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Book Review 📖

Tease Me  by Aidy Award

Back cover …….

“Fulfill a destiny, save the world and the soul of her mate.”
Fleur Anthousai, a curvy earth witch, has known since birth that she has a destiny to fulfill. Too bad nobody told her what it was. She hopes her friends, the Troika wolf pack of Rogue, New York, might have finally pointed her in the right direction when she’s invited to the multi-pack mating ritual. Surely, becoming a wolf mate will set her on the path to understanding her own prophecy.
Steele Zeleny is a green warrior dragon and he’s damn good at protecting the world from the darkness that is the demon dragons, all while romancing the pants off any and all the ladies. All bets are off when a shard of his soul demands that the curviest, sexiest little flower of a witch is his true mate. Something he was never supposed to have.
Fleur’s destiny and Steele’s soul are more important to the fate of the world than either of them know.”
My Review……. 
Tease Me is book 2 in the Dragons Love Curves series. 
She is a witch with a destiny but no-one will tell her what that destiny entails, frustrated Fleur seeks advice from friends, and then goes to the multi-pack mating ritual, where she meets Steele and maybe they can work out what her destiny is…. 
Steele is a dragon shifter who has been sent to protect other shifters. He’s good at his job, he takes it pretty seriously. 
But Steele is also a good time boy, and never says no, he’s up for most things!!! Relationships are not for him, good times only….. Meeting a curvy witch sounds like fun, but meeting her opens up all new possibilities (his dragon half is convinced Fleur is their mate, and won’t stop till she is theirs!!! But she won’t entertain him, what’s a dragon to do to win his mate?? He needs to show Fleur he is serious about her and their future. 
And the fact they are more important together than alone…… 
What exactly does that mean? 
It’s a fun read, a little predictable, some of the story was a little cringeworthy (but it had plenty of laughs along the way) 


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