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Book Review 📱

The Billionaire’s Treat (Secret Billionaire’s Club Book 3) by Tracey Pedersen 

Description ……

One cheeky billionaire next door equals trouble!

Danny Griffin appears to live a charmed life. Son of a multi-married rock god, he spends his days annoying his friends, wearing odd socks, and buying expensive trinkets no one ever gets to see. His goal for this year is to see each of his friends find love.

The secret billionaires don’t know it, but he started this game to fix his own lonely heart.

When Easter rolls around and he doesn’t have a date, urgent action is required. Instead of admitting defeat, he bribes his new next-door neighbour into accompanying him to a charity auction for the local hospital.

Tina Faucet (not her real name) is enjoying a quiet existence in an almost silent neighbourhood, where no one looks too closely at her. She’s had enough attention to last her a lifetime. Until her cute neighbour convinces her to have one night of fun, and her skeletons come dancing out of the closet.

Will Tina’s past jeopardise the secret billionaire’s club? Can Danny find a way to keep her and keep his secret?

The Secret Billionaire’s Club Books:

The Billionaire’s Heart
The Billionaire’s Luck
The Billionaire’s Treat
The Billionaire’s Duty
The Billionaire’s Spark
The Billionaire’s Club
The Billionaire’s Scare
The Billionaire’s Feast
The Billionaire’s Gift
The Billionaire’s Surprise

My Review….. 

I’ve read book two The Billionaire’s Luck (Everett and Jillian) and as they are short stories, I thought I’d give it a look …. 

On the outside it looks like Danny has the world at his feet, living life to the full, laughter and fun times, but Danny is lacking in one thing (not female company) he wants someone to love him for him, all his eccentric ways (not just the money in his bank account) so he makes up a game, and uses his friends at the exclusive billionaire’s club to do it ….. 

Tina is living a lie, always wary that someone will find out her secret. She doesn’t need anyone in her life except her cat, but fate has other things planned for Tina, and before she knows it, she’s meeting up with an eccentric man, looking for her cat. And things take a naughty turn😉

Both have secrets, and when they come out, things change. For the better? Or will Danny lose everything? 

It was nice catching up with previous characters. It’s a light hearted read, touching on a few serious matters. If I get the chance I may go back and read book one. 


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