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Book Review 📖

Dark Peril …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

Uk Cover


There’s only one way for Dominic—one of the most powerful of the Carpathian Dragonseekers—to learn the secrets of the enemy: ingest their parasitic vampire blood, infiltrate the camp, and relay the information to the Carpathians before he goes out fighting. There is no more honorable way to end his life.

Solange is among the last of the dying species of the jaguar people—fighting to save the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of her own father, a monster who slaughtered everyone she loved. Wounded and weary, she plans one last battle, hoping to stop the man who has aligned with the vampires, and accepting her deathly fate.

Now, two warriors from different worlds will find each other at the end of their time, and discover a new reason to battle to the death—and against all odds, make it out alive.

USA Cover

My Review…..

If you’ve read this series in order, you will know that Dominic had volunteered to ingest the “tainted” vampire blood!! Why?? The Carpathian people are under constant attack from human hunters, from Carpathian turned vampires (The Manilov brothers) and from the mage Xavier…. and now Mikhail is aware of the vampires banding together to fight the Carpathian’s, Mikhail needs more information. So Dominic tells his prince that his bloodline (The DragonSeeker bloodline) will help him to endure the constant agony and pain of the tainted blood. And once he has infiltrated the vampire ranks he will seek out as much information as possible before trying to take out the leaders of the vampires, and then he will seek the sun. 

Dominic has lived for centuries, he is classed as an ancient, he has fought the vampire for as long as he can remember, he barely holds onto his honour, his bloodline helps him, but he also wanted information on his beloved sister (she was taken from him centuries ago) and when he met Natalya and Vikirnoff (Dark Demon) he was told his sister had been abducted and forced to have Xavier’s children, and once she had done that, Xavier had her killed!!! His duty now done, Dominic wants to meet the dawn and join his sister, but first his duty to is to his people…..

SoLange is a jaguar princess, but she’s not one of those soft and privileged princesses. SoLange is a warrior, a fighter, a female who wants more for herself and the jaguar women. She lost her whole family to jaguar males, they came one night, destroyed the little village, killed all the men and the boys, then tortured the females into turning into a jaguar, and when the couldn’t turn, they were slaughtered. SoLange was the only survivor (her aunt and two cousins were away, so were spared) 
Jaguar women are treated like a commodity, not a person, just a thing. The males of the jaguar species have been brainwashed into thinking that a jaguar female is good for one thing ….. childbirth. After that, when the women can no longer bear children, she is killed like an animal!!! 

They meet in a dream (each one has conjured up the other) they know they are only fantasy thoughts. That each doesn’t exist, but it helps SoLange and Dominic to keep the loneliness at bay. They have traits in each other that they both admire, both are warriors and both have survived great loss. 
The dream takes a strange turn and SoLange cries out ….. Dominic is bombarded with sound and colour!!! She is actually his lifemate!!! She isn’t a figment of a tired mind, and he knows he can’t be with her, he is riddled with parasites, if only he had come to the jungle sooner, he is devastated!! 

This book is one of my favourites in the series. We’ve met Dominic in a few of the previous books, and I did wonder if the author had anything planned for him. 
SoLange has been in a few books also, gossip in the groups were wondering if the last De La Cruz brother and SoLange we’re destined to be together. 
The book has its usual fights with the vampires, it’s also given us a few more things to wonder about …..  there is a book people are looking for, it holds powerful magic (I have a feeling it will come into play eventually) we have SoLange’s inner battle with herself (she doesn’t think she is good enough for Dominic) 
But in a twist, SoLange maybe the cure for these parasites that are infesting her lifemate. 

So can they defeat the master vampire one more time ? 

Will SoLange’s blood be the cure for the parasites that infest inside Dominic? 
Your going to have to read it to find out 😉

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One thought on “Book Review 📖

  1. Love your review of Dark Peril, was a great story and wonderful hero and heroine. There aren’t many woman can beat Solange. Dominic is the oldest DragonSeeker and many can learn from him. Younger men and woman in the family will benefit well from his teaching. This story is continuously moving and I loved every moment


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