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Book Review πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

A Dark Assassins Novel….. Reaper….. book 2 …. Valerie Ullmer

Back Cover……

A wolf-shifter and his powerful human.

Reaper had expected it to be an easy assignment. Break into a biotech facility with minimum security and rescue a group of immortals who were subject to deadly experiments and eliminate those who might try to fight back. But the moment he walked into the glass prison and spotted a human woman being held with the immortals, his mission changed.

She became his mission.

Before Reaper had a chance to explain that he was there to help her, she blinded him and the rest of his team and slipped away. Although she had escaped him, a protectiveness that he’d never felt washed over him, and he became determined to find her.

Ara has always depended on herself, but there was something about the shifter that made her want to trust him. She recognized him as someone who was capable of protecting her as well as understanding her secrets without turning her away, but before she could allow herself to trust him, she ran.

But with no resources and running out of ideas about how to protect herself, will she be able to lower her defenses and allow the shifter to help her?

My Review…… 

Reaper was in the previous book (Kai …. Dark Assassins book 1) he’d seen the story evolve with Kai and Olivia (and was a little jealous) and vowed that if he ever had a mate, he’d tell her how he felt. 

Reaper is a wolf shifter (bigger than your average normal wolf) and also works for the same company Kai works for. Also a bit of a loner, he interacts when he has to, but generally works alone. 

Ara had been captured and used as an experiment (she was also in the previous book) her blood constantly taken, beaten and threatened in a daily basis, she became a timid and scared creature. And when Reaper and his team came into rescue the shifters and vampires being held by the people Olivia use to work for (Kai’s mate) Ara finally found the nerve to escape, but not before she came face to face with Reaper (he made her feel safe) but after being abused and beaten Ara wasn’t ready to trust someone, and ran from him. 

We find out in the book that Ara is a witch (and she becomes pretty powerful) and the men that held her captive wanted her blood , and to see her abilities. 

Reaper and Ara have a lot of work to do before they get their happy ending (she doesn’t trust, and he just wants to keep her) 

Another great story, we see characters from the previous book, we get an update on Olivia and Kai. 

Another fast paced book, full of action and angst. Full of missed opportunities to tell each other how they feel. And more on the people that are trying to the vampires and shifters. 


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