Random Thought….

I found this whilst wandering through the internet 😉 and it’s so true ….. 

so I thought I’d share…….

Do civilians even know about the torture we book nerds go through for each and every book we’re obsessed with?

If you’re a reader, chances are you know the struggle of an anticipated book release.  We’re not talking about “oh, yeah, I’m excited for that book to come out” anticipation, we’re talking “OH MY GOD I WOULD SELL MY LITTLE BROTHER’S KIDNEYS TO HAVE THAT BOOK IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW” anticipation. (Sorry little brothers.)

But no matter what you’re willing to do to get that book, most of the time you just have to wait a year for it to be finished. You’d think that the millions of books you could read in the meantime would at least do something to reduce the anticipation, but it never does. And so we eagerly await each phase of the book’s release…. 

Ha ha…. 

And that’s just waiting for the hard back (I usually wait for the paperback, as it’s cheaper) the paperback is either 6 months later if the following year !!! I do get annoyed, as when I first started reading these loooooong series, they were in paperback in the uk, but now the publishers want you to shell out your hard earned cash (and some people buy BOTH!!) 

Anyway rant over ….. 

Just thought I’d share this readers view 😉


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