Book Review 📱

Her white wolf (Wolves of Gypsum Creek) by Serena Meadows 

Back cover …… 

Her White Wolf
Bethany is held captive by a cruel, controlling father. 
Gabriel has spent his life trapped in his shifter’s form. 
All they ever wanted was freedom, but will love be enough to set them free?

My review ….. 
This book has been in the background for a while. 
Gabriel is Jessie’s twin brother (“third time a charm” main character) he has never been able to shift from wolf to human. Jessie is a black wolf and able to shift. They were separated at birth. Only finding each other once Jessie lived in the mountains. 
Bethany is Dillon’s brother ( main character in “Restoration”) always followed by her father and servants, Bethany hadn’t seen much of the outside world. Locked to her family for her own safety. Bethany (escapes visits her brother) she gets (injured/lost in the woods) 
Gabriel is having human thoughts about the lovely human he rescued, but nothing will come of it, this makes him very sad (he doesn’t usually worry, but with Bethany here, he looks at things differently) 
This I must admit has been my favourite in the series. (I never read the first book) the connection between Bethany and Gabriel, is well thought out, how they are both loners, but don’t want to be alone. 
Will Bethany be the one to break the curse? Will Gabriel be able to finally walk on two legs as a man? Or always be the white wolf? 


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