Sunday’s Post 💐

Now that’s a handy hint to know.

It was Mother’s Day today in the UK. So I’d like to wish those of you reading these, a Happy Mother’s Day 💐 my son stayed the night last night and we chatted a little before he went to bed.

Sadly I couldn’t wish my mum a Happy Mother’s Day. She passed away last year. So this is my first year without her. It’s funny how you take those little traditions for granted. We’d take mum out for the day, or cook her a meal, spoil her with presents and just spend time with her.

It’s also another year without my daughter. She’d get help in making me breakfast in bed. She’d get all excited about the present she had chosen. The usual arguments between siblings. Then lunch out. So making time with my son is doubly important.

One of my sisters popped down today, she left flowers on the grave. And then we met up for a coffee in town, a little retail therapy 😉 then before you know it, she’s off home.

so make the most of your loved ones, tell them daily how much they mean to you.


1 thought on “Sunday’s Post 💐


    Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day ❤
    Your son knows how to woo his Mum, he's is the best son ever. Thank you for sharing him with me. Love you both xxoxxo



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