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Book Review ๐Ÿ“–

Dark Prince (A Carpathian Novel) by Christine Feehan

UK cover

Back Cover …..

Carpathians are an immortal race of beings with animal instincts. Every Carpathian male is drawn to his life mate: a Carpathian or human female able to provide the light to his darkness. Without her, the beast within slowly consumes the man until turning vampire is the only option.’

Raven Whitney is a psychic who has used her gift to help the police track down a serial killer. Now she is determined to escape the glare of recent publicity for the peace and quiet of the Carpathian Mountains. Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky is the leader of his people but, as his ancient Carpathian race grows ever closer to extinction, he is close to giving in to the heavy weight of loneliness and despair. From the moment their minds touch, Raven and Mikhail form a connection. But there are those who incorrectly view all Carpathians as vampires, and are determined to give their extinction a helping hand.

My Review …..

Mikhail is leader to an almost extinct race of carpathians, not to be mistaken for their mortal enemy the vampire (carpathians turn vampire when the darkness inside them overtakes them.)

He has long given up hope of finding his other half (they call them lifemates) the remaining carpathians can no longer have children (why is something we find out in later books) and the children they do have are males!!

So ……

He has decided to end his life and seek the sun (one of the few things that can kill both carpathians and vampires alike)

When a female voice connects telepathically to him, it makes him stop and evaluate his life, her voice excites and soothes him at the same time, he doesnโ€™t feel so alone (they lose their emotions the longer they are without their lighter half)

Hunting her, he finds her and is amazed that he can see in colour and feel emotions (they lose the ability to see in colour the same time they lose their emotions)

The story then tells us about the struggles that both races have (Raven is a human, and the carpathians have always been told, human women CANโ€™T be converted, they go mad and seek the blood of children) he is prepared to become human to be with her, he will age slowly and die when she dies.

But after a fight that Raven is caught up in, Mikhail decides to give her blood to help her recover.

Human women CAN be converted, but they have to be a telepathic.

The conversion is long and painful and Raven almost dies !!!!

We have battles with the undead, and they are really well written. It hurts Mikhail to dispense justice and death to a vampire (they were his brethren before turning) but they canโ€™t be allowed to kill humans, and they canโ€™t be allowed to expose the carpathians to the human world. We also have hunters that think ALL carpathians are vampires, so they hunt and kill indiscriminately (these we meet in most of the books)

The battle that Raven has with Mikhail to let her just be her, is a ongoing argument (the carpathians were brought up to protect and care for their women and children, they are gifts that need to be treasured.)

The secondary characters are important, most will feature in the series.

The interaction with his second in command Gregori is hilarious, he wants to protect the prince at all costs, the prince connects all the carpathians together, and without him, the race will definitely die out.

Raven is definitely someone you donโ€™t mess with, she use to find killers for the police (her gift of telepathy came in useful to finding the victims and the killers) but her gift has worn her out, so she came to the mountains to rest and retrain her brain and shields to become stronger.

Finding a man was never on her list (she could here all their thoughts, and it wasnโ€™t always a bonus)

The union of human female and male carpathian, gives other males hope. But with time running out, will they find their other halves in the human world ?

USA Cover


I claim you as my life mate.

I belong to you.

I offer my life for you.

I give to you my protection, my allegiance,

my heart,

my soul, and my body.

I take into my keeping the same that is yours.

Your life,


and welfare will be cherished

and placed above my own for all time.

You are my life mate,

bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.โ€

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