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Book Review📲

Triumph (Wolves of Gypsum Creek. Book 2) by Serena Meadows 

Back cover….. 

A girl with a hidden plan…
A boy with a guarded heart…
Their chemistry is undeniable. But are their secrets greater than their love? 

With his fiery red hair and rosy blush, Danny stands out from the tough, brooding shifters that prowl the mountain. He’s even been called sweet on occasion. But if his enemies are dumb enough to be fooled by a smile, so be it. Few who’ve made that mistake are still around to tell the tale.

When a woman appears in a broken-down car, Danny finds himself transfixed. She’s beautiful, lost, defenseless…and her deep green eyes dance with secrets. Danny smells trouble—especially when she claims to be looking for his reclusive friend. It’s time for her to leave, if she knows what’s good for her.

But danger is circling, and Kara is not about to be run out of town by some sheltered country boy. She’s on a mission and she needs his help. It’s just too bad her mounting lies could destroy Danny’s trust forever, and spell disaster for them all.

Breath-taking, passionate, and emotionally-driven, “Triumph” is the second book of the Wolves of Gypsum Creek series. Lose yourself in this world of supernatural romance, and order your copy today!

All books in this page-turning paranormal romance series can be read as standalones, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

My Review …… 

Missing the first book, I felt a few steps behind, but I don’t think it would make much difference if you read it or not. 
Danny is a friendly and helpful person, but after standing with his friend Jessie in a battle, the town don’t want to know young Danny, so he moved up into the mountains, where he helps Jessie. 
Kara is on the run ….. she’s been running for two years now, and she still can’t escape her stepfather. But her mother told her about this place and about a certain person. She promised her mother that she would find Jessie and tell him how sorry she was, at first Kara didn’t understand. But the more her mother explained to her, the more the request made sense. Her stepfather had found out what Kara was and she’s been on the run ever since. If she can get to Gypsum Creek then Jessie will protect her. 
On his way back from the town (don’t think he was suppose to go there) Danny spots a vehicle broken down, stopping to see if he can help. And when he goes to help her, an electric shock travels through his body, and she smell so sweet. Danny knows she is someone special to him, but unsure of the how or why. He offers her a lift into town to get the truck fixed. When it can’t he foolishly offers her a place to stay where he lives. 
Kara knows she should stay in town, but the offer of the place where she needs to be is too great an opportunity to miss. So a lie falls out of her mouth, and so the web of deceit has started spinning. Kara knows she should come clean about who she is, but what if she’s rejected? Who will protect her from the storm coming her way? 
So how will Kara explain who she is without pulling the family she hopes to become part of apart? How will Danny react when he finds out he was only a way to get to see someone? Was there no connection Kara felt towards Danny? And what of the danger that is racing towards Gypsum Creek? 
I actually read this one on my phone (what’s why the sign has changed) 😉


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