeting the Taggart family–an evil that mortals can neither imagine nor fight.



Yes !!! Finally !! We get Vaughn’s story 😁

Legacy of Danger by Jillian David is Book 3 in her Hell’s Valley Series. I’ve read the brother’s story ( Garrett in legacy of lies ) and the sisters story ( Shelby in legacy lost) And always wondered about Vaughn. 

Let’s dive in shall we …… 

Vaughn is the big brother to Garrett, Kerr and Shelby. He’s had a huge burden on his shoulders for a few years, and it’s slowly eaten away at him, but his family need him, so he’s going back to a place he swore he never return to. 

Coming home after a frantic call from his sister he’s faced with demons (both figuratively and actual demons) and a torn up sister. 

Vaughn has powers like his siblings (Garret can detect lies, Shelby can see into the future and find anyone, and anywhere. Kerr is Shelby’s twin, so they also share a link. 
He knows when danger is coming and knows how to defend against it. 

There is also the ongoing battle with the Brand Ranch, it’s one of the brothers from that ranch who summoned a demon. The Brand ranch want the Taggart land, and by any means necessary. 

So …… Vaughn rescues his sister and their friend (Eric) from a fall and comes face to face with the demon who wants Shelby. He manages to beat the demon back, taking both Shelby and Eric to hospital. There he meets Mariah ….. 

Mariah has come to Wyoming as an intern, the quiet rural hospital seems the best place to forget her past. But when she meets bossy and unmoving Taggart brother to Shelby, she realizes that maybe she should have chosen another town. 

The story has them fighting their own demons and helping each other as well. Vaughn needs to be forgiven for past mistakes, but to also forgive himself, not to be so hard on himself. 

The secrets that Mariah brings with her, will she be able to let them go and move on ? 
What about the demon ? What does he want with the Taggart family? 
Will the neighbouring ranch ever leave them alone ? 

And will Kerr get his story ? 😉I do hope so.  


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