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Sunday’s Post🌤

No rain today. Just a chilly start to the day, which got brighter and hotter.

popped up to see Kim today, need a few new plants for the empty pots, I’ll do that Wednesday on my day off.

A new butterfly for Kim’s corner of the garden. And finally a few wild flowers have taken root, hoping to see a few butterflies soon.

Spent the afternoon with my eldest stepdaughter and her family. Played with Grace and had lots of laughs, her latest game is schools, so I got to sit on the floor whilst she was the teacher.

Hoping tomorrow isn’t at hot, but a little sun would be nice.

How was your Sunday?


Books I read in June 📚

So …….. What did I read this month ?

Books I’ve read in June……

Dark Carousel … A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan  📖

Drakon’s Knight by NJ Walters 👩🏻‍💻TRC 

Shadow Reaper (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan 📖

Shadow keeper (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan 📖
Shadow warrior (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan 📖

Dark Legacy…. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan 📖

Dark Sentinel (A Carpathian Novel) by Christine Feehan 📖

Bite Me: A Curvy Girl and Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 3) by Aidy Award  📱

Shadow Rider (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan 📖

Parental Guidance (A Hot Hockey Romantic Comedy) by Avery Flynn 👩🏻‍💻

The professional (The Game Makers Series, book 1) by kresley Cole  📖 

The master ( the game maker series) book 2 by kresley Cole 📖

The Player (The Game Maker Series) book 3 by Kresley Cole 📖

TRC  The Reading Cafe (a blog I guest review in) 

👩🏻‍💻 kindle 


📖 Book

I think I may have missed a few 😉 but I’m sure you’ll let me know if I did. And yes I know it says reading on the picture, but I decided to post this at the end of the month, rather than at the beginning of the month as I’m wasn’t sure what I’d be reading at the beginning of this month📖


Saturday’s Post 🥵

Oh today was HOT 🥵 work was a sweltering box. The only reprieve was the walk-in fridge or freezers, (and I spend a lot of time in both today) the only good thing today, was the fact we didn’t have a lot of customers in the restaurant, (they’d all gone to the beach.) it’s due to be a little cooler tomorrow. And although it’s nice to walk home in the sun, the heat isn’t so nice to walk in.

What are your plans for the weekend ?


Book Review 📖

Drakon’s Knight (A Blood of the Drakon series) by NJ Walters

Back Cover ……..
Drakon Jericho Drake, the child of a pure-blood dragon and human, has a simple plan: Kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragon and start a war. Except, when he meets his target, Karina Azarov, she can’t remember who she is. Worst of all––he can’t kill her. His dragon side has just claimed the dangerous woman as his mate. 
Karina has no idea why these Drakon’s have taken her to their home. And she most certainly does not understand why she’s so drawn to her captor. Maybe because he’s strong, intelligent, and caring, in his enigmatic sort of way. One thing she knows, he’s not going to hurt her. If only she could remember something from her past that would explain why these Drakon’s hate her so much. But if her memory returns, mated or not, he may get his war.. And one of them will die.

My Review ….. 
As this book doesn’t have a number I’m assuming it’s book seven in the Drakon series. 
I’ve read books 1 and 4 there is a little story going on from book to book, but I don’t think it makes too much difference to the story.

Jericho has lived with hate for the society (Knights of the Dragon) for as long as he can remember, and now he wants a war. Kill the leader and a war will definitely start. His target is simple ….

Poor Karina can’t remember who she is and how she got here. (A car accident has given her amnesia) But looking at the man in front of her, she knows she is safe with him. 
He isn’t happy, his dragon half has claimed this bloody enemy as its mate, and once a mate is chosen, he can’t harm her…. 
Jericho needs to distrust Karina, she is his sworn enemy, but looking at her he sees another side to her, maybe she isn’t the evil that he thinks she is, but he can’t get past his hatred of the society. He’s suppose to kill her and start a war. 
And what happens if and when Karina regains her memory, will she be able to look past the dragon to see the man? Or will she see the killer of her family and friends? Or will she use the fact his dragon can’t kill her and gain information for the society? 
Again another good story, plenty of action and suspense. The characters weren’t as good as some of the other stories I’ve read. Karina felt a little one dimensional and I didn’t really connect with Jericho. 

Friday’s Post ☀️

It’s time to celebrate the weekend (and this sounds yummy) so cheers 🍻

Oh it was hot today. Kitchen was unbearably hot (but thankfully I work round the back, so I have fridges I can keep open to keep me cool)

Dinner with a friend and a Netflix film after. It was nice just to chill and chat.

Weather was hot and humid, making the walk home pretty uncomfortable.

How was your day?


Thursday’s Post ☀️

Oh it’s been a funny day today. Work was busy, and a few tempers were a little short. Delivery was late, but luckily enough not too large.

I don’t know about where you work, but there is always someone who knows it all (been there and done it) and I had one of those today. And made my area that I work in look like a bomb had dropped on it!!! And guests who liked to eat straight from the salad cart (using the serving spoon as their own spoon) instead of putting it into a bowl. 🙄🙄

Weather started off a little chilly, but ended up being really warm and sunny.

How was your Thursday?


Book Review 📖

The Player (The Game Maker Series) book 3 by Kresley Cole 

A madman with a shadowed past . . . 
In Las Vegas, Sin City, Dmitri Sevastyan finds her, Victoria Valentine—sexy, vulnerable, and in need of a protector. Obsession takes root deep inside him. Despite a history tainted with violation and betrayal, he will stop at nothing to possess her. 

A grifter with nothing to lose . . . 
Descended from a long line of con artists, twenty-four-year-old Victoria, a.k.a. Vice, needs the score of a lifetime to keep her loved ones safe. She sets her sights on gorgeous and rich Dmitri Sevastyan. Even as the irresistible Russian toys with her body and mind, he tempts her heart. 

Love is the ultimate wild card. 
When Vice and her associates maneuver Dmitri into a hasty Vegas wedding, he refuses to protect himself with a prenup, trusting her with all that he has. But can she trust him? As secrets unfold, the newlyweds share days of doubts and nights of the wickedest pleasures. Yet once Vice discovers her husband’s past, will she stay to fight for her marriage or cut her losses and run? 

My Review…… 

This was the book I wanted to read. 
I’d heard so much about Dimitri from both The Professional (Aleksander) and The Master (Maksim) but only snippets, I’d gathered that he’d been abused by his guardian, that he felt his older brother Alek should have rescued him, and that he thought both of his brothers fools for falling in love. 
So with eager anticipation I opened it up ….. 

Dimitri’s life hadn’t been easy. (Losing your mum at an early age is never good, but to have a father who drank and used you and your brothers as punching bags isn’t good either, then after both of your parents dying and your big brother abandoning you, it feels like nothing else can go wrong. But it did, they were put into the care of an abuser) and it was time to end things, his brother Maksim knew everything he went through, but it wasn’t fair to burden him, so Dimitri decides to end his life!!!! Until by accident he meets HER!!! His heart stops, he literally feels like he’s having a heart attack!!! His brothers were right, there was someone for him, (he follows her, and to his dismay he finds out she’s here on her hen night!!!) He puts a plan into action…. he will become the man for her, and nothing will stop him!!! 

Victoria “Vice” is a grifter (a con artist) so is her whole family (and it’s a large extended family) it’s their way of life, they don’t take from anyone that doesn’t deserve it (usually rich assholes) But Victoria is hitting a run of bad luck, all her “cons” are hitting brick walls, she feels like she’s a jinx to the family, she needs to get back in the game, and a party for a rich Russian sounds just the ticket. 

When Dimitri and Victoria meet, there are sparks, there is a definite chemistry, but she needs to stay on her toes, his eyes and touch keep her off key, she feels under his spell, when really it should be the other way around. 

Can the con artist keep her two worlds from colliding? Can she keep her big Russian? Can she keep her family from getting hurt (the mafia are after the father, he pulled a con on the wrong people, and they want money or his head) and Dimitri is just too good to be true, is he conning her? 
And will Victoria forgive Dimitri once she finds out his darkest secret? 


Wednesday’s Post 🌤

Just wondering if this jar was meant to be filled with coins to buy new books, or for the names of books to be pulled out of the jar to be read ?!

Day off today, so I thought I’d have a silly selfie moment in my local book store😉

sneaking around and aiming for a selfie in a full bookstore was a challenge (but I did have a few giggles)

Really pretty, and I have to admit I really like the pictures (usually I point and it doesn’t look anything like the picture I see in my head)

Lunch with a friend this afternoon, and a scary movie “The Nun”

Not as scary as I thought it would be, but we did have a few jumpy moments 😉

How was your Wednesday?


Tuesday’s Post 🌤

I’m not a tea drinker, but some of these do sound interesting 🤔There are still a few books due out this year by my favourite authors. It’s the waiting I’m not so good at 😉

Finally ……. I can kick off Tuesday. Boy it’s been a busy day today. Delivery needed to be put away. Again a lack of staff had me running around (could have used a pair or roller skates today) It’s made the day go quicker, but my feet are still throbbing.

Weather was still far too muggy, we need this thunder storm 🌩 we were promised.

But enough about me, how was your day ?


Monday’s Post 🌤

Monday at work is always a little hit and miss with staff (we either have so many that we clean, or no one and we are rushing around chasing our tails) well today was a chase my tail …..

I work as a salad chef in a restaurant. So I prepare and keep the salad cart stocked up. Well it was just me and the chef today (till 1pm)!!!! We did really well to keep going, and I even helped the chef do starters (nachos, breaded mushrooms, garlic bread, etc) made my shift go pretty quick😉

Weather was muggy with the threat of rain (but I managed to get home dry) still no rain, but the weatherman on the telly said to expect a storm!!

So that was my Monday, how was yours ?


Book Review 📖

The Master (The Game Maker Series) book 2 by Kresley Cole


Everyone fears the Master…

Rich, irresistible politician/Mafiya boss Maksimilian Sevastyan prefers tall, obedient blondes to fulfill his…complicated desires. That is, until the icy Russian encounters a disobedient brunette whose exquisite little body threatens his legendary restraint.

Except her.

Catarina Marín was a well-off young wife until her world fell apart. Now she’s hiding out, forced to start working as an escort in Miami. Her very first client is beyond gorgeous, but when he tells her what he plans to do to her, Cat almost walks out of the door.

If pleasure is a game, play to win.

After their mind-blowing encounter burns out of control, the lovers crave more. If they escape the deadly threats surrounding them, can Maksim overcome his past – to offer Cat his future? Only then will she tempt him with what he really wants: her, all tied up with a bow.

My Review….. 

Catarina “cat” is on the run, she has been for a few years. Her husband wants her dead, and will not stop until she is. She never settles in one place for too long. Getting low paid to stay off his radar. But Cat longs to finish her degree off. (And she’s finding a way to do it) 

Maksimiliam “Maksim” is the second eldest Stevastyan brother, Aleksander is the eldest, Dimitri is the youngest. He is a master at manipulating people, what he wants he always gets. He doesn’t date, he orders an escort, (always the same type) does what he needs to do, then sends them on their way. And tonight he sees something that could change is life forever …..

Cat has been “talked” into being an escort for her glamour boss. Ivanna wants her to pick up a client and just be nice to him. It sounds easy. It sounds too good to be true. And when Cat gets to the hotel, she sees her client, all bets are off, she is drawn to this man, but it can only be for the night ….. 

She is NOT what Maksim ordered, but her sass and smile has him intrigued. Her way of looking at life has him reevaluating his own life, and his family (he is still trying to reconnect with Aleksander, and trying to keep his baby brother from disconnecting from life) 

The book then goes on a discovery for both Maksim and Cat. He needs her in his life, but all the incorrect assumptions his has about Cat have him wary of her, and to be honest, Cat doesn’t want to trust him (the last man she trusted is trying to kill her) 

I didn’t like it as much as the first book. But the connection between the two main characters was very entertaining. The drama between them had me caught in their web till the end. 

So will Cat evade her killer husband? Will she trust Maksim enough to tell him? Or will his distrust of her have her running for the hills? 

I’m looking forward to reading Dimitri’s book. 


Book Review 📖

The professional (The Game Makers Series) book by kresley Cole

Meet the Professional.

Mafiya enforcer Aleksandr “The Siberian” Sevastyan’s loyalty to his boss is unwavering, until he meets the boss’s long-lost daughter, a curvy, tantalizing redhead who haunts his mind and heats his blood like no other. Ordered to protect her, Aleksandr will do anything to possess her as well–on his own wicked terms.

He makes the rules.

Grad student Natalie Porter has barely recovered from her first encounter with the dark and breathtaking Siberian when he whisks her away to Russia, thrusting her into a world of extreme wealth and wanton pleasures.

In the game of obsession, two players are better than one.

Yet all is not as it seems. To remove Natalie from an enemy’s reach, Aleksandr spirits her into hiding. From an opulent palace in Russia to the decadent playgrounds of the mega-rich in Paris, the two lovers tempt each other’s boundaries to discover whether their darkest–and most forbidden–fantasies really can come true…

Aleksandr has met the woman he will marry, his “father” sent him to watch and protect the woman looking for her biological father. But he’s not happy with this revelation, the woman in question is his “father’s” daughter!!! So she’s out of his league, but watching her is putting ideas into his head, and really all he should be doing is watching her from afar…… 

Natalie is a fun loving farmers daughter. But that’s not her story, she’s been searching for her biological family, and the investigator she hired is returning her emails. 

Natalie and Aleksander meet in a bar, she’s with her friends. She looks up and there he is, bolstered by alcohol and her friends, Natalie wanders over to him. It doesn’t go well, and he leaves.

This book is full of intense emotions, Alek had to “fight” his feelings for Natalie, he feels he isn’t worthy of her. Natalie can’t understand Alek, he blows hot a d cold with her, she knows he wants her, but he doesn’t feel he’s good enough for her. 

This is the first of a trilogy of books (three brothers find three women) each are scared from their pasts, and each woman will help them find a future. 

Will Natalie be able to help Aleksander find his way to a future with her? 


Book Review 📖

Shadow Warrior (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan

Back Cover…..

Vittorio Ferraro is a man whose family loyalty knows no bounds. He would die for his siblings and the people they love, but what he really wants is to start a family of his own. Deep down, Vittorio has always known finding a woman who could ride shadows would be nearly impossible, let alone one who could accept his particular needs, but he never expected to find her in the middle of a kidnapping…  

Grace Murphy has always been drawn to Vittorio Ferraro — or at least to the billionaire’s public bad boy persona. Now that she’s under his protection and the sole focus of his intense caring, she can’t help wanting to get as close to him as possible. But Grace knows her presence is putting the entire Ferraro family in danger. Her monster of a brother will never let her go, but Vittorio has no intention of losing the woman whose shadow matches his own… 

My Review …..

Vittorio is the largest of the brothers, he’s also the peacemaker, but Vittorio is also a volcano waiting to erupt, he thinks he will never find a woman of his own, he needs to be the center of her world, like she will be his, he will want to control her, but make her happy at the same time. We wants a wife and kids, he wants a home he can’t wait to return to. 

Grace is an events planner, and a good one. 
She’s also an independent, free thinking woman, but Grace is also scared, anyone she shows an interest in dies. So she makes no friends, she doesn’t smile at anyone, she doesn’t give her stalker the satisfaction of seeing someone she knows die (and they don’t die quick) she could turn to her brother, but as he’s her stalker it’s a little difficult. He’s not her real brother, but meeting him in a foster home, they soon became friends and allies, but little did Grace know he would take his protection of his “sister” too far!!!  

So the book reminded me of a master and slave book, but without the “bondage” Vittorio likes to control all aspects of their lives, but as Grace is a submissive she’s ok with it, in fact she’s happy to hand over all decision making over to Vittorio.
The “brother” who took their sibling bond “too far” was really well written, very creepy (we don’t usually get too many bad guys who can blend and fool our hero too often) and there was no redeeming quality about him, he took Grace’s love for her brother and totally abused it. 

It was great catching up with the rest of the family, the sister is definitely one I will want to read, her love for the “wrong man” has spanned a few years, and now she’s broken hearted, but not down. It will be good to see how that turns out. 

I must admit, there is a fair amount of sex🙄and I did skip a few pages. But the action and story did make it worth the read. 


Sunday’s Post 🌤

How different was today’s weather!!! Very little sun, and a few spots of rain through the day.

went to a summer fete with my stepdaughter’s and family. It managed to stay dry, but only just.

We Walked what felt like miles😉but I’m not sure we did that much walking, as Grace (my granddaughter) wanted to look at all the stalls, play on all the games, and stroke every animal 🙄

So how was your Sunday ?


Book Review 📖

Sweet wild of mine (Where the wild hearts are) book two by Laurel Kerr 

Back Cover…….

Love runs wild at the Sagebrush Flats Zoo…

In a bid to revitalize his career, bestselling author Magnus Gray has come to Sagebrush Flats to write about the local zoo’s latest rescue–an orphaned baby polar bear. But Magnus dreads the drama of small towns and is bullishly determined to keep to himself.

June Winters is a people person, and delights in welcoming Magnus to Sagebrush Flats, though it seems unlikely she can get the handsome stranger to crack a smile. Then a mishap with an open gate forces Magnus and June to deal with a stampeding flock of fainting goats, an adorable but clingy polar bear cub, a cranky pregnant camel, and two star-crossed honey badgers. Never mind small town drama–the lively animals may just convince these two that opposites really do attract…

Where the Wild Hearts Are Series: 
Wild On My Mind (Book 1)
Sweet Wild of Mine (Book 2)

Sounded a fun read…..

This is the second book in the series, I haven’t read the first in this series, but I don’t think it really matters. 

Magnus is a best selling author, but he’s hit a block, so in an attempt to appease his publisher and maybe to inspire a new book. He’s helping in a zoo, writing a piece on a rescued orphaned baby polar bear. 
He’s not a people person, he doesn’t do feelings, he’s a loner and likes it that way. So when a bossy woman at the zoo starts to talk to him, at first he isn’t bothered, nor is he interested. But there is something about her, and the more time he spends with her, the more he begins to like her. 

June is the best friend of Katie (the heroine in book 1, Wild on my mind) June runs her nana's tea shop in the small town of Sagebrush Flats, she makes jams, and is also dealing with her nan's mental deterioration.  June is used to being in charge, she manages everyone and everything around her. She's doesn’t take no for an answer, and she assumes she’s always right. 

It was an ok read. For me, I didn’t really get the connection between Magnus and June. 


Saturday’s Post 🥳

Today was my husbands birthday. So for most family birthdays I take at least the day off.

We did breakfast out, then he went off to see his eldest daughter and granddaughter. I got on with housework and snuck in a little reading 😉

Dinner was pizza and Moana on the telly (that’s Grace’s Favourite film at the moment) the weather behaves it’s self, and I managed to get all my washing done.

It was really nice not having to go to work today (I could get use to not going in on a Saturday 😉)

How was your Saturday?

Friday’s Post 🌤

cheers, here’s to the weekend. some bookshelves that grabbed my attention.

Finally a whole day of sun. Will it last the whole weekend? Who knows, but it was really nice walking to and from work with the sun on my back.

What are your plans for the weekend ? Whatever you decide, I hope it’s dry and a good one.


Thursday’s Post 🤔

Thursday brought a mixed bag of both weather and work.

Weather started off bright, warm and sunny, and by the end of the day, we’d had grey skies and several showers.

Work was interesting, besides the delivery being rather large, and one of the kitchen porters dropping a very large bucket of oil and oil going EVERYWHERE, I felt like I was chasing my tail. I just couldn’t catch up until it was almost time to go home. But it did make the day go quicker.

How was your day ?


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Parental Guidance (A Hot Hockey Romantic Comedy) by Avery Flynn


Wednesday’s Post ☕️

Weather again was a little hit and miss, started off dry, then rain around lunchtime, and there it stayed. Coffee with a friend on my day off and lunch with her.

Watched IT on Netflix (not as scary as I thought it would be) reminded me of the Goonies (only a little scarier)

How was your Wednesday?


Tuesday’s Post 🌧

Damn weather!!! We get lulled into a false sense of security….. we think the weather is on the change…. oh no!!!! Let’s just give you all more rain!!! June is meant to be sunshine, sitting in the park, not carrying umbrellas and avoiding getting soaked by motorists aiming for the puddles.

Day off tomorrow, so catch up on a little reading, if it stops raining, then a visit to the cemetery. Then lunch and a catch up with a very special friend.

Is it raining where you are ?


Monday’s Post 🌤

We finally saw the sun today (probably disappear by tomorrow) so a nice warm walk to and from work today.

Work was quiet after being busy yesterday with it being Father’s Day yesterday, so not much to prep today. So I helped with pot wash and clearing tables. Today seem to drag, it wasn’t busy and I didn’t have a lot to do.

How was your Monday ?


Book Review 📖

Shadow Keeper (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan

Back Cover…..

The paparazzi can’t get enough of infamous bad boy Giovanni Ferraro. But unknown to them–and the women he beds–he’s just playing a role. Keeping the spotlight on himself keeps it off the family business. And if this lethal shadow rider can’t hunt in the dark, he’ll find his pleasure elsewhere. . .  

Sasha Provis grew up on a Wyoming ranch and thought she knew how to protect herself from predators. But in the nightclub where she works, she’s fair game–until one of the owners steps in to protect her. Giovanni is gorgeous. He’s dangerous. And his every touch takes her breath away.  

The devil at her heels may have finally met its match. . . 

My Review…..

Giovanni was injured pretty bad in the last book (he got shot protecting his brother) 
So we catch up with him doing physical therapy and being totally bored (he can’t ride the shadows until the metal pins have been taken out of his leg) 
The nightclub that the Ferraro’s own is where we catch up with Giovanni and his relatives. He’s watching the women throw themselves at their table, he’s also listening to his cousin lament about the last woman he was with (apparently she tried to collect his sperm, so she could use the child as leverage for marriage or money) so Giovanni is slightly drunk and bitter, so he invents a game, where they score points for every woman they get to dance with (and other things!!) 
Sasha is working her second job of the day, she’s tired, she works long hours in the day (she works in a bakery) and then here most evenings, she has a brother who needs full time care (he was badly injured in a car crash) and the new Center he is in isn’t cheap. She’s aware of a table in the V.I.P section, especially the man who can’t take his eyes off her. 
But after hearing his game, she’s disgusted at him and the men he’s with. 
An incident at the club brings Giovanni to Sasha’s rescue. 
The sparks are there between them, but Sasha really is wary of a man like Giovanni, he would make her fall in love with him, and when he left (and a man like that always leaves) he’s take her heart. 
This books brings Giovanni and Sasha together, the beginning is rocky, she doesn’t trust him, and he’s in shock that he’s found a woman that will complete him. Going slowly isn’t Giovanni’s usual thing, but in this case, if he wants the girl forever, he’s going to have to take it slow….. 
Throw in a stalker and we have a really good read. 
Sasha is a really feisty woman, she knows her own mind and can care for herself, she looked after her brother since the accident. So she’s not really looking for anyone. 
We have a couple of other storylines in here. (We have a young woman who was rescued from an abusive family, we also have the Ferraro daughter caught up in a forbidden love) 
We also get to see a little more of the brothers characters come through, all are troubled, and all need to be rescued. 

Sunday’s Post ☕️

Want to wish all those fathers out there a happy Father’s Day, and to all those mothers who do the job of two parents.

Being Father’s Day today, it got me thinking of my dad. He has never been a cuddle giver (that was mum’s department) his department was discipline (we were never smacked, but the thought of my dad smacking us was usually a deterrent)

Dad was in the army, where he met mum. Dad came from a large family.

His hips give him jip, he wears hearing aids, he has a weak set of lungs (a fall a few years ago) smokes like a chimney.

But he was always there, and with a wife and four daughters, there was a fair amount of oestrogen running around😉

He wasn’t too social, but would always drive mum around to see the grandkids (they had a few) he seemed to get on better with his granddaughters than his grandsons (maybe he was use to his daughters?!) dad loves a cup (or a bucket) of coffee, bigger the better.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad 💋


Book Review 📖

Dark Sentinel (A Carpathian Novel) by Christine Feehan 

Back Cover …….

After the devastating loss of her entire family, Lorraine Peters heads to the woods searching for peace of mind and anything to quell the anger in her soul. Instead, she stumbles upon a scene of horrific violence, as one man lies helpless in the face of three attackers.  

Andor Katona’s existence has been a harsh one, living for centuries as a monk in the Carpathian Mountains. Unable to find his lifemate, he almost welcomes his release from a colorless and unfeeling world at the hands of the vampire hunters who have mistaken him for their prey. That is, until a whirling ball of fury bursts onto the scene, determined to save him.  

In one glimpse, in one breath, Andor recognizes Lorraine as his lifemate, but it will take more than their telepathic connection to convince her of their immortal bond. Lorraine is a lethal combination of cunning and courage. So much so that she captures the attention of a master vampire, one who has already lost what was once irreplaceable to him. One who will strike with deadly precision at Andor and his ancient Carpathian comrades in a war to end all wars. . . 

My Review….. 

Andor has been in a few of the last books, he’s an ancient from the monastery. He was sent by three women to meet his lifemate (he has no idea when, where or who) but she’s out there, and it gives Andor hope. But before he can meet her, Andor is in a fight for his life, chasing and fighting vampires have him carrying mortal injuries, and now to make things worse he’s being tortured by human “vampire” hunters, they have mistaken him for a vampire, and they mean to kill him…..

Lorraine is trying to meditate when her thoughts are rudely interrupted by a few people having murderous thoughts and another thinking it was time to end his life !!! It’s enough to make a sane woman crazy !!! So she takes up the nearest thing and heads off to confront the murderers and possibly save the injured man. 

Most of the book is taken up with Andor and Lorraine trying to get back to Tariq’s compound. We catch up with quiet a few of the ancients from the monastery, they along with the help of Gary (a newly turned Carpathian with memories of many ancients) rescue a family, whilst still trying to repair the grave injuries that Andor got in the beginning of the book. A few of the other ancients get injuries through the book. 

Lorraine is a martial arts expert, so she can really handle herself, and it was funny reading where she came and “rescued” Andor 😉

It’s another good addition to this series, but do we REALLY need sooooooo much sex?!?! 
Ok I understand the Carpathian male hasn’t had sex in like FOREVER (or in some cases not at all) but do we really need to cram it all into 340 pages🙄 


Saturday’s Post 🌤

It’s the weekend. And my job is over till Monday. Delivery was early today, and almost put away before I got there, so I could concentrate on prepping up my salads. Weather has been a mixed bag, scattered showers and sunshine.

Hoping the weather behaves for tomorrow, it’s Father’s Day and the kids have something planned for their dad.

What’s your plans for tomorrow?


Friday’s Post ☕️

Happy Friday for those who don’t work weekends. A cocktail for you to try.

Thinking I’d like to try and recreate this picture.

We actually saw the sun this afternoon, think it may have just visited😉hoping the weather is better for the weekend.

Father’s Day this Sunday, but not spending it with my dad (he’s visiting one of my sisters) I’m spending it with my husband and his children, and possibly his grandchildren.


Random Thought…..

As promised I thought I’d put my books on the picture board, (but they wouldn’t fit) so I’m going to write them underneath…..

The book I couldn’t put down ….. I use to read until the book was finished, I try to slow down a little now😉but once I’d picked up J.R. Ward, her Band of Brothers became a Couldn’t put down read.

The book I couldn’t pick up …. I’ve got a thing about not reading half way through a series, so I try to get the first couple and then go from there. I don’t really read much in the way of fact or autobiographical.

The book you gave me (I haven’t read it yet-sorry) ….. I have been given quite a few books over the years, especially when a friend was getting rid of her piles of books. I’m still reading them now.

The book I brought to the beach ….. well the picture has the book looking wet and sorry for its self, that wouldn’t happen to my book, it’s kept away from the water, put back in my bag when not reading. And If i take a book to the beach it’s going to be one I’ll leave at the holiday library area. (Last one was a Jack Reacher book)

The book I tried so hard to like… J.K. Rowling did a book called “The Casual Vacancy” and because I loved her Harry Potter books, I really wanted to like it. But I didn’t, I don’t think I even picked it up from the library, I’d read the back sleeve and walked away …..

The book I somehow own three copies of …. I have Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Macguire. I’ve got a signed copy, and two paperbacks.

The book that saved my life ….. I know the picture has knives sticking out, so I’ve not had an experience where the book has literally saved my life. But I read a lot of books when my daughter was in hospital, I was reading The BlackDagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward at the time, enough hilarious moments to make me smile, and thick enough that I’d only need one book a day. So figuratively I’d say J.R. Ward saved my sanity.

The book I lent you (can I have it back?) ….. I’ve lent books, and I’ve kept a pretty close eye on them. But I do remember a time when I was a teenager, I’d lent a so-called- friend a romance book, and she thought it would be funny to throw it out the school window. (Can’t remember the book)

The book I fall asleep to every night ….. I listen to audio books most nights, I have it set up to close at the end of a chapter, and I never start a new chapter, so it does work.

The book I mistook for a hat ….. I used comics as a kid to fashion hats, but never wore an actual book as a hat!!!

The book I’m desperately trying to write ….. Ok I have a confession, I have been trying to write a story. I did get into it, but I wasn’t working and I threw myself into writing it, now I’m back to work, it’s been put to one side….. 🤔

All the books that changed my life ….. I wouldn’t say there has been any book that changed my life. But if I hadn’t read Dark Fire by Christine Feehan, then I wouldn’t have found her community on FB, and I wouldn’t have met a very good friend online.

That’s the books I think I can put to the picture board. How about you? Can you respond with the full 12 pictures?


Thursday’s Post 🌧

i don’t like tea in any shape or form, so I really can’t see me adding it to my bath!!!

Rain rain rain for most of the day!!! Making putting the delivery away a little soggy!! But luckily enough the majority had been brought in by the time I got to work. Talking of work … a few issues at work today, tension and people kicking off… it made for a tense atmosphere at work, but luckily I work round the back, so I can avoid most of the bad vibes!!!

Really getting bored with all this wet weather, I’m ready for a little sun please.

How was your day ?


Book Review 📱

Dirty Wolf (Alpha Wolves Want Curves Series) by Aidy Award

Description …..

Max Troika never thought he’d be the alpha of his pack. That was his older brother’s fate. Assassinations have a way of ruining everything. Including who Max can take as a mate. It sure isn’t the cute and curvy librarian inspiring his dirtiest dream every night.

My review….. 

This is a spin off from the Dragon series. But this stories are before the dragons (confusing, but who am I to tell the author in what order to write) 

So …… 

Max has always liked Galyna (Gal) but never plucked up the courage to ask her out. But now she’s back he’s going to do something about it now….. 

Galyna is back as the town’s new librarian, but it’s not so much fun living back with her parents. 

Max is now the Alpha in training, (his older brother died under mysterious circumstances) with his father’s help he’s becoming the Alpha he had no intention of being. And really Gal has no part in his future, but he can’t stay away from her. 

And now Gal is being drawn into a war that sets wolf against wolf, pack against pack. 

So what does the future hold for Gal and Max? Can they really be together? Or will Max have to marry a wolf from another pack? 


Wednesday’s Post 🌤

I’m thinking I could do a blog post on this picture 🤔 leave it with me and I’ll see what I can do 😉

A quick burst of sun today, but by the late afternoon the rain had started.

Caught up with my friend, lunch and Netflix “Red Sparrow” I can highly recommend it, really good film, enough twists and turns to keep you guessing.

And now I find it’s a trilogy of books. Will definitely have to read the read sparrow, see how it differs from the film, then find the others in the trilogy.


Tuesday’s Post 🌧

Today we had mostly rain. Making delivery a cold and wet chore.

Then back up to work for a staff meeting!! Another walk, hoping it stays dry.

It makes me chuckle, how people can go off on a tangent, then before you know it, an argument will start (the meeting always ends up that way) so I left them to it….

Day off tomorrow, and I can’t wait, catching up with a very special person. Coffee and maybe an afternoon movie😁

How was your day ?

Monday’s Post 🌧

Oh I’ve done that many a time. So now I go check on amazon before I open the book 😉

Hope you all had a good weekend.

The start of my week has brought rain. And plenty of it. The garden is loving it, me not so much, I got a lift into work which is good. But I didn’t get a walk in, which made me feel a little sluggish (and I didn’t get to talk to my friend)!!

So fingers crossed that the rain is gone by tomorrow (but the weather isn’t looking promising so far.)


Book Reviews 📚

A two book review …..

Dicoucia (A Victorianish Fairytale) by Nicholas Lovelock
Back Cover……
Revolution, romance and technological wonders are all in a day’s work for the decorated hero of Avalonia, Sir Arthur Pageon.

An acclaimed explorer and inventor, Sir Arthur Pageon takes his unofficial role as defender of the realm of Avalonia very seriously. A fantastical world, Avalonia is home to the Discoucian Monarchy, as well as monstrous creatures and secretive academies for the highly gifted.

Upon returning from his most recent exploits aboard on his personal flying galleon The Nostradamus, Pageon is treated to a hero’s welcome and celebratory procession through the streets of Avalonia’s capital, Evermore. Little does Pageon know he’s being followed by a mysterious group known as the Purple Guard, whose devious leader is his estranged sister, Queen Lily Pageon of Harrha Island. Fiercely intelligent, Lily specialises in dastardly technological inventions with the aim of bringing down the Discoucian Monarchy so that she may reign as its dictator. However, the heir to the throne is one Princes Josephine Oladine, whose youth and royal position masks her role in the Discoucian Secret Service.

Joining forces, Princess Josephine and Sir Arthur’s adventures will take them across the whole of Avalonia — from the fog-bound shores of Karga, to the secret underground shanty town beneath the frozen prison of Icester, south to the verdant city of Proceur and from there to the affluent Starfall Academy — in their quest to foil Lily’s revolutionary plans.

my review …..

Reading the back cover I was a little intrigued. A new author is always a risk, but I fired up my kindle and dived in ….. 
Sir Arthur Pageon is an adventurer and an explorer. He invents in his spare time, but he’s also a guardian (an unofficial one) he guards the realm from creatures that would do them harm. 
But coming back from his latest adventure he’s followed by a mysterious figure (we find out later that his sister has sent spies to watch Arthur) 
Josephine is heir to the throne of Avalonia, but it’s under attack from Queen Lily Pageon (yes Arthur’s sister) she wants Avalonia under her rule, and will do anything to get it. So Josephine and Arthur join forces in a bid to stop Lily. (We also find out that Josephine is a type of secret agent for the royal family, so is capable of handling herself).
They travel through Avalonia and into many other regions, searching for a way to thwart Lily. (how? You’ll have to read to find that one out)
We meet a variety of people (including the only crew member of Arthur’s flying galleon) and we meet a few Godesses (who I’m sure will play a major role in the next book).
I’ll have to admit, the writers style is very different to what I’m use to reading. It does jump around, and everything is minutely detailed


Geminica (A Farewell To Epics) By Nicholas Lovelock 

Back Cover …..
Revolution, romance and technological wonders are all in a day’s work for the decorated hero of Avalonia, Sir Arthur Pageon.

An acclaimed explorer and inventor, Sir Arthur Pageon takes his unofficial role as defender of the realm of Avalonia very seriously. A fantastical world, Avalonia is home to the Discoucian Monarchy, as well as monstrous creatures and secretive academies for the highly gifted.

Upon returning from his most recent exploits aboard on his personal flying galleon The Nostradamus, Pageon is treated to a hero’s welcome and celebratory procession through the streets of Avalonia’s capital, Evermore. Little does Pageon know he’s being followed by a mysterious group known as the Purple Guard, whose devious leader is his estranged sister, Queen Lily Pageon of Harrha Island. Fiercely intelligent, Lily specialises in dastardly technological inventions with the aim of bringing down the Discoucian Monarchy so that she may reign as its dictator. However, the heir to the throne is one Princes Josephine Oladine, whose youth and royal position masks her role in the Discoucian Secret Service.

Joining forces, Princess Josephine and Sir Arthur’s adventures will take them across the whole of Avalonia — from the fog-bound shores of Karga, to the secret underground shanty town beneath the frozen prison of Icester, south to the verdant city of Proceur and from there to the affluent Starfall Academy — in their quest to foil Lily’s revolutionary plans.

My review …..

After reading the first book (Dicoucia A Victorianish Fairytale) which I throughly enjoyed, I happily dived into the second book ….. 
Jo and Arthur have to race through sixteen cities to find sixteen gems (this will help another character to defeat her enemy) and they don’t have long to find them. 
Archie (a mans name for a woman took me a little time to get use to) needs jo and Arthur to help defeat Cordelia (a goddess of fire) Archie is in fact the goddess of water. To banish the goddess of fire will take time and certain gems (of which Archie has neither) but Archie also has a hidden agenda (do you find out?
The race to collect the gems is continually thwarted by another couple of characters (Iren and Alicia) they serve Cordelia and will do anything in order for jo, Arthur and Archie not to collect the gems. 
The writing is the same style, but as I read  the first book, I knew roughly what to expect. 
So who wins ? Cordelia the fire goddess? Or Archie the Water Goddess? For that answer your going to have to read the book


Book Review 📖

Shadow Reaper (Shadow Series) by Christine Feehan

Back Cover…..

Billionaire playboy Ricco Ferraro knows no other life. Being a shadow rider is in his blood — but so is a haunting desperation stemming from the secrets of his dark past. His recklessness puts not only his life at risk, but also the future of his entire family. To save them all, he must find a woman who can meet his every desire with a heat all her own…  

Just when Ricco has given up hope, he meets her — a mysterious woman whose shadow connects with his. She’s someone looking for a safe haven from the danger that has stalked her over the last several months. In Ricco’s embrace, she finds one. But the darkness in which they so often find sanctuary can also consume them… 

My Review…..

Ricco likes fast women and fast cars, well actually he likes the fast cars, but he’s bored with the playboy lifestyle. He wants what his brother Stefano has, but he knows he won’t find that special woman. He has particular tastes, but he’s beginning to take silly risks, and after a nearly fatal accident, Ricco knows he has to do something…..

Mariko is a woman on a mission, she has to kill Ricco within 2 weeks, or her beloved brother will die (he’s been kidnapped, and Mariko doesn’t know where he is) 

Ricco has the same sensation his brother Stefano has upon meeting Francesca, an unlocking sensation in the region of his heart. This model that he interviews is the woman he’s been waiting for. 

Together they find a common ground, shibari (a form of rope tying) he likes to tie people up, and photograph them, and Mariko has found the art form beautiful, she wants to experience it for herself, her mother was a rope model, but Ricco frightens her, she’s worried that he will consume her, but as the trust grows, she wants to be his, she wants to walk by his side, forever …… 

The second book in the series has us meeting the second oldest brother Ricco, he is an adrenaline junkie, but a near accident almost ends his life. He’s rope tying keeps him grounded, so he looks for a model, no one really interests him until his shadow “connects” with Mariko. 
But Mariko is hiding a secret, and one that could change their relationship. 

We also find out about both Mariko’s and Ricco’s past. Both have had it rough, so together they can heal each other. 


Grief ……

The feelings when you lose someone close to you will range from numb, anger, sadness, despair and all the way to helplessness.

But it’s all natural, it’s normal, and everyone is different.

As you know I lost my Grandad a while back, he was suffering from Dementia, so in the end it was a blessing, to watch such an active man being reduced to a shuffling old man, with memory loss was hard. And Today is a year since we lost my mum. Not a day goes by when I don’t think of her. She had a tumour on the brain, and it slowly took her from us, to watch her going from being a bubbly and active woman, to the sleeping old woman (she was only 70) who couldn’t remember stuff was difficult to watch, but she was my mum and I know that if it had been me, she wouldn’t have left me to face it on my own. Daily visits to the hospital or care home was hard, it brought up memories of visiting my daughter in hospital, but you do these things for the people you grandad, this was about 8 months before he passed away, and he was already falling and forgetting things. my mum. Such a rock, the center of our family, always on the phone to her daughters or grandchildren, she always had time. and my precious daughter. Even after 5 years it hurts. But I can remember her and the good times better than seeing her in hospital struggling to breathe.

It’s ok to grieve, if you didn’t love them, then you wouldn’t miss and grieve for them. It’s your love that keeps their memories alive, so think of the good times, I use to visit my daughters grave every day, now it’s on my day off and a Sunday, so that’s progress, so I miss them? Yes every day, but my grief for my grandad isn’t as strong as it is for my mum and daughter, in the order of things it should have been my daughter to go last, but it wasn’t. So use the people around you. Phone the Samaritans if it gets too much, write your feelings and thoughts down on a journal. Let the people around you know how your feeling. Don’t keep it bottled up.

If someone reads this and I’d struggling with the loss of a love one, it doesn’t go away, it will never go away, but you manage the pain and the grief, you manage to laugh and smile, you get to the point where you can think of them. It takes time, so give yourself that time.


Sunday’s Post 🌤

It was my son-in-law’s birthday celebration today (it’s his birthday on the 11th) so I got to spend time with my granddaughter😁 she is such a ball of energy and fun. So of the stuff she comes out with is funny.

Today is also a year my mother passed away. So it was nice that I had something else to focus on. I miss my mum terribly, her words of wisdom and cuddles are still sorely missed. Her smile and wise cracks too. So we laid flowers on my daughters grave (some of my mums ashes are buried with her) and chatted about mum. (My son came to visit and my nephew went as well)

Weather wasn’t too bad, not hot enough for a BBQ, but warm enough to sit outside and watch Grace play in her new house she got for her birthday in May. Until the rain decided to pay a visit 🙄


Book Review 📖

Dark Legacy…. A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan

Back cover ……..

In a beautiful compound hidden away from the world, Emeline Sanchez tries to blunt the pain that has wracked her body ever since her terrifying ordeal in the labyrinth beneath the city – when she was forced to exchange blood with an evil master vampire. 

Now, it’s his voice that haunts her… that calls to her in the dark… that never lets her rest. And while the children that she helped to free from his clutches struggle to heal, watched over by their Carpathian protectors, Emeline knows one thing: she must sacrifice herself to keep them all from harm…

For her beauty is irresistible to the vampires, her psychic ability like a drug. Whipped into a frenzy, they’ll never stop coming for her. And only the taste of one Carpathian warrior – the rush of his blood – can save her…

My Review ….. 

We first met Emeline in Dark Crime (she’s Blaze’s Best Friend) she’s a woman with a terrible secret, she is terrified that once the others find out she will be thrown out of the compound she has found sanctuary in. 

Dragomir was first introduced to us in the book Dark Promises. He is a scarred ancient, having lived for centuries battling both the vampires and the demon inside him, he’s given a slim chance of hope (he’s been told his lifemate resides in America) so leaving the safety of the monastery he’s lived in for a while, Dragomir sets off for America (there he helps Tariq and Maksim rescue women and children from a master vampire.) keeping his distance from the humans that live in the compound, he spends his time sleeping in the ground and keeping the vampires away from the children and the women. 

We have a huge battle early in the book, the master vampire wants Emeline, so he throws everything at the compound, telling her that everyone will die if she doesn’t come out. Trying to keep everyone safe is all she wants to do, but when Dragomir is injured, she has to do something….. 

Just when he thinks it’s all over, he hears a voice, and his whole world changes….. Emeline is his!!! And she’s being chased by the vampire….. 

The story of Emeline and Dragomir is a really good read, how each must learn to trust in one another. How both must find their way in this new and strange world. I’ll 

This book is a great read, lots of action and fighting. 


Saturday’s Post 🌧

I have a very large collection of bookmarks, but I’ll still use a receipt or a piece of paper 😉

Mixed bag of weather again today. But I got to walk home with the sun on my back.

Caught up with a special friend tonight, watched a movie (book club) it’s funny, but not hilarious. But spending time with her is always a good evening.


Friday’s Post 🌧

Friday is the start of the weekend. So here’s a drink for you to try.

Rain … Rain … Rain 🌧 a wet and soggy Friday. Not too busy at work today, so I had plenty of time to prep lots of salad for Saturday.

Caught up with a few reviews and made notes for others.

How was your Friday?


Book Review 📱

Bite Me: A Curvy Girl and Dragon Shifter Romance (Dragons Love Curves Book 3) by Aidy Award


She’s stolen a soul… and his heart.

Ky Puru is the best chance anyone has to get the soul of the Golden Dragon Wyvern back. Nothing will stand in his way – not demons, not witches, not even the king of hell himself. There’s only one problem. Jada, the thief, is a succubus…and his true mate.

My Review……. I’ve read book two, and really enjoyed it, and I wanted to know how the rest of the dragon’s find a mate (need to go read book one) so here goes ……
Jada is half human half succubus, but as the years rolls by, Jada is sick of taking a life every time she needs energy. So she escapes the cove she’s in and begins to look for a new way of life, but if she doesn’t find protection fast, then she’s a dead succubus (they can’t survive very long on their own, they work better as a team for the coven) But Jada is attacked by dragons and thinks that this is the end ……
Ky Puru is a love them and leave them type of dragon, fun with mermaids is more his style. No commitment for him thanks. Ky is summoned to assist Cage (the leader of their dragon clan) and when he gets there, he’s shocked at the sight of his family, Cage looks like he’s dying, he’s lost the dragon shard that hangs round his neck (it’s a part of his heart mixed with the heart of the first dragon) it was stolen, and unless he gets it back, he’s going to die.
So what does the future hold for this couple? Ky and Jada need to trust one another, they need to work out how their enemy is evolving. They need to find out more about each other, Ky has to help his brothers find and restore Cage’s shard. And there is a half human and half mermaid they need to rescue too.
It’s a fun read and I really enjoyed it. Ky and Jada are great together, and some really laugh out loud moments too 😉

Thursday’s Post ☕️

Ok so the weather was having a moment today, we had dry, we had a few spots, back to dry, then a quick heavy downpour, and now it’s sunshine!!!! I don’t know wether to wear a coat or apply sun lotion 🤦🏻‍♀️

And delivery day at work was fun, lack of staff and the weather were sent to try me today, but it got done, so it’s a win win 🤪

How did your Thursday go?


Wednesday’s Post ☕️

I don’t know if I’d like a book that I read turned into a movie ….. my ideas of how characters look would probably be different from the movie. And some of those sex scenes go on and on and on!!!!

So today was my day off, after some reading and a little housework, I went and spent some time catching up with a really good friend.

And I got a lovely surprise today. Aren’t they beautiful, they smell wonderful.

How was your Wednesday?


Book Review 📖

The Billionaire’s Duty (The Secret Billionaires Club Book 4 by Tracey Pedersen


Are our secret billionaires hiding more than money?

Cross Ronstein could be described as a lot of things. Mining magnate. Domineering Boss. Secret Billionaire. He doesn’t care what he’s labelled, especially when the tax office takes an interest in his business. Their attention is of minor concern until he lays eyes on the temptress they send to dig into his affairs.

Maybe he can turn the secret billionaire’s game to his advantage, just like his friends have managed.

Jessa Collins has her own array of labels. Tax Investigator. Firebrand. Discoverer of secrets. Whatever people call her, she gets the job done. Every. Single. Time. Even when her target dismisses her suspicions as fantasy and promptly leaves the country for a made-up obligation.

No matter what drastic measures Jessa has to take, this rich businessman is NOT getting away while she’s on the case.

How far is too far to follow a secret billionaire? Can two people on opposite sides of the corporate fence find their way to love?

My Review ….

Book four sees Cross being investigated by the tax office, he knows it’s all a load of rubbish, but the young lady they send to investigate him has him thinking all manner of things (and maybe even what his friends have) but he won’t make it easy for her, a chase has his blood pumping and the prize could be the one thing he doesn’t have in his life, it’s all to play for, and Cross wants to play for keeps…..

Jessa has a man in her sights, but it’s not for fun or pleasure, Jessa is a tax investigator. And the man is her sights is none other than 

Cross Ronstein, he maybe gorgeous, but that won’t stop Jessa finding out his secrets. And if he’s guilty of not declaring all his money.

Yes Cross has a lot of money, and no he doesn’t shout it out, but he’s not a dishonest man. And leading this woman around, proves to be a great distraction. 
It’s a fun read, two people who really don’t get along, but all that changes along the way.  

Tuesday’s Post 🌧

If it ever gets that hot, I’ll be sure to try it 😉I always go looking for a book section (supermarkets especially)

So today we had sun, then rain, then sun, then more rain, and now it’s sunny 🤦🏻‍♀️ it really needs to make its mind up as to what the weather wants to do.

FINALLY 🥳 Will be opening this up later, and as I have a day off tomorrow, I may read in the morning too 😉 I’m reviewing the previous books first, so you’ll get this one towards the end of this month.

Is there a book you’ve been waiting for ? Or was it this one? If you want to tell me your views once you’ve read, I’d love to hear from you.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Time of my life (Oceanic Dreams Book 2) by Laura Heffernan

Back Cover…….

She needs a partner, but passengers are off limits. It’s only one dirty dance…what could go wrong?

Legend says everyone who boards the Oceanic Aphrodite will find true love that day. Staff like Janey know that’s a crock. She’s on the ship to earn her paycheck teaching pole fitness, not for romance. Then she runs into Frank in the boarding area. He’s everything Janey isn’t–refined, classy, rich, privileged–but his good looks and charm make him undeniably appealing. Unfortunately, he’s a passenger, which means nothing can happen.

When Janey’s partner becomes too ill to perform in the end-of-cruise talent show, Frank offers to fill in. He’s never done pole, but his ballet background makes him the perfect choice. Not to mention their only option. Despite their differences, Janey finds herself falling for Frank. For the first time, she hopes the legend is real–but giving in to temptation means Janey could be out of a job.

My review ….. 

A cruise romance 😉how cliche. But I opened my kindle and started ….. 
Janey teaches fitness with a difference, she teaches pole fitness. She enjoys her work, and teaching, and sailing to different places, it’s a dream job. Sure there has been cute guys to look at, but the job states NO DATING the passengers, and Janey has never had the inclination to do so, until Frank …… 
Frank is a doctor, slightly amused that he’s on a cruise called the Aphrodite. He’s not looking for love or a relationship, maybe a little fun. Bumping into the cute blonde seems like a good place to start.
They meet when Frank saves Janey from a runaway baggage trolley. Attraction seems to be mutual. Frank wraps Janey’s ankle. And there is definitely a spark, but the no fraternising policy brings Janey down to earth with a bump. And he’s rich (super rich in fact) what do they possibly have in common, no Janey needs to stop fantasising and get back to the job at hand. 
But when Janey’s dance partner falls pregnant and can’t dance can’t with her, (they do a double act) Frank steps up and offers to be her partner. (Well more like pushed into it) 
Practicing brings them close and personal, and the flirting is off the scale, but if Janey gives in and sleeps with Frank, then she’s going to lose her job (and she doesn’t want to move back home and live with her sister) and what about the female fans Frank is quickly acquiring? How can she compete? 
So does Janey give in? Is Frank worth losing her job? And what happens when the holiday is over? 
A fun afternoon read. 


Monday’s Post ☕️

My walk to work this morning.A very special friend brought me a gift, what do you think ?

And my roses are doing really well.

So today we didn’t have much in the way of salad stuff for the salad cart, so I spent most of my day helping others. Clearing tables, grilling food, washing up the really dirty pans.

How was your Monday spent ?


Sunday’s Post 🌧

Weather started off really nice, but ended up with scattered showers 🌧

Went to Reading today, they had a good festival on, and it was really busy. There was music being played and lots of kids running around. So we walked down towards the waterfront. It was a little quieter but didn’t last long.

Popping into the only bookstore Reading has, it’s bigger than the one in town, but still a smaller selection than I’d like 😉of the books I read.

How was your Sunday ?


Book Review 📖

Shadow Rider (shadow series) by Christine Feehan

Back cover …..

Whether it’s fast cars or fast women, Stefano Ferraro gets what he wants. When he’s not fodder for the paparazzi, he commands Ferraro family businesses — both legitimate and illegitimate.  

While their criminal activity is simply a rumor yet to be proven, no one knows the real truth. The Ferraros are a family of shadow riders capable of manipulating light and dark, an ability Stefano thought ran in his family alone — until now. . .  

With little left to her name, Francesca Cappello has come to Chicago in hopes of a new life. She wasn’t expecting to attract the attention of a man with primal hunger in his eyes, driven to claim her as his to protect and to please. And if he discovers her secret, it could ruin her… 

My Review…..

Shadow Riders are people who can literally ride a shadow. They are born that way, and are rare, so riders HAVE to marry other riders (or the gift dies out) if not, then they may have other gifted children, but highly unlikely. 

Stefano Ferraro is the eldest child and the head of the family. His brothers and sister love him dearly, and would follow him Into hell. But Stefano is missing something, he’s being pressured into marrying another rider (but he will marry when he’s ready) he heads up his family and to outsiders it’s looks like they are a mob family, but Stefano has rules, and the family follow it rigidly, no drugs, no guns, no human trafficking, they are dispensers of justice, if the law can’t punish you, then you get in touch with the Ferraro’s and they may help. 
They look after the community that they live in, everyone feels safe, and if you have an issue, they know who to go to.

Francesca is down on her luck, her one chance is to move to Chicago where her best friend lives. Fortune has not been kind, living on the streets Francesca has to survive on her wits. All she wants is a break, and maybe this town will provide that for her. 

Stefano is walking through the streets of his town, when he hears a voice? His shadow seems to attach and entwine with a young woman’s shadow….. it’s a shock, but Stefano is certain she’s going to play a major part in his life. 

Francesca is fascinated and frightened by the attention of Stefano Ferraro, he is the head of a family that has dubious connections, but when Francesca is with Stefano, all she sees is a man who cares deeply about his family, she wants that attention for herself, being alone for so long is a tempting offer, but Stefano is so dominant, she’s worried he will just railroad over her feelings. 

And the reason why Francesca had to leave her old life comes barging back into her life, fearing for her life, she turns to Stefano, will he help? And if so, what’s the price? 

A great start to a new series. 
These are people born to travel through shadows (like a tunnel) but they need to meet and marry other “riders” to have children, all the Ferraro siblings have been trained from the age of two to be Assassins. Stefano is the head of the family (they don’t get on with their parents) 
It’s interesting to read that if they divorce, then the “rider” loses that ability, and the spouse will lose their memory of the family. 

We have a large family to meet (and possibly cousins that feature in the book) 


Book Review 📖

Dark Carousel … A Carpathian Novel by Christine Feehan 

Back cover …….

The moment Charlotte Vintage walks into his club, Tariq Asenguard’s blood is set on fire. The ancient Carpathian had given up hope of finding his lifemate, but now he will do anything to make Charlotte his own. What Tariq doesn’t know is that Charlotte is using herself and her best friend as bait-to try to draw out the bloodthirsty killers who have already murdered Charlotte’s brother and mentor. 

Charlotte is familiar with Tariq. Not only is he one of the richest and most eligible bachelors in the city, but he’s also a renowned collector of old carousel horses, which Charlotte restores. Their shared passion opens Charlotte up to trusting him with her life and with the desire she can no longer control. But it also makes her vulnerable to a centuries-old curse that will unite her and Tariq in a war against the enemies of humans and Carpathians alike….

My Review …….

Tariq is a club owner (his business partner is Maxim from Dark Crime) he’s also a Carpathian warrior, he’s been fighting the vampires for centuries, but a little unknown fact, Tariq use to make carousel horses🎠 but as the vampires became more prevalent, Tariq had to put his work tools down and become a warrior. 
Tariq is in the club, when he notices a smell, an elusive fragrance, his blood begins to pound and he’s determined to find out the owner of the smell, and when he hears Charlotte’s voice he’s stunned!!!! It’s her!!! The woman he has been holding out for….. 
Charlotte and her best friend are on a mission, they need to find her brothers murderer and Genevieve’s grandmother, sat in a club Charlotte and Genevieve chat to a group of men, but Charlotte isn’t feeling comfortable with them (they are giving creepy vibes, and when she uses her  psychic ability, she’s shocked at the images that bombard her, the men are murderers!!! 
Charlotte has been invited to restore his  collection of antique carousel horses. In fact her boss was due to restore them, but he was murdered. 
When Charlotte sets foot in Tariq’s home, there are a number of Carpathian warriors already at the compound. They are helping Tariq protect the children and Emaline. 
We have several battles (the vampires are becoming more organised) they want what is on Tariq’s grounds…. women!! Potential lifemates (and rescued children from the book “Dark Crime”) one woman in particular has the master vampire frantic to reacquire  her (Emaline had been attacked in “Dark Crime” and the master vampire had a taste of her blood and power, he wants her back) 
I like this book, it showed that some of the Carpathian’s had another life before becoming warriors. It’s also bringing the other ancients from the monastery (Dark Promise) they’ve been told there might be a chance of finding their lifemates in this century and on this continent. 


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Not quite a Book Review 🤔

Shadow Riders by Christine Feehan 

The next series I’m starting to read and review, so I thought I’d give a little background info on the series…..

A brief history ….. 

Shadow Riders are assassins who mete out justice, using shadows to travel. The Ferraro family is one of a few “Riders” worldwide, so rare that it is the duty of a Shadow Rider to marry and produce more Shadow Riders. If a Rider hasn’t found someone to marry by the time they reach a certain age then the family will arrange a marriage to an appropriate Rider of another family. 

Not all Shadow Riders are born knowing they have that rare ability. (When Sasha and Giovanni meet there aren’t enough shadows in the club to realize she’s a Rider, but Giovanni feels pulled toward her anyway. Sasha has no idea what she is, but she does realize she can tell when someone lies. Giovanni has his work cut out for him when they meet. And on more than one level.)

But, when two Shadow Riders meet, their shadows move like serpent-wraiths, reaching out for each other. They can feel one another, know when someone is a Shadow Rider. They can also feel a compatibility with another Rider. Often this potential compatibility can be triggered by the sound of that person’s voice. Combined with the reaching and intertwining of their shadows, a Rider will feel something deep within him or her click into place and they will know this person belongs with them. Or potentially does. Stefano felt immediate that Francesca was the one for him.

If a Shadow Rider claims a mate and that mate rejects them, things become disastrous for both of them. The same goes for divorce. Should two Shadow Riders divorce, it rips their entwined shadows apart leaving one partner without their memory and the other partner unable to ride the shadows ever again. So, choosing someone who will fully accept a committed relationship is imperative. 

It’s different if a Shadow Rider is widowed. With the partner deceased, the entwined shadows fade away and are not violently ripped apart as it happens with divorce. Though the partner may be sad, they could still re-marry and they lose nothing. They keep their memories and their ability to ride the shadows.
Shadow Rider could marry a non-Shadow Rider if that person has the riding gene. Some of the Ferraro’s extended family are “Greeters” or “Investigators” and they have different gifts and abilities. Other Shadow Rider families in the world have these gifts and abilities and may hold a recessive Shadow Rider gene, but not have manifested in that person. Instead, that person could have a child with a Shadow Rider and their child could also end up a Rider. 
We find out in Shadow Reaper there are Shadow Rider families and extended families all over the world. Training is often done outside of the family. Ricco was trained in Japan and we learn of powerful Shadow Rider families there. Riders throughout the world look to pair up, with or without the benefit of love, in order to produce more riders. An actual love-match isn’t easy to find.

So every chance encounter for any of the Ferraros could lead them to find a Shadow Rider who will match them. A mate. Love. All they need is a lot of luck and a lot of shadows.

Books in the series so far …… 
SHADOW WARRIOR (out in June) 
UK and USA covers 📚
Just a little background on the series. I’m thinking of doing it for each series I read and review, what do you think?
Reviews to follow 😉


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Uk Cover and USA Cover 😊

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