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Restoration (Wolves of Gypsum Creek) by Serena Meadows.
Back cover …… 
Get a degree and get the hell out of Gypsum Creek. Natalie has muttered those words most of her young life, and now sheโ€™s finally going to leave this town in the dust of her squealing tires. She. Canโ€™t. Wait. But first, she has to renovate a crumbling old shop and get enough cash to move onto bigger and better things.

Dillion would love to start a new life, but thatโ€™s impossible on the run. Gypsum Creek might be the perfect sanctuary to disappear for a while, but a man like him canโ€™t put down roots, or risk falling in love. Nothing good could come of it.

Two young shifters, each racing down a different path. But sometimes the very thing you want is the last thing you need, and facing the truth is the greatest test of all.

My review …..
Natalie canโ€™t wait to leave Gypsum Creek. Nothing to do, itโ€™s boring, but she needs cash and a renovation of an old home is just what she needs. 
Dillon is a wolf on the run, he doesnโ€™t stay long anywhere, but Gypsum looks like a place he could lay low for a while. 
Natalie is Davidโ€™s sister (his book was โ€œyoung loveโ€) and she helped him with a conversion of an old store. She loved it and helped with the school also, but Millieโ€™s house was going to be a challenge (it gives her the creeps) they are turning it into a boarding house. 
Dillon gets an invitation to help with the conversion of an old house into a boarding house. He use to visit Gypsum Creek as a young boy, and had fond memories of Millie and her scary house. 
Again this story has a slow burning romance, Dillon needs to hide from his father, (why? What has he done? What did his father do?) he would love to stay In Gypsum for a while (especially with such pretty scenery) and Natalie feels itโ€™s time to move on. But with Dillon around …… maybe she could stay a little longer


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