Book Review 📱

Dirty Dragon ….Breath of Air Series by Aidy Award

Back Cover…..

There’s something strange in this neighborhood.
Who ya gonna call?
Dragon Warriors!
It will be a piece of cake to keep the Troika Wolf Pack pups and their adorably cute nanny safe from the non-existent threat.
The Black Dragon isn’t interested in wolf cubs.
But I’m interested in sticking around to see if their nanny wants to have some fun. In my bed.

Argh! The dragon warrior sent here to help me protect the pups is completely infuriating.
He’s great with the kids (which I wouldn’t have expected), and I want to kiss him until I can’t see straight (which is completely distracting.)
But I keep having visions of a mysterious figure who is trying to change everyone’s fate. She’s very powerful and is blocking my second sight so I can’t see enough to protect any of us.
Except when I’m with the dragon – then I see a future I’m even more scared of… 
A very, very dirty future. Together.

My Review….. 

The description had me rolling my eyes, but I thought I’d give it a go ….. 

Dax is definitely a player, a love them and leave them type. But he’s good at his job. And his job at the moment yo to protect a group of wolf pups, and their cute nanny. 

Dax definitely wants to get to know her better 😉
Jules has a job to do, she looks after a pack of cute wolf cubs, but someone or something is after her pups, so a dragon warrior has been sent to investigate and to protect. He’s gorgeous, but so full of himself that Jules goes from wanting to punch him, to kissing him. 
Jules has the gift of second sight, so is trying to see who is trying to hurt the pups, but the other person is blocking Jules. 
Will she give into temptation? Will he want more than just a night of fun? 
It was an ok read, read it in a couple of hours. The characters needed a little more depth, and so did the story. 


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