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Book Review 📱

Bonded to the bear by Fay Walsh 


Roan, the Bear Alpha of the Fairview clan, doesn’t need a woman. He has just put himself together, after the death of his mate and he is focused on his clan’s needs. With the help of his beta he is taking care of the younglings, while with the help of his brother, he is keeping a good relationship with the neighbouring clans. That is, until this curvy woman arrives to town. A strange feeling, an electricity surges through him every time he is around her. This can only mean one thing…

Harmony is hoping that a fresh start in Fairview will do them good, both to her and her sister. At least, for the few months she intends them to stay. A promise to her mother binds her to always run, in order to stay safe. However, when this sexy stranger comes to aid them when her car is broken, she can’t control herself. Maybe it’s time for her to settle down…

Soon the two of them will find out that they have more reasons to be apart than they thought. There will be nothing left but their love to prove that they are mates. Forever and Always…

My Review….. 

Harmony is on the move AGAIN, promising her dying mother to keep her sister safe, they don’t stay in one place for long. It annoys her younger sister no end, but a promise is a promise, and Harmony intends to keep it. 

Roan doesn’t need a mate, he’s lost one already, so he throws himself into his job of keeping his bear clan happy. Looking after the young takes all his time and energy, and there are the other clans around him to keep the peace with, the last thing he wants is a mate to mess his head up again. 

Harmony meets Roan coming out of a field with nothing but his jeans😉 he offers his assistance when her truck breaks down, he’s cute, but Harmony just needs to get the truck fixed and be on her way. 

Together Harmony and Roan have to face a few things together and their own demons (and why did Harmony promise her mother that she’d keep her sister safe and never stop running?) and if Roan and Harmony are mates, what was Roan’s first mate (do they have true mates? Or can they have more than one destined mate?) 

I have to admit I liked the book, I liked the fact Harmony did her best to protect her sister, always looking out for her (even if the sister didn’t like or want the protection) and Roan was a good guy, putting others before himself. 

The twist in the story is a good one, and it keep them together, or drive a wedge between the couple? We have conflict inside the bear community which also doesn’t help Roan and Harmony. 


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