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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

While some may try, no one ruins a Hamilton family Christmas…

From Romantic Suspense BEST-SELLING and AWARD-WINNING Author • What happens when a family comes together for Christmas but upon arrival their vacation takes a deadly turn? In Sheila Kell’s novel of intrigue and the love of one family, three generations of Hamiltons work to solve a mystery that impacts one of their own.

A HAMILTON CHRISTMAS is the final stand-alone novel in the HIS series. This novel steps out of the romantic suspense mold of the series and revolves around a family vacation where relaxation is tossed in the snow. 

There is NO new love interest in this novel.

A year has passed since the Hamiltons celebrated a holiday as one family. Blake Hamilton—the family patriarch—invited his growing family to a remote Colorado lodge for more reasons than enjoying Christmas. He should’ve known that with his sons and daughter, trouble would find them. The important news he has to share takes a back seat when one problem after another hits them.

At ten years old, Reagan Hamilton knows she’ll lead HIS when she’s old enough. In the meantime, she trains with her uncles because she wants to show everyone she will be a good agent. When she arrives at the lodge, a man catches her attention so she decides she has a mystery to solve that involves him. When a crime happens, she sneaks away while dragging her cousins to help their parents find the criminal trying to set up her cousin.

When the allegations are proved wrong, but a criminal is on the loose while the weather is working against them, can the Hamiltons protect their family, and the guests relying on them, before events are out of their control?


Hamilton Investigation & Security: HIS series
Books do not have to be read in order, but you’ll get the whole picture if you do!

His Desire (Jesse & Kate) 
His Choice (AJ & Megan)
His Return (Jake & Emily)
His Chance (Devon & Rylee)
His Destiny (Trent & Kelly)
His Family (Blake & Elizabeth) Novella 
His Heart (Matt & Caitlyn)
His Fantasy (Brad & Madison)

A Hamilton Christmas….. 

My review ……. 
I’ve only read HIS DESIRE, (Jesse and Kate) but I really enjoyed it. 
And although I’m not a big fan of Christmas stories, I wanted to find out how they’ve been getting on. 
Reagan is a fun character and I’m hoping one day she’ll get a story all of her own. It’s mostly told through her eyes. She’s aware of what her family does for a living, and is determined to grow up and going into the family business. 
The family are all travelling together to visit Blake, father to all The Hamilton men, and one daughter. 
Lots of arguments are being held via the phone on the journey to the lodge the family are all staying. Reagan can’t get here head around some of the silly conversations, but she nods as if she understands it all. 
Meanwhile Blake is anxiously waiting for all his children to arrive (the affection he has for his children has always been genuine, but extremely stilted) the snow is getting pretty heavy, and wonders if a lodge was a good idea for the family meeting up this year. 
It does remind me of a Nancy drew or a famous five novel (the youngsters looking for clues and solving the mystery) 
It’s a fun short read. And it may even get you wondering how the Hamilton sons and daughter met their other halves 🤔

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