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Book Review ๐Ÿ“–

Dark Blood …. A Carpathian Novel by Christine

Back Cover …….

Zev Hunter was an elite warrior, a dark-blood dealer of death to rogue Lycans who preyed on mankind. He was a loner, never given to personal attachments, and damned fierce at his job. But Zev begins to question his past and his purpose when he awakens in the darkness of the sacred cave of warriors-and is soothed back to consciousness by the sensuously familiar voice of one woman, the woman who has haunted his fantasies for centuries: Branislava, member of the Dragonseeker clan. 

Mother Earth called the ancients to witness your rebirth . . . 

For this half-mage, half-Carpathian temptress, the ritual of awakening Zev to the council of warriors was the only way to save him. Locked away for his own protection, the time has now come for his rebirth, for his blood to stir with that of the ancient warriors before him. He has been assured by Branislava that their fates are entwined, that their spirits are woven together for eternity and that his new purpose in life is beyond imagining.

Now, with a blood-sworn vow of honor, mercy and endurance, and under the influence of a siren as bewitching as Branislava, Zev begins to wonder what his purpose is, what it means for the future of the Carpathians and what it is about his rebirth that he has to fear . . .

My Review….. 

The third and final story to this trilogy. 

Zev was in the last two books, he hunts rogue werewolves. Heโ€™s friends with Fenris, and he guarded Dimitri when he was held prisoner. He wasnโ€™t happy with Dimitriโ€™s treatment, but he didnโ€™t stop what they were doing to him.  And in the last book he was mortally wounded, and the decision was made to turn him into a Carpathian. Laying in the ground to regenerate, it gives him time to think. And when he finally rises ….. 

Branislava is the sister to Tatijana, the quieter one, the less adventurous one. But sensing the turmoil that Zev is facing, she does a rash and almost dangerous thing….

Heโ€™s a Carpathian, heโ€™s a warrior, but he isnโ€™t sure he belongs anywhere, and with an amazing Carpathian woman tying herself to him, telling him that their fates are tied together, if he dies, she will go with him. Thatโ€™s a huge responsibility. But heโ€™s fascinated by her, meeting her once before, his thoughts are consumed with her, he canโ€™t and wonโ€™t let her down….. 

I liked this book, there was a connection that intrigued me, a Carpathian woman usually waits for her lifemate to claim her, but she sensed that Zev didnโ€™t really want to stay in this world, and the Carpathian people needed him, he would be an asset, but with mixed blood running through his veins, would he be able to contain the darkness that would be crouching inside him? Waiting to lure him away from Branislava …. 


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