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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Legacy Found (Hell’s Valley Series. Book 4) by Jillian David 


Following a traumatic accident in the Army, Kerr Taggart returns to Hell’s Valley to come to terms with the man he’s become, so he can take the biggest chance of his life . . . asking the beautiful and forbidden Izzy Brand out on a date.

But even if he achieves Mission Date Izzy Brand, Izzy’s family remains intent on destroying the Taggart family, and remains aligned with the rising supernatural creature plotting to steal Taggart land.

Meanwhile, Izzy is chafing against her family’s on-going vendetta, and rats out her own brothers to the Taggarts. A decision that turns the evil entity’s sights Izzy’s way.

Now, to save the woman he loves, Kerr Taggart must find a way to overcome his own demons and use his psychic powers, because this time . . . failure is not an option.

The Hell’s Valley Series
Legacy of Lies
Legacy Lost
Legacy of Danger
Legacy Found

My Review….. 

Finally …. Kerr gets his book😄 he is brother to Garrison and Vaughn, and twin to Shelby (each have their own books.) They are the Taggart family and they own a ranch. 

We start the book with a flash back, to when Kerr was in the army, we see the accident that alters Kerr’s life forever. He’s been bitter and angry for a long time. But seeing his siblings find love, Kerr wants that, and he knows exactly where to find it ….. 
Izzy is a Brand, but the Taggart’s and the Brand’s aren’t friends, in fact Izzy’s family have been trying to gain the Taggart’s ranch by any means necessary (including trying to kill a few of the family) Izzy isn’t like that, and she’s had enough, she’s sees an opportunity and informs Kerr and his family what her brothers are up to!!! 
Seizing the chance, Kerr makes his intentions plain for Izzy. He will protect Izzy, don’t let the fact he’s got a prosthetic leg fool you into thinking he isn’t capable, he is and he will prove it to Izzy any way he can. 
Each sibling had a unique quality/power that is theirs to own and control. Garrison can detect lies, Shelby can find anyone, anywhere and can see into the future, Vaughn has a built in danger and protection radar (it lets him know when bad things will happen to him) and Kerr has a psychic link to his twin and has the ability of knowing when danger will strike and how to combat it. 
Now for those who have read the other books in this series (and to get the full story I think they need to be read in order) you’ll know there are forces controlling what’s going on. And each Taggart sibling has had to do battle in one form or another, and Kerr and Izzy are no exception. In fact because of Izzy telling the Taggart family what her family are planning, the evil stalking Kerr and his siblings turns its gaze upon Izzy, and now she’s in big trouble. 
I’ve really enjoyed these books, there is the right amount steamy scenes (so many authors have pages and pages and pages of it🙄) and plenty of action and adventure thrown in. 
So will the Kerr and the Taggart family win against the evil stalking them? And how will Izzy cope if Kerr has to kill her brothers? 


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