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Dark Desire by Christine Feehan… A Carpathian Novel

UK Cover

My review ….. 

Book two sees a much darker and harder hitting book. 

Jacques was in book 1, Mikhail’s younger brother. He is captured, tortured then left for dead in a cellar …… 

7 years later finds a Doctor and surgeon Shea needing to go to the Carpathian Mountains, she has a need to find something!!!! 

2 years ago she mentally connected with a picture, and now she hears a voice, calling to her, she needs to know if the voice is real, or is she slowly going mad ?! She has a blood disorder and is constantly looking for a cure. Will her fathers heritage help, she knows very little about her father as he left both Shea and her mother to fend for themselves, her mother slowly withdrew into her own little world, until she committed suicide and left Shea an orphan. 

When jacques wakens it’s to constant pain and hunger, why hadn’t anyone found him ? Why hasn’t SHE found him ? He calls to her, did she betray him ? Was she the reason he is now trapped and in constant agony ? He knows she draws near, but he has gone a little mad (seven years of torture will do that to anyone) 

When they finally meet, it’s not a pleasant meeting, he plans to punish her, he plans to drain her dry, but his heart and body recognise her as his mate!!! 

Their courtship is fraught with hardship, danger and madness ….. Jacques can’t quite grasp reality m, and tends to slip into a dark place, and can’t stand being on his own, he has to be around Shea at all times …… 

And when his carpathian family finally arrive, it’s not a happy reunion, he feels betrayed that no one looked for him, he thought his brother would search until he was found. 

The betrayer is revealed and a battle ensues. And it’s someone very close to home. 

This book was harder to read, as I liked jacques in the previous book (dark Prince) and what he does to his life mate is a little had to read, considering they are suppose to cherish the lighter side of their soul. 

But I love the book and I have read it more than a few times, and we see his progress in other books in this series. 

USA Cover


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