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Book Review 📱

Restoration (Wolves of Gypsum Creek) by Serena Meadows.
Back cover …… 
Get a degree and get the hell out of Gypsum Creek. Natalie has muttered those words most of her young life, and now she’s finally going to leave this town in the dust of her squealing tires. She. Can’t. Wait. But first, she has to renovate a crumbling old shop and get enough cash to move onto bigger and better things.

Dillion would love to start a new life, but that’s impossible on the run. Gypsum Creek might be the perfect sanctuary to disappear for a while, but a man like him can’t put down roots, or risk falling in love. Nothing good could come of it.

Two young shifters, each racing down a different path. But sometimes the very thing you want is the last thing you need, and facing the truth is the greatest test of all.

My review …..
Natalie can’t wait to leave Gypsum Creek. Nothing to do, it’s boring, but she needs cash and a renovation of an old home is just what she needs. 
Dillon is a wolf on the run, he doesn’t stay long anywhere, but Gypsum looks like a place he could lay low for a while. 
Natalie is David’s sister (his book was “young love”) and she helped him with a conversion of an old store. She loved it and helped with the school also, but Millie’s house was going to be a challenge (it gives her the creeps) they are turning it into a boarding house. 
Dillon gets an invitation to help with the conversion of an old house into a boarding house. He use to visit Gypsum Creek as a young boy, and had fond memories of Millie and her scary house. 
Again this story has a slow burning romance, Dillon needs to hide from his father, (why? What has he done? What did his father do?) he would love to stay In Gypsum for a while (especially with such pretty scenery) and Natalie feels it’s time to move on. But with Dillon around …… maybe she could stay a little longer


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