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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

Demons are a Girl’s Best Friend by AE Jones 


Aleksei Chesnokov is one busy demon. Between leading the immigration team to bring realm demons to earth and preparing to one day succeed his father as clan leader, his priorities and current project plans do not include finding a mate.

When his clan is attacked by the very demons heโ€™s trying to help, Aleksei must enlist the help of Naya, the leader of the realm guard. A strong, determined, frustrating female, she challenges his decisions and acts before she thinks.

As they work together to stop an impending war, Aleksei is drawn to Naya and the world she protects. When sheโ€™s taken hostage, Aleksei will move earth and the realm to save her. Because with all his agendas, checklists, and timelines, the one thing Aleksei never planned to do was fall in love.


Demons are a Girlโ€™s Best Friend by A.E. Jones is the 2nd book in her Realm series.  Now if memory serves me correct, we first meet Aleksei in her previous Mind Games series. 

Heโ€™s brother to Misha (hero in the last book) and he is the next in line to be clan leader to a group of demons when his dad stands down. And in the mind series games he was chosen to head up the migration of realm demons to earth. 
So he is really busy, he likes the pace and responsibilities, he relishes a challenge, and the realm demons coming to earth certainly do that (some of the realm demons donโ€™t want to come to earth, they donโ€™t trust the humans or the โ€œother demonsโ€, and the demons that live on earth, donโ€™t exactly want the realm demons coming here either) he works closely with the Kyle and her team to make sure peace is upheld and nothing goes wrong. 

Well it does โ€ฆ.. 

Naya is a realm demon, but she can cross to earth via portals (we met her for the first time in the mind game series) she is a warrior, a fighter and a damn good one. She is helping to keep the peace in the realm, trying to get all the demons to come to earth. 

Long ago Realm Demons were banished from earth and the descendants no longer remember why. But now they are being given a chance to come to earth and live a better life. But someone is trying to stir up trouble, fights are breaking out โ€ฆ.. 
And the team are trying to keep the peace on both sides. 

Everyone thought that Misha and Naya would be together, but there were signs in the previous books that there was a love/hate relationship between Naya and Aleksei (well more of a hate/dislike) 
Their one liners are funny, and when the realisation that they like each other hits, then itโ€™s denial all round. 

So who is trying to sabotage the migration?  

What do they gain ? 

As always AE Jones has done a fabulous job of pulling me into this world. Her one liners are great, her characters are very 3dimensional, and her work as always was spot on. 

Roll on Sergeiโ€™s book ๐Ÿ˜‰


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