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Book Review ๐Ÿ“–

Dark Wolf …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan 

Back Cover…… 

In DARK LYCAN, Christine Feehan journeyed into the heart of the Carpathians, and into the souls of two lifemates stirred by the flush of passion and the threat of annihilation. In DARK WOLF, the breathtaking story continues as the bonds of family are imperiled, and the fate of two lovers lies hidden in the seductive shadows between life and death.

Skyler Daratrazanoff always recognized the miracle that was Dimitri Tirunul, a man beyond any dream that had ever engaged her nights. But she was human. Vulnerable. He was Carpathian. Nearly immortal. She was nineteen. He was an ancient. Yet she held half his soul, the light to his darkness. Without her, he would not survive. Caught between the two warring species, Dimitri has spent centuries hunting the undead to keep his people free, and humans safe. He had survived honorably when others had chosen to give up their souls. But now, marked for extermination by the Lycans, Dimitri found himself alone, and fearing for his life. But salvation was coming. . .

No Lycan would ever suspect someone like Skyler to dare mount a secret rescue operation. A teenage girl. A human of untested abilities. But she had something no one else had. She was predestined for Dimitri – as he was for her. And there was nothing stronger for Skyler than her desire to see her life-dream come true. Whatever the risk.

My Review….. 

This has been a much anticipated book by her loyal fans…..

Skyler has been in many books, we first met her in Gabriel and Francescaโ€™s book (Dark Legend) they adopted her as a young girl, she had been horribly abused by her stepfather (mentally and physically) and so Skyler is very afraid of men, itโ€™s taken her a long time to get over a few of her fears. 

Skyler is a psychic and so a potential mate to a Carpathian. She is mage, Carpathian and human. She is also a โ€œlostโ€ child of Razavan (Dark Slayer) her father had been possessed by the mage Xavier to father children to feed off and experiment on. Her mother ran off with Skyler as a child, (escaping Razvan and Xavier) but fell in with the wrong people. She was rescued by Francesca and called โ€œdaughterโ€ all she felt was loved and cherished, but there is another who โ€œlovesโ€ her …… 

Every day without his lifemate has been pure torture for Dimitri (Fenrisโ€™s brother from Dark Lycan) he has known for a few years that Skyler was โ€œhis,โ€ the other half of his soul, his light in a dark and colourless life. Feeling helpless as her memories of being assaulted ran though his mind. Not being able to โ€œsaveโ€ her, knowing his precious lifemate was in the world, and not being protected and cherished by her parents. The beast that calls to him on a daily basis to kill is so strong, but his honour and love for Skyler keeps him on the right path. 

Dimitri has been taken and tortured…. no one knows where he is, and why he was targeted (but in the last book Dark Lycan, we found out๐Ÿ˜‰) wrapped from head to toe in chains, heโ€™s been beaten and starved of blood. His only concern is for his lifemate, if he dies he is worried that the trauma would greatly affect Skyler. 

But Skyler has amazing abilities, she finds her lifemate, and with the help of her friends, they go and rescue Dimitri. Rescuing him was easy, healing him was a lot harder. And in the middle of this we start a war. 

As usual the battles were described in fantastic detail. The banter between Fenris and Dimitri was funny. And it was nice to catch up with a few of the couples from previous books. 
There were a few really sad moments, the laughs kept coming, and one or two Oh My God moments. 

I have to admit, I was disappointed with this book, it wasnโ€™t her usual style. In the UK the age of consent is 16, so I didnโ€™t have a problem with Dimitri claiming his lifemate at an early age. But the connection in other books was always so strong and tender. This book spent so much time finding Dimitri, the interaction between the main characters felt rushed!!! 

And all those spells!! Did we really need them all? I felt they were a page filler, not really necessary to the story. Iโ€™m glad Skyler and Dimitri got their story, but if the author wasnโ€™t happy, then maybe she should have waited. 

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