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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Toxic Desire By Robin Lovett

Nemona can’t believe she’s crash landed on the planet Fyrian with the brooding, golden-skinned alien who destroyed her ship and scattered her crew. She should want to kill him. But everything on Fyrian is an aphrodisiac. So she just wants to have him. Now. Revenge. That’s all commander Oten has wanted against humans for more than a century, ever since they tried to destroy his kind. He never thought he’d end up in bed with one. But the desire the sex planet stokes for this human female is eating him alive. Keeping his hands, his mouth, and his vampiric fangs to himself proves impossible—especially when she’s begging him to touch her. Nemona has no idea what endless sex with a Ssedez will do to her. But Oten knows all too well. They need to get off this planet. Before their coupling stirs an alien mating bond that neither of their hearts can withstand.



Toxic Desire by Robin Lovett is the first book in her new Planet of Desire series.  This story starts off at a fast pace and action that leaves you hoping it stays that way. 

Our characters end up stranded on a planet that neither of them know much about….. General Nemona believing that her entire crew may be dead, and her very important mission has been lost, has nothing to lose, but she wants to know how the ship she commanded was boarded undetected and how the hell she will get off this planet. 

Commander Oten only wants to wipe the human race off the face of the universe, they have been systematically trying to do that to his race for decades. So after destroying this humans ship, he looks forward in torturing this general for more information, what a big surprise he gets when the “male” turns into a female !!! He can’t understand his reaction to this “human” it has to be the planets atmosphere turning his brain into mush, but his reaction to her may start the bonding process and that’s not going to happen. 

There is a lot of sex scenes in Toxic Desire. When they’re not spending time trekking over the the planet looking for a way off, then they are having more sex !!!!!

I felt it a little hard to believe that you hate someone THAT much, but after being on the planet for a short while, your willing or desperate enough to have endless sex with an enemy that only hours ago you had a blaster aimed at their chest !! 

I understand that the author wants to set the scene for more books, but to be honest I’d like a little more of the characters and less of them at it. 

The book doesn’t end on a cliff-hanger, but it leaves it open for the next book. If you like plenty of erotica then this is probably a book you’ll enjoy


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