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Double Dippinโ€™ (Texas Threesome Book 1) by Em Petrova


Running the office for a saddle-making business shouldnโ€™t make Posy squirm in her chair, but with two bosses who look like underwear models, she can barely contain her lust for the sexy-as-sin owners. 

Trouble brews when both men make a play for Posy. While the cowboys have much more than a working relationship, Alex isnโ€™t willing to share. But Loren wonโ€™t stand back and let Alex have his way, especially when thereโ€™s room for a smart and smoking-hot woman in their bed. 

My review……

It’s a really short story, in fact I’d say it read like a snippet or a

Posy works in a store that makes handmade saddles, she really enjoys the work, phoning customers and keeping the office running. But the best part of Posy’s day….. is when either Loren or Alex swing by.

Alex has known Posy since childhood, they’ve been friends all through growing up, but for a while now, Alex has seen Posy in a different light, she’s all grown up and filled out nicely. And the bonus ……. she’s single finally!!! (Her long term boyfriend recently dumped her) but Alex has a problem, if he asks Posy out on a date and it goes wrong, he’s lost a great worker and a good friend.

Loren hadn’t known Posy as long, (since college) but he has been asked to rescue her a few times. His feelings towards Posy are pretty much the same as Alex’s, but Loren doesn’t know Alex is interested in her!!!! Oh and to throw a spanner in the works …… Loren and Alex are secretly dating!!! (We aren’t told the reason why it’s a secret)

It all comes to a head when it Valentine’s Day the next day, and both Alex and Loren bring flowers and chocolates to Posy (both wanting to take her out) Posy can’t choose, so they ask if she wants both!!!!

So if your looking for a quick naughty read, then “Double Dipping” could be the book for you ๐Ÿ˜‰


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