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Book Review ๐Ÿ“–

Fear Itself  by Jonathan Nasaw 

Back cover …. 

Just as he’s celebrating his last day on the job, FBI agent E L Pender receives a letter from Dorie Bell. Dorie is afraid. Last year she attended a convention for Persons with Specific Phobia Disorder. Since then, a couple of the delegates have died in suspicious circumstances. Carl Polander had acrophobia. Fear of heights. So what would he be doing on the 12th floor of the building the police say he jumped from? Mara Agajanian had haemophobia. Fear of blood. So how could she have cut her own wrists in the bathtub? 

Dorie, who suffers from an irrational fear of masks, wants Pender to look into these cases. She suspects there may be a twisted serial killer on the loose. Someone, who quite literally, enjoys scaring his victims to death. Dorie’s right. But she has no idea just how close to her the killer is…

My review ….. 

That was a great read. 

Not my usual genre. 

There are several characters in this book, and they are in each otherโ€™s lives. 

Very descriptive, thinking the author put a lot of time and effort in research. 

FBI agent Pender is celebrating his last day, and the last thing he needs is a new case, but it peaks his interest and he is soon entangled in Dorisโ€™s life. 

Dorie hates masks with a passion, in fact they bring on panic attackโ€™s and fainting. 

Joining a group of phobics they meet up. And when Dorie finds out several of the group have died in mysterious circumstances, she needs the FBI to investigate. And when sheโ€™s kidnapped and forced to face her fear, sheโ€™s worried that Pender wonโ€™t find her in time. 

And the killer ……. 

well, he/she really is a piece of work. I did feel sorry for him/her๐Ÿ˜‰at some point, but when he/she gets going with killing his/hers victims with their greatest fears, then I have to say, I changed my mind.

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