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Book Review ๐Ÿ“–

Dark Gold ….. Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

UK cover

So book 3 has us visiting an ancient (anyone classed over 500 years old is an ancient) Aidan. He has also long given up hope of finding his lifemate, but he does his duty to his prince (Mikhail) he left the Carpathian Mountains to travel to America, to find and fight the vampires. 
Weโ€™ve met Aidan before and I had wondered if he would get a story. 

Alexandria is a budding artist, but without a job, and she needs one to look after herself and her young brother Josh. Getting an interview with a famous graphic designer for a video game company seems like a dream job. So she plans to meet the owner at a restaurant, taking her drawings, she pulls up at the restaurant, but there is something not right !!!! There is a heavy and ominous feeling, dread and fear skated down her back, quickly going into the restaurant she finds the owner of the company, putting her fear to one side, Alex wins him over with her art, she has a job, and now her and her brother can breathe a sigh of relief. 

The first meeting between Alex and Aidan isnโ€™t one of joy, she thinks heโ€™s a vampire, he thinks she is a mortal who has been turned into an evil vampiress!!!! 
(Alex has been captured by a vampire who recognised her as a strong telepath, and wanted her for his own, but she manages to escape, but not before ingesting some of the vampires blood)
He had been tracking a vampire, and comes across Alex, intending to end her misery, as Aidan goes into kill her. 
Colours and emotions flood his body, heโ€™s found his lifemate, joy courses through his body, but he fears for her life. 

The story goes through a few twists and turns. Alexโ€™s denial at what she has become, she doesnโ€™t want ANYTHING to do with Aidan, believing he is a vampire. He wood her gently and with great patience, but he knows he canโ€™t ever let her go …… 

Great fight scenes and action is throughout this book, along with some big laughs (the owner of the company still wants her to work for him, but also wants her for himself) and Aidan has to cope with jealously. 

Looking forward to the next book.

USA Cover


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