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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Omega’s Submission (Foxes of Scarlet Peak) book 1 by Aspen Grey 
Back cover …. 

Two Men. Both lost. Both convinced true love doesn’t exist. But maybe they can change each others minds?

Kitchi is a everything an alpha should be. He’s strong, handsome, capable and fierce – a soldier for his pack. But there’s a hole in his life. He yearns for a mate, but after what happened to his father, Kitchi is sure he could never let anyone get close to him. 

Toby has no one. He never new his mother, and after his father’s injury he left home and made money the only way he knew how –  working at a brothel, seeing alpha after alpha, Toby’s pretty sure true love just isn’t in the cards for him, but when Kitchi catches Toby’s scent, his whole world turns upside down.Toby is the one.Kitchi’s fated-mate. He knows it with every fiber in his body. But Toby is terrified. In his world, alphas are just sweet talkers looking for a pump and dump. Why would he expect anything else from Kitchi?But Kitchi is determined to take Toby away from the brothel, claim him as his mate and put a baby in him. But will Toby let his walls down? Will Kitchi be able to prove his love? Or will they both spend the rest of their lives how they’ve been up until now – alone….

My Review …..

This series is a spin off from the Scarlet Mountain Pack series.
Kitchi was a secondary character in that series. I don’t think it makes much difference if you haven’t read that series. But it may give you more background on one of the main characters. 
So ….. 
Kitchi is a red fox shifter he’s an alpha, (now other books usually have alpha’s as leaders only) but he’s happy to live with a group that aren’t all wolves (hence title to the series 😉) He moved out here when all his wolf buddies began to find their “fated mates” he’s happy in his own way ….. oh who is he kidding, he’s miserable, he’s drunk, he’s lonely, he wants his own mate, and is tired of always being alone. Drinking alone in a bar isn’t always the best way to celebrate your birthday !!! So when he gets an invite to somewhere different, Kitchi is drunk enough not to care ….. 
Toby left home after his mother died and his father was injured, his father was never the same again and Toby became neglected. So running away from home seemed like the only solution. Turning “tricks” in an alleyway has turned into a “brothel” but Toby is numb, so what does he care ? he’s just a piece of meat here, but he has his limits and standards, and if he doesn’t like the guy, or what the guy wants, then he won’t “do him” not at any price. 
Toby and Kitchi meet in the brothel, Kitchi is stunned, he’s found his mate !! But how to convince the guy, because if he starts spouting “fated mates” around he’s sure this cute mate of his will do a runner. 
But fate has other plans for them, Kitchi can’t afford Toby’s tag, so they have to say goodbye. 
Kitchi is heartbroken ….. Toby is resigned, why would an alpha be in a brothel unless he was there for a good time, but he was really hot and smelt amazing. 
Will Kitchi have his chance again with Toby ? Will he be able to convince him that they are meant to be together? And will they both be able to let go of their pasts and move forward? 


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