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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Serpentine An Anita Blake,Vampire Hunter Novel by Laurell K. Hamilton ABOUT THE BOOK: 

Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, returns to face an ancient, Medusa-like curse in her twenty-sixth adventure. Fans of Charlaine Harris and Anne Rice will delight in this series by Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton.

‘I’ve never read a writer with a more fertile imagination’ Diana Gabaldon

My name is Anita Blake and I’ve always overcome anything I’ve faced. But this time, there’s a monster that even I don’t know how to fight . . .

A remote Florida island is the perfect destination for my fellow US marshal and best friend Edward’s wedding. And for me, it’s a welcome break as it’s the first trip I’ve ever taken with just wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel for company. But it’s not all fun, games and bachelor parties…

In this tropical paradise, Micah has discovered a horrific new form of lycanthropy, one that has afflicted a single family for generations. Believed to be an ancient Greek curse, it turns human bodies into a mass of snakes.

The last thing I need is more drama, but when women start disappearing from the hotel – and worse – my own friends and lovers become the prime suspects. A strange power is afoot, a force that’s rendering those around me helpless in its thrall. I can’t face this alone and am willing to accept help from even the deadliest places – help that I will most certainly regret. If I survive at all…


REVIEW:  I’ll have to admit, I haven’t read any of the other books in this long series (25 previous books!!!) So I was a little worried that I might have gotten a little lost, so with a deep breath, I dived in …..

The series is narrated in the first by Anita Blake, who works in St. Louis, Missouri, as a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police.

The early novels focused on crime-solving and action, and as I researched it eventually revolves around sex.
Now I don’t mind reading about it …..

But it does really revolve around sex !! So if too much sex puts you off, then it’s not the book for you, and I did find it a little hard (no pun) going at times…..

The main story line is set in Florida where Edward (Ted) Anita’s best friend (and one of the few men she hasn’t slept with) is finally going to marry his long-time fiancee.
So Anita sets off with 2 of her lovers (she has one more lover at home) for what’s she hopes is a fun filled Florida vacation….

But it doesn’t stay that way for long, women from the bridal group start going missing and Nathaniel (one of Anita’s lovers) get the blame. So Anita sets out to clear his name and to find the real culprit.
And boy what a ride that turns out to be.

A few twists and turns in the book kept me turning the pages. And a few oooh moments as the book comes to an end, and the ends are all neatly tied up (well, till the next book anyway) 

What I liked was poor Edward ….
His fiancé has NO idea what he does for a living, and she hates the closeness that Edward and Anita have, and although both vehemently deny any sexual entanglements, Donna (the bride) refuses to believe them, it doesn’t help that her best friend is certain that they are having an affair and wants her to cancel the wedding !!

We have a very detailed account of the bodies that are slowly growing snake like limbs, we have very detailed description of the weapons that are used, and the author paints a very clear picture of Anita’s world.

So …..
would I recommend it, yes, but I do think you need to read previous books, there was lots of stuff going on that if I’d read previous books I might have gotten. And Anita’s past was constantly brought up (as with all of her previous lovers)

It’s an adventure story, it’s kind of a love story, it’s also got horror elements, and a few sarcastic moments that had me chuckling


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