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Book Review 📱

Protected by the dragon …. A Dragon Valley book by Kayla Wolf.

Back cover ….. 

How long can you resist when animal magnetism claims you with the force of a tidal wave? 

Jessica is running away from her wolf pack, away from a forced marriage. But she ends up in even greater trouble when she finds herself in the Dragon Valley. Everyone knows that dragons are the sworn enemies of wolves.

But the enemy turns out to be incredibly handsome, magnetic, and intoxicating… Despite the alarm bells going off inside her, she finds herself longing for the heat of his body and his powerful arms… 

Is she about to do something reckless, with the enemy no less?

Samuel is an impossibly gorgeous, strong, and muscular dragon prince. His body is chiseled out of stone, but his heart wants a mate. When he finds a wounded wolf, he can’t help but care for her. And fall for her. Hard. But how can he convince her that she doesn’t have to be afraid of him? 

When Jessica is forced to make a decision that will drive her away forever, Samuel has to face the truth. He knows it’s dangerous, he knows what’s at stake. 

But she belongs to him. 

And he’ll protect her.

Can he fight their way towards freedom and… love?

My review …… 
This is the second book in the series. Samuel is the twin brother of the king, Alexander (mated to a dragon main character) 
It’s been a year since Alexander and Lisa met. And Lisa is slowly bringing the dragons into this century. 
Jessica is a wolf, and she’s on the run. She is suppose to be marrying another wolf, but she doesn’t want to marry for an alliance, she wants a true love match. She hates the alpha, he’s cruel, and she wants no part of it. 
Samuel spots an injured woman whilst out, he tries to offer her aid (which is flatly refused) but he’s very intrigued by her, and wants to know more. 
Swearing to keep her safe from both wolves and dragons (they have been enemies for centuries) Samuel wants his wolf and will fight anyone to keep her. 
But Jessica can’t trust a dragon, can she? He’s not like the stories they were told as a child. He’s kind and generous. But she can’t stay, she has to return to her village (her sister is in need of help) running from Samuel isn’t what she wants to do, but she can’t ask him for help!!! 
The second book gives us more background on the hatred between wolves and dragons. 
I’m hoping we get a few more books in this series, as it’s a fun afternoon read. 
Can a dragon and a wolf find happiness together? You’ll. red to read to find out 😉

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