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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The last thing covert operative Mitch Weaver wants is to be partnered with a gorgeous, reckless newbie. Still reeling from the death of his former partner, Mitch doesn’t need the responsibility of keeping anyone else alive, especially when they volunteer to be a killer’s target. Not to mention, his attraction to the too-perky blonde is the kind of distraction that could get them both killed in their line of work. 
Andrea Carnegie’s first assignment isn’t going quite as she planned. Her partner might be sexy but he’s completely frustrating with his determination to keep her out of danger. Masquerading as a billionaire’s sister to bait a possible killer is her chance to shine. But if she wants to catch the person threatening their client, she’ll have to find a way to work together with Mitch while still keeping her distance. Even as the air between them sizzles, Andrea knows the worst possible thing she could do is fall for her partner.


Willing Target by Kathleen Mix was a great read.  A romance with a who dunnit twist. 

The story was well written and although I guessed who was behind the death threats, there were a few ooooooh moments. The characters well very well written, and there wasn’t any time filling. All very smoothly flowing, a really nice read. The descriptive way the author writes, puts you right in the scene. 

Mitch is a seasoned Ranger who loses a partner. He wants to work alone, but after meeting Andrea, he knows he will have his work out, in more ways than one. She’s a rookie for one, another she’s is totally his type. But as he lost a partner, he doesn’t want to risk getting to close to anyone in the line of work again.

I must admit, reading all about Mitch was fun, his mum was a party organizer, and for this cover, it works well, I had to chuckle as he is spouting off stuff that women or gay men will only really know about (colour coordinating the linens to match flowers and stitching)

He doesn’t want to fall for Andrea, because work and fun can get tricky, and he doesn’t want to do long term. Tthank you. But spending time with her, and kissing her, Mitch is coming to realize, that you can’t always plan for the future. 

Andrea has grown up around men who don’t respect women, They use and boast about their conquests (including her father), so she is of the opinion that a work romance would be suicide, and the fact her brothers and father are all famous sportsmen don’t help either. It’s not the first time men have dated Andrea to get to meet their idols.

I liked Andrea. No way is she dating, and when she does, she never uses her last name. She had grown up jaded and alone, never quiet fitting in with the family. 
So getting her first assignment means so much to her, she will finally be able to step out from under her male dominated family. 

The plan is for Andrea to pretend to be a billionaire’s beloved sister; since he is getting threats, so why not use the sister as bait? Everyone but Mitch thinks this is a good idea, and as Andrea looks very much like the sister, they all think it will draw the blackmailer out. But things take a nasty turn, and Andrea has a few moments where she is facing her own mortality. And it has her wondering if she can actually do the job, and at the same time, both Mitch and Andrea are fighting their feelings for one another. 

So ……. Will they find who is behind the death threats ? Will they be able to hide how they really feel about each other, once they’ve slept together? And will you guess who is behind it all ? 

If you like a mystery with a little action on the side, then I’d recommend this book in an instant.


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