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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Werewolf’s Surrogate (Wolf Mountain book 1) ….. Mia Wolf

Back cover ……

What do you do when the heat is unbearable, but your heart isn’t ready?

Rex is the Alpha of Wolf Mountain and the biggest party animal in town. Being hit by his huge claws means being out of commission forever.

But Rex is in trouble. The Elders want him to have a family to secure the pack’s future. And Rex doesn’t want a mate. Luckily, a surrogate by the name of Felicity is the perfect solution.

She’s definitely not his type. And he definitely doesn’t feel completely awkward around her. Definitely not.

Felicity is out of money and has nowhere to go. So when she’s offered a large sum to carry someone’s baby, she says yes. The only drawback is that she has to stay at a mysterious manor with the baby’s father. Which is fine.

Except that the guy radiates arrogance and unfortunately looks like the cover model for a romance novel. His forearms are deliciously muscled and veiny and … Stop! She’s SO not going to drool over him.

But there are secrets at Rex’s manor. And Felicity isn’t safe here.

When an old rival takes everything away from him, can Rex’s primal instinct protect all he has left? With the baby growing in her, can Felicity deny her maternal instinct? And can Rex and Felicity stand the unbearable heat between them?

My Review ……
A new book from an unknown author is always a hit and miss affair, but as soon as I read the back cover I wanted to read it … 
After losing his father and his brother missing, Rex assumes the mantle of leadership, it’s been handed down for generations. But Rex isn’t interested, he’s a party animal (the best clubs and women throwing themselves at him) and whilst nursing yet another hangover, he has to listen to the Elders telling him he needs to start a family (Rex isn’t to keen on that idea either) a mate and an heir is urgently needed (other packs are offering a better life) if not a war will spill out over the peaceful lands. 
Felicity is homeless (her roommate had kicked her out) and when an opportunity arises to make money, felicity takes it, (but not without first researching and checking it out) but has she gotten more than she bargained for ? A surrogate to strangers!! But the money is good, and Felicity could have a real chance of having a better life. So 40 weeks (give or take) should be easy 😉and having negotiated a better deal, Felicity takes a deep breath and dives in …… 
It starts out as a business arrangement? But along the way feelings change. And when Felicity becomes pregnant new feelings take root inside Rex (maybe a family won’t be such a bad thing) and Felicity? Well she’s something Rex hadn’t banked on. 
The pregnancy takes her by surprise she now actually wants the baby and Rex, Or will she still walk away at the end of it? It doesn’t help that Rex blows hot and cold !!!
When Felicity gets taken by a rival pack, Rex is beside himself, there will be all out war if he doesn’t find her and the baby. 
But there are things going on in the Blake mansion… could Felicity be In danger? What’s going on? And who is behind it? 
It was well written, looking forward to reading the next book. 


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