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Book Review 📱

First shift (Bears in Blue) by Mia Taylor 

Back cover ….. 

I wanted her—even if she was a mortal and I was a nothing shifter.
I’d have one drink and be gone.
At least that’s what I told myself—but I didn’t expect Lisa to walk through the door. 
She was a blonde vision and I was a fool to think it could work. 
I loved Lisa the best way I knew how. 
I could have done without lying to her, pretending to be a cop.
But she couldn’t know the truth about me.
And I had suspicions of my own.
Especially when Lisa announced her pregnancy. 
Then Lisa did the unthinkable and a new rage took hold. 
I found a new love, my mate, the curvy and alluring Stella, a true shifter.
With her guidance, I will take what is rightfully ours…
Even if it means hurting my daughter to get it. 

My review …… 

it’s a prequel to a new series “Bears in Blue”.
Reading the back cover I was pretty confused!!! What was going on? Intrigued I started to read …… 

Paul is a shifter, a good guy but has had a few runs of back luck, he thinks his luck has changed when a gorgeous (mortal) woman enters the bar he is in. He doesn’t mean to lie, but once he tells Lisa what he is, she won’t look at him ever again. So he tells her he’s an undercover cop. 

The story does jump large time gaps. The next time we meet Paul, it’s his wedding day, he still hadn’t gotten away from his “family” Lisa is still in the dark about what he really does. A Paul is desperate to live a good life and honest life, but he’s in too deep. 

Again a jump in time sees Lisa telling Paul she pregnant, he’s happy, but wary, mortal women don’t usually carry shifter babies, has she been unfaithful? Does she carry shifter DNA and not know it? Paul is still being told what to do by his boss, Paul is now frantic to get out, but he’s stuck, how can they ever have a “normal” family? 

Stella has been in Paul’s life for a long time. She is his best friends sister, but she seems to have a hidden agenda (she’s friendly, some say too friendly) as far as she is concerned they should be together and he should just leave the wife and daughter. So she takes matters into her own hands (she’s shown Lisa a video of her “husband”) and now she’s run off with Melissa….. 

Again we jump and Stella and Paul are in a relationship, he wants his daughter, but no longer feels the same way about Lisa (I think there is more to Stella than meets the eye) Stella wants to take over the “sleuth” (bear group) and Paul is going to help her…. 

Paul and Stella are now running the “sleuth” their leader disappears and with Stella ‘s help they turn to Paul. 

And the ending …… well that was a BIG surprise. Will I read on? I really don’t know. 

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