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Book Review ๐Ÿ“ฑ

A Bear of her own by Fay Walsh 

Back Cover…..

Alana is a writer who wants nothing more than to escape the troubles of the big city. Upon moving to her hometown once again, she encounters a guy that she thought she would never see again.

Travis was her high school crush a cute guy that she’s always had a thing for. But, what she doesn’t know is that Travis has changed a lot since high school, with a secret that heโ€™s kept to himself for a long time, and is hesitant upon telling others.  The secret of his true nature is something that he doesn’t want to tell Alana about, for fear that she might leave him.

But, as mysterious attacks start to happen in town, Travis realizes that as a leader, he needs to do something about it. However when Alana sees him in his bear form, fear is what lingers through him, and Travis struggles with trying to figure out where to go from here. Alana too doesn’t know either, for she is afraid that, if they push this too much, both of them could end up hurting the other.

But, curiosity is something Alana knows she has, and something that she canโ€™t get rid of. However, will the two of them finally understand where the other is coming from? Will the attacks stop before it gets worse? And will their hometown ever be a safe place again for them to live?

As Alana learns more about the truth of her existence, about what Travis really is, sheโ€™s pulled in, for she wants nothing more than to help him and to be with him. But, what she doesn’t know is that being with him comes with a price, one that Alana isn’t sure of whether sheโ€™s ready for or not.

This thrilling paranormal romance involves two star-crossed lovers and the secret behind the shifter culture and the clan that they have.

My Review….. 

Alana needs to move out of the town find somewhere quieter, somewhere she can regroup, and moving back home to a small town seems like the best opportunity. 

Travis lives and works on a farm with his brothers (well other shifters that arenโ€™t blood, but he feels like they are brothers)

Travis has a huge secret, one heโ€™s kept to himself for many years, but meeting up with Alana, Travis has a lot of thinking to do. 

And to add to it, the town is under attack, not sure if itโ€™s shifter or human, but livestock and people are getting hurt. 

Alana had such a crush on Travis at school, and both feel a connection, but Travis dies his best to push Alana away, he had to protect her. 

So does Travis step up and help to find the attacker ? Will Alana stay and help? Or finding out Travis is a man who can turn into a bear be too much for her? 

I felt the book was a little rushed. It tried too hard, the mystery wasnโ€™t really there, but the characters were good, and the story line did have potential. Travis and Alana were great together, but I did feel something was missing. 


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