Monday’s Post 😎

Monday for some is the start of a dreaded work week. Me, I like Monday’s, it doesn’t worry me about starting the working week again (but if I won the lottery I wouldn’t be working for long😉)

Weather was lovely today, washing on the line, a coffee in the garden, and then my week starts.

Catching up with the last few Carpathian’s, making notes, then reading the book to make sure it’s correct (once I’ve read a book, I can usually tell you what’s happening if you ask me months later.) rough copies are on my phone, which i then correct, adjust and add. The final copy gets pasted onto my blog, then it’s copy and paste for all the other sites I leave reviews on.

A catch up with a friend in town, and I’m back home to bring in a pile of towels on the line.

Sun out today and it was really nice 😎 hoping another sunny day tomorrow


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